Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amura to market Whitefield at Sus!

Time Bound Bookings & Time Bound Flat Possession
- The New Real Estate Business Model:

amura - performance driven digital marketing company

The performance driven digital marketing company Amura Marketing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - www.amuratech.com - is going to sell 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 2.5 BHK Flats in Whitefield at Sus Pune - upcoming residetial housing project by Balaji Alliance Developers LLP. Joint venture of Kedar Vanjape Developers Pvt. Ltd. & Shree Balaji Group.

Amura gives time bound results. In 60 days, Amura is going to sell 50 flats in Whitefield Sus. In the current market, this is huge. 50 bookings at the launch will create assured cash flow for the construction and Whitefield Sus will be ready for possession at the committed date.

Yes! On the day of launch, 1st December 2015, Whitefield Sus is committing the possession date. 1st December 2018. 36 months from the date of launch. What if the possession is delayed? Self Penalty! Whitefield Sus will pay you 10,000 rupees per month.

Besides committed possession & self penalty - Whitefield Sus - is offering 'rate protection' to the flat buyers. Means, in future, if Whitefield reduces the property rate - the reduced rate will be applicable to the old bookings too.

With Whitefield at Sus, Amura & Balaji Alliance, are going to change the real estate business. Together, we are going to change the way properties are priced, sold & delivered. Mr. Kedar Vanjape said.

The other day, Kedar was briefing Amura's team. Thanks to both of them for letting me video record it. Have a look. You will feel like - you are visiting the kitchen before the party starts - you are visiting the green room before the drama - you are visiting the dressing room before the cricket match.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Since you have put this video, I am sure you will be covering launch even on 1st Dec. Can you please get clarity on following questions -

    1. Builder says terrace size has been reduced as now a days builders are charging same, be it terrace or room. However, terrace is out of FSI and if they are ethical, transparent as they claim to be, why are they charging on full terrace ?

    2. Rs.10,000/month is per flat or will it vary depending on size/number of bedrooms ? i.e. 10,000 for 1BHK, 12000 for 2BHK etc or is it flat 10,000/month ?

    3. The builder charges 18% as interest from buyers, but only 10,000 to buyers ? Why can't he pay 18% interest to buyers incase of delays ?

    4. Are they selling on carpet area or salable area ? If on salable, what is the loading ? Any other charges like parking, view etc ?

    5. 'Rate Protection' - How will buyers know if prices have been reduced ? Also builder can keep price same and give freebies like car, gold etc. This clause I feel is very gimmicky and not as simple as it's shown. In-depth details required.

    6. It is simple to say 10 mins from here, 15 mins from there but reality is far different. Request you to take pictures of neighborhood, approach road etc. which you do really well.

    7. What about basic essentials like drinking water, sewage & garbage disposal, daily necessities etc. Builder says 200 ft of road ! This exists or is still on paper ? Atleast I haven't seen 200 ft wide road in sus.

    8. Is it 50 bookings or 50 agreements ?

    9. Sanction details of the project. Does entire project has all required sanctions or only partial ?

    10. Possession date mentioned is physical possession of flat or possession of flat with completion certificate ?

    Having clarity on these questions will really help to understand what exactly is the meaning of what builder said in interview.
    Thanks in advance Ravi.

    1. Great points, TheMonk! Sure, I will ask all these questions to Mr. Kedar Vanjape. Keep one thing in mind - Kedar is my friend & relative.

    2. Thanks. I know you have special relationship with Kedar V right from when he was earlier with PNG as well as other builder who gives bird nest in terrace of each flat, if I am correct, it's Mr. Deshpande. This is actually good as he won't be able to hide things from you easily ;)
      And I know that you are a professional blogger first so the quality or content of blog won't change just because some builder happens to be your relative or friend. I am sure you will be covering the 1st Dec event as a Blogger & not as a friend/relative.
      Will wait for your coverage on this project & more importantly for details on the Self Penalty' & 'Rate Protection' clause.

  2. Dear Monk!

    First of all ,thanks for going through the video! All the above points you have raised are valid and let me do my best to explain them to the best of my ability!
    1) the reduction in terrace sizes is done just to relieve the customer of paying unnecessary amount on mostly unused area! Normally we find 140-150 sq ft terraces being given to 2.5 bhk flats just to add to the total saleable area of the flat and we have tried to go away from it by providing optimum terrace sizes thereby bringing it into the easy buying limit of the buyer! Nowadays the terraces are no more 'free'! Today the premium to be paid is heavier than the land cost and on top of it, there will be nothing free of FSI anymore! It is part of 'paid FSI' in Whitefield!
    2) 10000 Rs/ month is a 'self penalty' and it's done to cover the rent loss of the buyer till possession but fortunately I have not needed to pay it to any of my client in the past due to on time possession!
    3) the 18% clause on delayed payment is what I said in the video to my staff, in the 'sale agreement' it's not there at all! I was just talking about the transparency!
    4) the flats will be sold on carpet area only but calculations will be done according to the saleable area in addition of 30 percent area of carpet!
    5) we are charging 3 lac Rs for 1 bhk and 4 lacs for 2 and 2.5 bhk all inclusive against infrastructure cost including Mseb, legal charges, etc. including parking which is not sold separately! We don't charge anything separate for 'views'! Everything is beautiful at the Whitefield!
    6) the location is close to 3 Kms from baner and on the main road going towards hinjewadi phase 3! The road width right now is 60 ft as its a flowing road because of all the traffic from baner, pashan, bavdhan, katraj etc goes to hinjewadi from here and it's proposed as 200 ft and the 100 ft road is already there in existing corporation limit!
    7) we have sewage treatment plant, rain water harvesting, centralised solar water system in the project and water filtration plant for drinking water! currently the drinking water is through tankers only as in case of bavdhan or mhalunge! But sus is already incorporated in pune municipal corporation and soon it will have corporation water!
    8) The launch offer is for 50 bookings and if any booking gets cancelled, the next in line will be given the benefit of it!
    9) we have received all the necessary approvals for the project including NA order!
    10) the possession date mentioned is the physical completion of the entire project including all the necessary clearance certificates as long as there is no change in authorities like the formation of PMRDA which delayed the completions by many months as everything was stuck up due to no authorities in place!
    I hope I have tried my best to satisfy all your queries to the best of my knowledge and in a transparent manner!

    Thanks for your interest in 'the Whitefield'!!

    1. 1. Terraces are actually good since it is only space where you can come out in open from concrete box, even if flat is of 4BHK. If premium paid for terrace is more than land, it means the land purchased is at quite cheap rates.
      Incase of deed of declaration of apartment, the area of ownership in undivided land is dependent on the carpet area of flat only, this means land ownership has nothing to do with terrace, be the terrace 200 sq ft or 20 sq ft.
      A useful link for buyers :


      2. 10,000/flat for delayed possession is mentioned plainly or it comes with conditions like labour and raw material problem, act of god etc. ?

      3. Not having any delayed payment clause is really fantastic. But what if buyers doesn't pay for 8-9 months even after getting the demand letter ?

      4. So loading is 30% and this 30% loading will be applicable on FSI free terraces also.
      (carpet area + terrace area) + 30% = saleable area.

      5. The infrastructure charges which are being added pushes up the rate psf on saleable area by 400-440 psf. So launch offer of 4450 psf is practically 4850-4900 psf on saleable area.

      6. Issue for buyers perspective is not 3km from Baner but what lies on this 3 km of stretch is important. Lot of robberies take place between Hinjewadi phase2 and phase3 despite distance between two is around 3-3.5 kms. Location idea will be clear once Ravi K puts up photos of it.
      200 ft road is also proposed, not present. In our system, lot of things remain on paper only & takes ages to materialise like Kharadi-Shivane road or Vithalwadi-Warje road which is getting removed despite having some projects on it. Metro, BRT also are on paper. As a buyer, one should buy on 60 feet road as 200 feet road may or may not take place as this is outside the builders' perview. Good photography by Ravi K of pancard area neighborhood. Many roads still don't exist despite buildings coming up -


      7. Good to see stp, rwh etc. but water will be through tankers only. Lot of projects in Baner, Balewadi don't get proper PMC supply, how will sus get it ? If PMC water doesn't come after possession, tanker money will be paid by buyers, right ?

      8. Launch offer is 50 bookings, but how will buyers know whether 50 bookings have been done or not ? Only incase of agreements, facts can be known while booking number can be manipulated.

      9.Good to know all approvals are there. Hope you also have environment clearance or EC.

      10. This means possession date will be physical completion only, completion certificate is not assured by this time. In such case, buyer will loose income tax benefit of 80C. Nonetheless, thanks for being straightforward though.

      It is wonderful to get direct feeds from builder himself and Ravi, thanks for this blog and I hope lot of things will be known post coverage of the launch. Waiting for your feedback on this project post launch. Whatever I said above is nothing specific to this builder but for any project, any builder. Thank you Mr. Kedar for answering the questions.

  3. Dear Monk!

    You are most welcome to my office to go through the entire details! I am sure we will also have a special relationship which i have with all my clients and I am sure all of them would vouch for that!

    1. Thank you. Till then I am sure Ravi K will cover the issues finer print during the launch ceremony as well.

  4. There is no launch ceremony! The work will commence on 1 st and that's it! We are there to welcome you and show u around and explain the details!

  5. Hi Ravi,

    I wanted to discuss about Whitefield project at sus survey number 214/2, pune by kedar vajape and balaji group. They are claiming that they are developing this project but earlier windows group had agreement with them for purchase of land and they did booking of units for this project, I am also one of the person who did booking in windows group for this project.Though windows group has shifted all the people booked for this project to one of there existing project. As per windows group kedar vanjape etc are not honoring the agreement and they have filled cases against Kedar vanjape group and going ahead for stay order from court against the construction. I was just thinking what could be future of this kind of project, if stay order comes? They have published caution notice also in prabhat news paper on 21st October 2015 for the same, have you gone through that?

    1. If this is indeed true, then certainly lot of caution needs to be taken.

      @ Ravi,
      Can you please verify the same from your sources ? Even finding the exact notice in newspaper will be very helpful.

      @ Kedar V,
      Has the project received EC also ?

  6. Dear Tapan!

    There is no such legal issue about whitefield at all! Neither there is any legal notice issued nor any agreement or any sort of documentation with any such windows group! And if there was then why would they shift the existing bookings to other projects? I think there is some kind of negative publicity being made to disturb the project! Whitefield project is hundred percent legal and title clear and sanctioned in all respects! The land is owned by our company!! If windows or any such group has any document to support any sort of deal with us then pls ask them to provide it to u! I am actually surprised how people commit their hard earned money to some entity whiteout checking any documentation! That group must have had some agreement or something with them to sell somebody's project to others as their own! If u have booked a flat with them in this particular project then pls provide me the details, we would ourselves take the necessary legal action on such criminal actions! If u or your lawyer need to see all the ownership documents about the Whitefield, you are most welcome to go through! I personally suggest not book apartment with anybody without checking the necessary legal documents to support!

  7. In Whitefield, You can execute the agreement the very next day after your booking and all the financial project approvals, APFs are already in place so u can get the loan also approved in eight days!

  8. Appreciate the way Mr Kedar replied to TheMonk's questions! Clearly transparency, timely possesion and reasonable rate are the buzz word in the market.

    I am looking for a place to live in Pune. I was leaning towards Whitefield but Tapan's information on caution notice in Prabhat has frightened me. Surviving on no fixed supply of water after investing 60L would again be a kind foolishness.

    I am on my third year of flat hunt, still unable to find a satisfactory deal. In past three years of flat hunting I have experienced either of this two emotions
    1. fear of getting conned
    2. super expensive

    1. " I am looking for a place to live in Pune. I was leaning towards Whitefield but Tapan's information on caution notice in Prabhat has frightened me. Surviving on no fixed supply of water after investing 60L would again be a kind foolishness."

      Yes. And I still haven't understood the logic of ownership of flat ?
      The rentals are hardly 1.5% of flat price. With so cheap rentals, why buy at high prices at first place ? Flat should be purchased only if difference between EMI and rent is negligible or rentals are 8% of flat price. The interest earned on money required for down-payment for buying flat actually makes renting free !

  9. Dear Kedar,

    You have rightly said about hard earned money of the people, windows group people care about people's hard earned money that's why they are not proceeding with you due to land litigation.

    Now let me clearly explain how litigation is there, in your survey number 214/2 just go on government registration search website “https://esearchigr.maharashtra.gov.in/testingesearch/wfsearch.aspx” and search document registered under survey number sus 214/2 in year 2014 and 2015 you will find registered document index 2 of sale deed and correction deed on name of Nilesh kande group's Mayura mirajkar. It means that 214/2 is not completely owned by Balaji Alliance developer LLP and Mayura Mirajkar is also land holder of undivided share.

    You can refer below link where high court has granted stay order in similar case.

    Windows group had already discussed and explained/shown all above things before moving people from this site to there existing site in one of the meeting.
    Now about your claim of booking and agreement etc, you have not replied there caution notice till now. We have already seen money transfer and other relevant documents. We had also confirmed with one of your director Mr Nana Sasar before booking, whose name/phone number was there at site.

    Its open truth about windows group/society and Balaji Alliance LLP agreement, you can ask any one in that area or can wait few more days for court hearing to start and then you can express your side also. Regarding bank APF, we know how they do due diligence, due to that only there NPA increasing every day.

    Ravi, I think you can also check above details by your own and update people about truth without being biased.

    1. thanks a lot Kedar for information, I just enquired about the project and then read this blog, Mr. Ravi Should look into this first.

  10. Dear all, whatever info tapan received is baseless and false! There is no case against Whitefield or anything! You can do any kind of legal title search and can get all the related documents from me! Actually I would love to ask on what basis tapan booked a flat with the windows people? I have given the commitment of possession bcoz I am absolutely sure of achieving it and there are no legal obstacles at all!

  11. And also pls ask those windows people which documents they have regarding the so called ownership of my property!!

  12. Dear pawan! I can assure you about the complete legality of the Whitefield and there are no issues regarding the title or ownership! And we are not crossing the EC limit so EC is not required but still we have provided all the provisions required for an environmental clearance as a social obligation!

  13. Dear Kedar,

    Sorry to say that but I already put all the details, in my previous comment but it seems your friend and relative Mr Ravi, wants to publish only one side of story and did not approved my comment. Any ways this is not the only platform to explain detail.

  14. My dear tapan! Forget about Ravi!! I am ready to discuss this issue in any public platform you wish to! We have seen the so called caution notice and have replied to the concerned lawyer in the right possible way! About the public notice reflected on the windows website, if u have any legal knowledge, the public notice was given by our lawyer for the purpose of checking of our own title for bank loan and nowhere is there any mention of so called sale or even discussion about it! I am surprised how it came onto the website of windows?? This way, by collecting the public notices from and news papers and putting on their websites as their own, they can own at least half the pune city and even take bookings too!! My simple question to u was," did u see any ownership related document when u booked with windows people?" And I haven't received any answer to it! And if u visit my office, I am in a position to show u or your lawyer ( not the bank's) every ownership document u require!! By the way, u don't trust the bank APFs, title clearance certificates, sanctioned plans, NA orders but u go ahead and feel safer to book a flat with those who don't have any relevant document in this world! What an irony!! And about Ravi writing only about me, I am there to answer every query of yours and Ravi has guts and confidence to go on public record and openly told u about his relationship with me!! If he hadn't told himself, u would never know!! And if whitefield is not legally safe for u then I am sure u would never be able to get a single flat in pune which is safe!!

  15. Dear Kedar,

    sorry for delay in responding actually I was trying to get case detail, which windows have filed in court. You can go through the pune court website.
    And search the case detail as
    Court complex: District & sessions Court, Shivajinagar, pune
    Case Type: Spl.Civ.Suit
    Case Number: 1666
    Year: 2015

    I know you are just trying to misguide people by giving useless logic, if any body will go through this discussion, he will come to know, that initially you were not recognizing windows group and now at least you accept that you have replied to their lawyer.
    Yes we have seen their agreement and bank statement also of money transfer into your account.

    1. Sorry!! I didn't read your post before!! If you have seen the agreement between us. And windows then can u produce the copy of it on this blog in an transparent way the way I have been doing!! u have guts to challenge mine and fighting for some builder more than himself then show the guts to produce the copy of the agreement on this blog!! And cow clean with your real name your parents gave u instead of hiding behind some pseudo names!!

  16. Hi Kedar Sir,

    Could you please reply to Tapan's last comment. It would help us understand the matter in better way.


  17. Tapans link is correct. There indeed is a court case.

  18. Hi Kedar , Ravi Sir,

    I see comments and followup till Feb, but nothing after Tapan posted the facts with the links and case number.

    Since transparency looks to be a term you are very fond of, we as flat buyers expect a genuine and transparent detailed explanation from you about what went on between windows and you, where things stand currently, and how to gain the trust to book a flat in whitefield which i was planning to do today, but now hav put the plans on hold until i get clarity on the legalities.

    Awaiting an honest and earnest reply

  19. Hi Kedar , Ravi Sir,

    I see comments and followup till Feb, but nothing after Tapan posted the facts with the links and case number.

    Since transparency looks to be a term you are very fond of, we as flat buyers expect a genuine and transparent detailed explanation from you about what went on between windows and you, where things stand currently, and how to gain the trust to book a flat in whitefield which i was planning to do today, but now hav put the plans on hold until i get clarity on the legalities.

    Awaiting an honest and earnest reply

  20. Hi Kedar , Ravi Sir,

    I see comments and followup till Feb, but nothing after Tapan posted the facts with the links and case number.

    Since transparency looks to be a term you are very fond of, we as flat buyers expect a genuine and transparent detailed explanation from you about what went on between windows and you, where things stand currently, and how to gain the trust to book a flat in whitefield which i was planning to do today, but now hav put the plans on hold until i get clarity on the legalities.

    Awaiting an honest and earnest reply

    1. I have informed Mr. Vanjape. Let us wait for his reply.

  21. Thanks for your genuine interest in 'Whitefield'! First thing, whatever happened between us and windows, I have elaborately explained in this same blog. Now presently there is a court case going on and we being one of the parties involved, can't comment on the court matter or proceedings but as an interested party, u can always get the status of the matter after visiting my office as the open blog is not the forum for that. U can get entire date wise proceedings in court till today. What happened on each date? Who was present and who wasn't and how many times etc. the next date of hearing is 3 rd June.
    The title of the property is verified by dozens of lawyers and is fully perfect. The court has not issued any sort of injunction or anything after all these hearings so it's more than clear and the construction of the project is going on in full swing.

    Rest u r the best judge where to buy a flat in Whitefield or not. I thank all those who have supported and booked flats in Whitefield even after the so called 'mudslinging' done by some people. I have replied to each of the query on this blog with transparency and immediately. About Mr. Tapan, I have serious doubts about his genuine intentions so didn't bother to reply to his later posts. But I thought Mr. Tapan would update about the case with the same efficiency as he posted about it before, but nothing fruitful for him happened so he didn't do it too. I take cognisance of people who are genuine and sincere.



    Kedar Vanjape

  22. Raviji, we have received mailers from Windows group about the launch of their new project. it seems it is opposite the whitefield project of kedarji. can u pls advise us regarding its legalities and viability? do they have the title of the project and are their plans sanctioned in all respects? they have started taking bookings.

    1. 1) Consult a layer. 2) Do not buy a flat in Sus.

    2. Now, it's clear, Mr. Kedar Vanjape did hide the legal issue when he gave interviews to me. Better do not consider Whitefield and do not deal with Kedar Vanjape Developers till the court's verdict.

    3. The case was filed on 19/12/2015 and registered on 29/12/2015 and we ourselves got the summons on 28 th Jan! And the interviews happened way before that and surprisingly Mr. Tapan got to know about it before us so u can understand the coincidence of his links! it seems not every reader of this blog is a genuine buyer or interested in! There are some people who r using it for their own purposes hiding like coward behind pseudo names!! If u talk about me not telling u during interviews then also ask Mr.tapan to produce the agreement copy on this blog too! Be a neutral player!!

    4. Actually the date of receipt of summons was 12 th February 2016!! Not even 28 th January!! And Mr.tapan had all the time in world to research and check the court proceedings online when we were even not aware of it!! Wow!! Mr. Tapan or whoever u r!! This is one helluva case of genuine interest in a project where u didn't even enquire or visit a single time!!

    5. And Ravi!! One most important thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that in the entire case, Whitefield project is safe as the complainant also have asked for compensation and not the land!! So whichever way the verdict goes, there is no impact on the progress and delivery of the Whtitefield!! The case is not against Whitefield!! Read the plaint of the complainants too!! I will scan and mail it to u

  23. Dear Mr.Ravi, I dint hide anything from u and not even from anybody!! The case is filed far later than the interview and not before or even during. Before making biased accusations pls verify the dates too. Anybody can go to court of law in this country be it right or wrong!! That doesn't affect the title! There have been multiple hearings in the court and the construction work is going on in full swing without any injunction!! Even a police case was filed against u too but that doesn't mean u did something wrong!! It's a democracy!! Raviji!! U have written hundreds of blogs till now and no builder other than me has come forward and replied to every one of the query with transparency and honesty!! I am an honest man and never ever cheated any of my client in my entire career and they will vouch for that. Faults do happen but have always corrected and gave more than committed. Pls don't means don't accuse me and doubt my honesty!! I have given complete clarification about everything on this blog. There was a public notice that too a general caution in the newspapers and I clarified about it in the same blog immediately! U can read your own blog and cross check!! after they have filed the case, nothing has happened other than dates and dates!! So I request u if u can't support builders like me who really want to do something diff, at least don't accuse of not telling the facts!! I sent u all the documents too including the said notice issued by us where only the title was to be verified and not a single word of discussion of sale with anybody anywhere mentioned! I have nothing to hide!!

    1. "The case is filed far later than the interview and not before or even during" - Glad to know that, Kedar! Do you expect me to trust you?

  24. Actually the date of receipt of summons was 12 th February 2016!! Not even 28 th January!! And Mr.tapan had all the time in world to research and check the court proceedings online when we were even not aware of it!! Wow!! Mr. Tapan or whoever u r!! This is one helluva case of gen