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Pre-launch Offer of Pride Purple Group's 115 Acre Township near Bavdhan receives good response

Tag Your Home Expo Receives Good Response!:

Pre-launch Offer of Pride Purple Group's 115 Acre Township near Bavdhan receives good response

Despite Union Budget on Saturday, continuous rains on Saturday & Sunday, two property exhibitions in town - The Times of India's Premium Property Showcase at Westin & India Property dot Com's Grihapravesh at Hotel VITS at Balewadi, and out of the way - not so popular - venue of Deccan College Ground at Yerwada - Pride Purple Group's Tag Your Home Expo (www.pridepurplegroup.com) received good response!

I visited the expo on Friday & Saturday. My guess is may be around 350 flats have been booked - in spite of  less number of visitors.

Someone told me that the first flat was booked in the first hour. Though the timing of the expo was 10 am to 8 pm - on the last day, 1st March 2015, the last booking took place at 10 pm!

It was very clear that compared to normal property exhibitions - there were very few casual visitors. Most were serious buyers. Visiting with the clear intention of grabbing 'the deal' - 3 percent for Agreement + 50 percent off on Stamp Duty + Registration + VAT.

Though the above offer was not applicable - the 115 Acre Upcoming Township - joint venture of Pride Purple Group, Kohinoor Group (www.kohinoorpune.com) & Rama Group (www.ramagroupindia.com) - near Chandani Chowk at Bavdhan, an extension of Kothrud, received very good response. Mainly because of the location, layout, floor plans, & pre-launch property rates between Rs. 4,851 (for 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors) and Rs. 5,301 (for 12th floor).

A 2 BHK Flat in the pre-launch offer fits in the price range of Rs. 67.95 - 68.44 Lakhs (All Inclusive property prices) in 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D & 2E Buildings.

And a 2 BHK Flat in Sector 4 costs between Rs. 72.56 and 78.50 Lakhs (All inclusive property prices) - in the pre-launch offer.

A 3 BHK Flat in 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D & 2E Buildings goes for Rs. 81.79 - 88.56 Lakhs and in the sector 4 for Rs. 85.86 Lakhs - 1.04 Crore (All inclusive property prices) - in the pre-launch offer.

When I was engrossed in reading the property price list, someone whispered in my ear - the launch rate would be not less than Rs. 5,500!

Before I could look, the whispering person vanished. If he had been Rajesh Narang or anyone from Pride Purple Group, for sure, he would not have vanished like that.

Who was it? I went on wondering.

While I was looking around - I felt that - though the expo was organized by Pride Purple Group - someone else was running the show!

Not only Pride Purple Group's Tag Your Home Expo or Kolte Patil Developers' Nest Fest - but entire Pune real estate market is controlled by someone else. The builders are just a front. I feel.

Who is ruling Pune real estate market?

Pride Purple Group's Tag Your Home Expo Receives Good Response

Mr. Dilip, one of my readers, had come to book a 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 81,18,310 at Park Ivory Wakad.

As per the deal - to book a flat - he paid only Rs. 2,16,337.5 - only 3 per cent of the agreement value of Rs. 72,11,250.

At the time of agreement, he has to pay Rs. 5,34,788 from his own pocket (Stamp Duty Rs. 4,32,675 + registration charges Rs. 30,000 + VAT Rs. 72,113). After the agreement, he said, as per the deal, he will get back Rs. 2,67,394 - the 50 per cent of Rs. 5,34,788 he paid to Maharashtra Government for the stamp duty, registration & VAT.

What? Pride Purple Group will get Rs. 2,16,337.5 - 3 per cent of the agreement value -
and after the registration of agreement - Pride Purple will refund Rs. 2,67,394 to Mr. Dilip
- as per the expo offer?

What is going on? Does Shravan saheb know this?

Is this the way to celebrate 20th anniversary?

21 - 22 years ago - when Arvind saheb & Shravan saheb - owners of Pride Purple Group - were my clients - they used to pay me 50 per cent advance for designing their brochure and today - their clients don't pay even 1 per cent while booking a 81 lakh rupees flat?

This is not done. I was very upset.

"I saved Rs. 2 lakh 67 thousand! Good deal! Isn't it?," said Mr. Dilip.

"Saving is always good! What was  the saleable area & rate?," I asked.

"1075 area & 6150 rate -  a discount of roughly 248 rupees!," said Mr. Dilip.

"Yes! Big discount! Did you visit the site - before the event - and did you try to negotiate the rate?," I said.

"No! You know what's my plan? I am selling my current 1 BHK in Pimple Saudagar for 37 Lakhs - brought for 14 lakhs - 6 years ago - I have repaid it's loan - so, I am taking only 44 lakh loan for this 2 BHK in Park Ivory!," said Mr. Dilip.

"Good! What would be the EMI?," I asked.

"Around 39,000," said Mr. Dilip.

"For 30 years?," I asked.

"Yes! But I will repay it in 15 - 20 years!," said Mr. Dilip.

"Good! What is your monthly income?," I asked.

"Around 85 K," said Mr. Dilip.

"After paying 39 EMI can you manage in 46?," I asked.

"Have to manage! It would be possible to manage now - after a few years - would be more difficult -  my 1 year old daughter will go to school - old mother may come to stay with me - now she is managing to live on her own in a village -  a 2 BHK is required - so, no option but to manage," said Mr. Dilip.

Yes! Dilip was talking. But, for sure, someone else was speaking.

Dilip was not acting on his own.
Someone else was controlling his every action.
Someone else was planning his every move. Every decision.
Someone else was running his life

Otherwise, to take care of his daughter & old mother
- Dilip would have focused on saving enough money.
But, look what he has done?
He has gone into debt and has become financially weak!

This happens all the time.
Whenever some home buyer talks - I feel that words are his but not the idea.
Voice is his but not the thought.

Someone else is speaking through him!
Someone else is telling him what to do!

Who is it?
Who is really running the show?
And, why are we celebrating an event which turns us all into puppets?

Tag Your Home Expo - A Few Glimpses:

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  1. people need to think why there is a infrastructure cost when flat cost is paid 100%, why there is parking charges when they have paid as per the DC rules, why people should pay 100% for balconies when builders are selling 500 to 1000 sq. ft balconies at the rate of flat. Why WHY ?