Saturday, December 5, 2015

Visit Godrej Horizon & Godrej Prana at Undri

Godrej Properties' Pune Home Buying Festival - 28th & 29th November 2015:

Pune Municipal Corporation supplies drinking water to Undir - after every 4 days!

To celebrate 25 years of completion, Godrej Properties, the profit machine of Godrej Group, organized Pune Home Buying Festival on 28th & 29th November 2015. Book your dream home at just Rs. 25,000 - Our Silver Jubilee can be your Golden Opportunity - was the theme of the festival. Otherwise, to book a flat at Godrej Horizon you have pay 12.5 per cent - approximately 5 Lakh for a 1 BHK, 9 Lakh for a 2 BHK, 11 Lakh for a 2.5 BHK & 13 Lakh for a 3 BHK. And at Godrej Prana - booking amount - application money - is 5 per cent - approximately 3 Lakh for a 2 BHK & 4 Lakh for a 3 BHK Flat.

I decided to visit Pune Home Buying Festival because I knew for sure that Godrej Properties was going to get a huge response. And, you know what? I was right. At the site offices of Godrej Horizon & Godrej Prana - I saw 2 - 3 visitors. All of them looked serious property buyers. All of them had come with their friends or families. All of them were well dressed. All of them were wearing deodorants. All of them were looking 'healthy'. All of them looked brand conscious refined consumers.

Within no time, the security guards as well as the salespersons at the site noticed that I was different from their typical property buyers. And they were right. I had walked to the site. I got down at Undri Chowk on Katraj Saswad Road. I took a shortcut. Undri Chowk - Undri Gram Panchayat Office - Undri Shamshan - Godrej Horizon. Not only that! From Godrej Horizon - I walked on the kaccha road to Godrej Prana.

The smart salespersons at the sites, didn't have to take any efforts to read me. They treated me with great professional courtesy. Gave information about their projects with great humility. And ensured that I left their office in the shortest period of time. And they continued their task with great enthusiasm.

The task of achieving higher 'sales bookings' in the second half of this financial year. In the first half - Godrej Properties' 'sales booking' was Rs. 3,200 Crore - much more than the entire 2014-15 financial year. In the current financial year - Godrej Properties is expecting many fold jumps in the profits. And you know what? Recently, Godrej Properties have cut its net debt by 25 per cent to nearly Rs 2,200 crore only.

After the multinational companies prevented growth of Godrej Group's consumer goods business - Godrej family decided to focus on the most safest business under the Sun - the real estate business.

Real estate business is not only safest. It's easiest too. Challenge the local builders. Form joint ventures with local landowners. Launch projects - Godrej Horizon - Godrej Prana at Undri & Godrej Infinity at Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa. Outsource construction & project management. Utilize the brand power. Use financial engineering skills to manage debt. Earn income before you deliver the goods & book huge profits.

Poor Pune real estate blogger like me, will never understand that the main intention of any builder is to earn profit. Not to provide housing which will offer comfortable living.

So, why would any builder bother about basic urban infrastructural services like water, road, drainage, garbage, safety - security etc?

Same about the property buyers & investors. They want to enjoy - unhindered views of the hills from their balcony. They want lifestyle - which big brands offer. They assume.

What say you? Isn't real estate all about assumptions?
Please, share your views in the comments.

Undri Chowk - Godrej Horizon - Godrej Prana - Photowalk:

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  1. Enjoyed the photo tour Ravi. It reminded me of oasis in a desert - a building propping up out of nowhere !
    Undri has no water even in 300 feet borewell. Water issue is very big drawback in this location. Be ready to shell out significant amount on water tankers in here. Since this area is outside PMC, water supply won't come easily either.
    As far as projects are concerned, be it Godrej or any other builder, builders are charging very high prices for very poorly developed location. Ofcourse, this holds true across the city but areas like Undri, Kharadi, Wagholi etc don't even have basic necessity like water. Such areas are not fit to even stay on rent, wonder how people actually buy ?
    Buying house without proper infrastructure and surroundings is like buying a car without wheels.

  2. I feel very strange educated people like us are out of common sense while making choices for buying property and putting our life saving in them. Many of us not even do basic checks about things you have pointed out. Basic infrastructure for living is essential to live eg water, transportation, market etc. Ppl with little sense can understand that undri is location with very poor infrastructure. Great work ravi sir to guide and educate ppl ☺

  3. I have visited Undari few times. Reaching there is very difficult due to the Rail line in between. Everyday there is a jam if you try to enter from Hadapsar. There are few benefits. like DPS and bishop school near by but You cant come out of this place and it is very far from any place in city.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for flat for use not for investmetn. I am Confused between Nanded city and Undri. Please guide which option is better.