Friday, October 16, 2015

Unhappy & Stressful Home Life - Reasons Revealed!

Pune Builders Protest March Against Corruption
- It's all about our own home - our own money - our own servants:

Unhappy & Stressful Home Life - Reasons Revealed!

On 13th October, 2015 property buyers in Pune found out why they were unhappy on the home front.

Their servants were taking disadvantage of them. To abuse the homeowner - the maid, cook & driver had formed a gang. However, the gang members started fighting for the loot & made other gang members life miserable. The maid couldn't tolerate it anymore & broke away from the gang. And all came out in open.

We are all prisoners by our own means.
We weren't tricked into this situation by anyone else;
If we were tricked at all, we tricked ourselves

Fight against corruption

Unfortunately, a few homeowners haven't yet realized that
this is an opportunity to put our home in order.
(Read the comments on Facebook!)

We were tricked into this situation because of us.
Not by someone else but because of our own deeds.

Most of us have forgotten that all of them are our servants.
A builder. A politician. A bureaucrat.
All are public servants. Lok Sevak.
They are not our masters.
We, the citizens, are their masters.

We have given them particular role & responsibility.
We pay them for serving us.
To work as a facilitator to build homes for us.
To prepare fair policies & plans.
To execute the rules & regulations.
We expect them to serve us efficiently.

But we are not served well.
There is a huge deficiency in service.
Actually, we are exploited & abused.
We are unhappy.
Our home life has become stressful.

It means that - we have to put our life in order.
We have to take firm steps to discipline our servants.

Corruption & exploitation of one servant by other is not that servant's problem.
It's homeowner's problem. It's our problem.
Ultimately, we suffer. Our home life becomes unhappy & stressful.

We give power to builders, civil servants & politicians. And we can take it away too.
We are the masters. It's our job. We have to clean, declutter & organize our home.

Wake up! Fight against corruption!!

Remember what Prasoon Joshi said last time?

इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम,
इतना लम्बा, इतना गहरा, बेसुध क्यों सोते हैं हम ।

दबे पाँव काली रातें आती जाती हैं,
दबे पाँव क्या, कभी बेधड़क हो जाती हैं।
और बस करवट लेकर, सब खोते हैं हम।
इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम।

नींद है या फिर नशा है कोई,
धीरे धीरे जिसकी आदत पड़ जाती है
झूठ की बारिश में सच की खामोश बांसुरी
एक झोंके की राह देखती सड़ जाती है,
बाद में क्यूं रोते हैं हम।
इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम ।

खेत हमारा बीज हमारे,
हैरत क्या अब फसल खड़ी है,
काटनी होगी छांटनी होगी, आज चुनौती बहुत बड़ी है, कांटे क्यूं बोते हैं।
इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम,

सबने खेला और सब हारे, बड़ा अनोखा अजब खेल है
इंजन काला,डिब्बे काले, बड़ी पुरानी ढींठ रेल है
इस रेल में क्यों होते हैं हम।
इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम,

लोरी नहीं तमाचा देदो,
एक छोटी सी आशा देदो,
वरना फिर से सो जाएंगे

सपनों में फिर खो जाएंगे ।

चलो पाप धोते हैं हम,

इतना क्यूं सोते हैं हम ।

CREDAI PUNE METRO Protest March Against Corruption

Posted by Ravi Karandeekar on Monday, October 12, 2015

DSK at CREDAI PUNE METRO Protest March Against Corruption

Posted by Ravi Karandeekar on Monday, October 12, 2015

CREDAI PUNE METRO Protest March Against Corruption

Posted by Ravi Karandeekar on Monday, October 12, 2015

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  1. Great blog Ravi!

    Hope we all awake and fight against injustice and corruption :(

  2. This is really surprising, it's too late from builders.

  3. Frds see my interview about real estate fights with corruption n red tapizum by ravi karandikar at link below n share if liked..

    Sanjay Deshpande of Sanjeevani Developers Pune, appeals to builders & flat buyers to join hands & work together to eradicate corruption in real estate. (Marathi Video)

  4. This is height of hypocrisy by CREDAI.
    For any business cashflow and turn over are important.The solution to the mess is very simple, builders need to cut prices by atleast 30% and only then will the volume of transactions pickup.
    Once the volume picks up builders will start getting a good cash flow.

    Just asking for "special package" and help is not going to help.

    Its very simple, if you think the business is not profitable, get out of it. No one is forcing anyone to be a builder!!

    1. Absolutely. No one is forcing anyone to continue being a builder.
      Fact is sales are down and hence builder want to save money by not paying bribes.
      Out of sudden how did their 'Aatma' woke up ??

      Also, I would like to know that builders are talking about slow approvals etc. but what about projects which are getting delayed despite having approvals ?

      Builders are blaming Govt, actually they should blame themselves for such situation & the only solution to this problem is builders should reduce prices by atleast 50%.
      No point in taking out frustration of poor sales on Govt, as if bribes didn't exists in 2008 when real estate was booming.

  5. hi Monk, all ur points accepted but that wont solve the problem of not joining hands for fight against corruption! As this fight is not for the builders u are referring, its by those few in the real estate who wants to do something good & there are such people yet! The only outcome of not joining the fight will be the left few good men will also leave the real estate & then god save the clients as well real estate!!

    1. Hi Sanjay D,

      Fighting against corruption in general is different than fighting against corruption which is builder specific. Now just to put blame game of non timely delivery of flats, start blaming Govt is not a good idea.

      Some blank point questions :

      Do builders need to give bribes for -

      Giving buyers non-leaking, seepage free flats ?
      Giving all specifications and amenities as mentioned in during booking ?
      Doing conveyance deed of land and not let buyers take trouble of doing deemed conveyance ?
      Demanding exorbitant VAT amount without giving calculations ?
      Not selling flats on carpet area ?
      Charging 3 lakh for parking, even 1.5-2 lakh for open parking which is illegal ?
      Not doing construction despite taking 90% money ?

      And the list can go on & on. Not a single point above needs any sanction from Govt but just to squeeze more and more money, builders compromise on quality and don't deliver on time by diverting money elsewhere or using it free of interest.

      Agreed that there are handful of good builders but some of the major players in CREDAI are themselves having lot of cases against them filed by hapless buyers. Why doesn't CREDAI remove such builders from its organization to start the cleaning process ? Or builders need to pay bribes to Govt for this too ?

      We all are of the opinion that corruption should end in all fields, real estate included, but if you want support from buyers, first builders should start delivering to buyers what they promised on time and clean their own organizations like CREDAI, MBVA etc. first.

      Real estate: An industry built on black money -

      Till such things continue, builders should not expect any support from buyers.

  6. Who has supported the corruption in real estate on the first place? I believe it's builders only who have helped this monster to grow and now the monster is out of control. I will join those builders in this fight if I find builders who didn't deal in black money. The sad truth I will never find such builder.
    Dear builders be the change first which you want to see in the world.

    1. "I will join those builders in this fight if I find builders who didn't deal in black money" - well said, Unknown!

  7. Anti Corruption march by the Builders n Promotors is a NATAK, A PLOY, DRAMA, to fool the Public... the Builder/ Promoter, Politician and the Government Servant... have a FEVIQUIK kind of BOND, they are part n parcel of corruption in the construction Industry... all the three of them LOOT The unsuspecting buyer... when one wants to buy there are no discounts... the market for the buyer is always high, ....

    1. "Builder / Promoter, Politician and the Government Servant... have a FEVIQUICK kind of BOND, they are part n parcel of corruption in the construction Industry" - well said, Deep!

  8. Builders in pune are them selves very corrupt. They are just trying to make money in this business no morals at all. Just build a building with not good floor plans and sell it to buyers on exorbitant prices. Wrong calculations wrong measures no one to check their theft. Now property buyers have stopped buying flats so coming on road. They would never decrease the prices because their greed is undying. Government should fix margin for the builders on construction cost. not more then 20% margin for property market should be fixed. Right now they are making 500% and then to they are not delivering the right quality. Buyers stop buying now because market is going to collapse and real estate investment is not that profitable now. Investors are spending more on documentation and stress.

    1. "Government should fix margin for the builders on construction cost. Not more than 20% margin for property market should be fixed" - Good idea, Ultimate Human!