Monday, October 5, 2015

Bhujbal Brothers & Vatika at Balewadi Pune - Share Your Experience

First Time Home Buyers Can Learn a Lot from Your Experience!

Vatika Garden Apartments, Survey No. 33, behind MITCON, Balewadi, Pune

I have heard a lot about Vatika Garden Apartments, Survey No. 33, behind MITCON, Balewadi, Pune & it's builder Bhujbal Brothers Construction Co. (

What they - the builder & the property buyers - have done would be a great learning experience for the first time home buyers. I am convinced.

So, I decided to blog their story.

Meeting the builder - Mr. Suraj Bhujbal - was easy. But not the flat buyers in Vatika.

I visited Vatika. Talked to couple of flat buyers. But that's not enough. I want to meet more.

So, if you own a flat in Vatika at Balewadi, please, call me on 919860044110 & to share your story.

First time home buyers in Pune - I am sure - can learn a lot from your real life experience of buying a home in Pune real estate market.
So, come on, call me on 919860044110, help your brothers & sisters.

P. S.
If you have booked a flat in Bhujbal Brothers' any other project - Forest Mist, Misty Trails & Valay at Hadapsar or Spectrum Towers at Kharadi - you can call me on 919860044110 & share your experiences too!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing, Alone in the World! How do you know all these things? Did you book a flat in Vatika? It would be better if you share your experiences.

    2. 1) I have booked flat in Forest Mist almost 34 month ago and since then waiting for possession.
      2) Currently project work is totally stopped.
      3) Even builder is not paying salaries of poor security guys(many guards have told the same story)
      4) Initially possession date was told Dec-2013, then its started shifting towards infinite time(like Apr-2014, Dec-2014, Apr-2015 and very latest is Dec-2015 which seems 100% impossible)
      5) Most of the flat holders has made payment of 95%, even there are guys who has paid 100% amount
      6) when we asked for compensation builder said he don't have money.(same statement he given in front of Police also)
      7) They don't stick to their promises
      8) Even meeting builder/taking appointment is difficult
      9) They pick phone calls 1 out off 100 times
      10) Builder says go to court, it will create problem for you only etc etc
      11) Started taking step for legal process

    3. So sorry to know that you have booked the flat in Forest Mist.

      Someone told me that with the help of Grahak Panchayat - you all are following the route of flat owners at Vatika. Is it true?

  2. I totally agree with @Alone Intheworld comments for Bhujbal Brothers construction. Don’t ever book flat in Bhujbal Brother Constructions. All these projects are mostly illegal and builder himself is very unethical in his working. Below are list of project which is suffering because of him-
    1. Vatika Garden Apartments, Balewadi
    2. Valay, Hadapsar
    3. Forest Trail, Hadapsar
    4. Misty Trail, Hadapsar

    Almost 300 flat owners are fighting to get possession of their flat and trying to seek justice. God can only now save destiny of all these people :(

    1. Along with the promoter - 300 flat owners are the owners of these 4 projects. Why don't you all exercise your ownership rights, takeover the project and complete it?

    2. For Forest Mist Case(we already put thought on this option) - most of buyers has paid around 95%(some paid 100% too),
      around 2-3 lacs pending per head, and to complete the pending work that amount is highly insufficient ! Builder is saying he don't have single penny(I don't know where the hell that money gone then?)

      Even builder don't have money to pay contractors of row material, instead they are offering flats in their mysterious projects.

      I personally think there in no point in talking with builder now, only option we left with legal way.

      The motto of putting all the information here is, if anybody reading this and looking for dealing with Bhujbal Brothers builder in any way, it Alarm for them to not to see their face anymore !

    3. Agreed, but from where will buyers bring money since they have paid 95% amount already, some even 100% ? Refund is another option but what if builder is bankrupt and doesn't refund money ?

  3. Oh, sad to hear this :(
    Maybe this link is helpful for you -

    Another example why one should buy ready for possession flats.

    1. True! Buying ready possession flat is the best way.

      Because most of the builders are not qualified to book a flat at under construction stage.

  4. if anybody reading this and looking for dealing with "Bhujbal Brothers Construction Co." builder in any way, it Alarm for them to not to see their face anymore !

    1) If you want headache/ sleepless nights, tension then go ahead and buy
    2) They are totally fraud
    3) I wonder how such kind on people are there in this world
    4) Gives false promises
    5) Possession of property is mistry
    6) Cheques given by then gets bounced
    7) lot of court cases going on them
    8) illegal constructions
    9) useless people
    10) unethical people
    11) mannerless people

  5. If anybody wants to do PHD, here are the topics can be taken considering people like Bhujbal Builder.(KarveNagar Pune)

    How such people gets sleep at night by destroying the dreams on others?
    From where they get energy to do all this negative work?
    How they live peacefully with their family without thinking about other's family?
    What will happen when they visit God's home?(I am sure GOD has to discover new technique to punish them)

    Builder : Bhujbal Brothers Construction Company.(Bhujbal Bangla,KarveNagar Pune)
    Builder Name: Suraj Raman Bhujbal

    Call and ask him how he is still surviving with the tons of negative wishes from hundreds of people.

    I can understand its business, and there can be sometime financial problem from builder side, but they are not communicating true things, Always giving false promises, ignoring buyers like anythings, work progress has to be there instead completely stopped work, problem can be there at one site not at all sites listed above. It means intention of builder is not good and they are really doing something wrong.

    -A very very frustrated buyer

  6. Government should do something about it. No one has right to play lives of 300 people. It more heinous crime then murder. Government should start licensing system for builders so no cheater can start real state business by himself. I would pray for you guys.