Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The best investment opportunity in Pune

Zero Down Payment. Assured Appreciation.

The best investment opportunity in Pune
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I want to invest in a property. Can you suggest some reliable builder - good project? - someone asked today morning.

I earn my bread & butter by answering this question on 91 98600 44110.

Sure. Why reliable & good? You know? Basic funda of investing is - More the risk - Morer the profit! - I said.

It's my hard earned money! I can't risk it. That's why instead of investing in shares & I am investing in a property. Property investment is comparatively safe. And property always appreciates. Right? - The investor asks.

So, you are looking for a safe investment with an assured appreciation. Right? - I ask.

Yes. Can you suggest any? - the investor.

Sure! I have something exactly what you are looking for!! Tell me how much you want to invest - I.

Around 60 - but I can stretch up to 70 - Investor.

60 is good! - I.

I remained silent for a few seconds.

Ravi, are you there? - Investor.

Yes - very much - give me a moment - I.

This time I remain silent for nearly 50 seconds.

Yes! Got it!! - I.

Tell me - Investor.

You! You are the best investment. The most reliable investment. Appreciation - guaranteed. Invest in yourself. Start today. Happy Dussehra! - I.

I will see what to do - Investor sounded angry.

Did I say something wrong?
It's a question of my bread & butter.
Happy Dasara!

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  1. Ravi you shouldn't be silent , there are so many good options on resale front,
    Where people are happily staying with water supply, electricity 24by 7 , good connectivity as by now infra around is well developed, society is formed and conveyance done, and yes no service tax, vat
    Construction completed and yes yes clearance if required from environment dept taken

    After all they it's simple it's just investment stupid , ha ha ha

  2. Ravi, first & foremost, wish you & your readers a very happy Dussehra.

    "You! You are the best investment. The most reliable investment. Appreciation - guaranteed. Invest in yourself. Start today. Happy Dussehra!
    I will see what to do - Investor sounded angry.
    Did I say something wrong?
    It's a question of my bread & butter."

    - This was apt advice. This is called being true to your profession unlike super crook builders who would say anything to make quick money.
    If hoarder became angry, it was due to his reaction which wasn't expected from you since the hoarder must have expected some advice for quick money.
    Frankly, why bother about hoarders ? Most of them are in loss already.
    Check this latest news about it where not just individual hoarders but even PE is also stuck -

    About $5-7 billion, probably more, sunk in real estate ventures, are looking for exit. The investors are property and private equity funds which raised money from wealthy savers across the world to invest in India’s booming realty market.

    A well-known builder in Bangalore — known for its decent construction and handing over keys to home buyers on time — is stuck with 170 acres of land it jointly owns with a PE (private equity) fund. Neither does the local realtor have the money to buy out the fund nor can it attract new financiers who are convinced about the bankability of a new project — be it commercial office space or residential towers. There are many others who find themselves in similar situations.


    As far as such hoarders are concerned, there is fantastic opportunity to increase your money not in months but in matter of few minutes to couple of hours.