Thursday, February 11, 2016

An appeal to Hinjewadi IT professionals & Mumbai investors

Do the Due Diligence While Booking a Flat:

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  1. There is a good news for aam aadmi..some R&D is going on in Nagpur on building ultra low cost homes within 5 lacs...
    Bad news for middle class around 1 lac crore of NPAs written off by GOI and banks ...I think hope of price correction is also written off

    1. "Bad news for middle class around 1 lac crore of NPAs written off by GOI and banks ...I think hope of price correction is also written off "

      - Don't worry Enigma, the amount which you talked about has already been written off in past 3 years, not now & RBI has made it clear that go after the owners but recover the money & don't expect any infusion from RBI either. So builders will certainly face the heat as they won't be now able to sleep around with banks. Also lot of builders money belonged to politicians who are now out of power, so no new fresh funding for builders.

      How many new SUVs with fancy numbers did you see in past 1-1.5 years ? This shows something is changing for the better -

      Riding the new wave: Golden number plate craze losing its shine, says RTO
      Few takers for costly number plates in 2015’

      Just refrain from buying property & you will see property prices crash sooner than expected. Several builders won't be even able to hold on to their pants after next month, which is financial year end.

    2. I read Ravi sir's blog and your comments with close attention. You both have taught me so much in last few weeks. Thanks for everything.

    3. I am learning a lot from your comments and Ravi sir's blog.

  2. haha...where was this "Jatra" held Ravi ...u r enjoying man :)...couldn't stop laughing & rolling by seeing IT yedas photo session

  3. Looks like gathering for free food and fun. Funny vid indeed :D. Most of these are freshers who live near hinjewadi. Who got one more place to spend their weekend. This will further increase the price of flats. :D

  4. Video....ROFL...Ravi...haha !
    Rambo circus is scouting for new location as they have been denied permission by PMC to have circus in mutha river bed near Deccan. Seems they can have it at Hinjewadi. You will find jokers in circus as well as in audience. LoL.

  5. Your blog is true eye opener for people like us. There is no dearth of educated fools in our country(Especially Pune or Mumbai). I enjoy frequent chances to travel to Ahmadabad, Vadodara. And was literally astonished to see property prices are less than half of what Pune RE offering to us. In fact, people hate to stay in flats and willing to own bungalow though I agree prevailing per capita income is less compared to Pune. But roads are quite good;without any congestion. Less pollution. No water problem. No need to install inverter. Petrol price 60-62 rs per ltr. That makes me think whether Pune a viable option to live in? Leave the mental agony alone. We work half of the life paying EMIs and fight with builder for CC, OC ? Lets hope smart features will soon change Pune. Thanks for sharing valuable information.