Friday, February 20, 2015

Visit Little Earth at Kiwale, near Ravet in PCMC

In 2015 - Where to book a flat in Pune real estate market?

Little Earth at Kiwale, PCMC, Pune 410505

Yesterday, I visited Little Earth at Masulkar Farms, Kiwale.
Once again. It may be my third or fourth visit to the upcoming 26 acre township near Ravet in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.

I went alone. Without informing Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, developer of Little Earth Kiwale.

Nitin, you have told me everything about Little Earth.
From acquiring land to obtaining environmental clearance.
From planning & pricing of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats  to the sound system in the mini theater.

Now, Nitin, I want to feel and enjoy - all that you have put into developing the concept.
I want to be at Little Earth and experience your passion.

I want to convince myself that there is a builder in Pune who loves to build homes.
There is a builder in Pune who understands the needs, aspirations, financial limitations & responsibilities of young salaried home buyers.

And I did it. I took Corporation to Ravet bus. Got down at  Kiwale. Crossed Mumbai Bangalore Highway near Lekha Farms. Walked down to Little Earth. Spent an evening at the clubhouse. Had a chat with Mr. Sharad & Ms. Bhandare, salespersons.

While coming home, Sharad said,"You didn't shoot photos of the sample flat!,"
"I didn't come to shoot!," I said.
"Then why did you shoot so many photos?," asked Sharad.
"I shot a few because I love to hear what these photos say!" I said.

Have a close look. May be - you will hear - what these photos tell me. About a builder. About booking a flat in 2015.

Contact Little Earth at Kiwale, PCMC, Pune 410505: / / +91 8308 260 899

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    I always though you were a responsible adviser on projects. You seem to have done otherwise on this blog. You do not directly recommend "Little earth" but your photos do. But, there a 2 big concerns on this project. Has Mr Kulkarni talked to you about this?
    1. This falls in Red zone as per pcmc website. So, any construction is illegal. Please refer
    2. PCMC does not provide water pipeline to this location as of this date.

    I hope you will do the research that you advise to your readers more diligently.
    Keep up the good work. Please correct me if I am ill informed on these two points.

  2. Thanks for raising important questions, Hunter! I will writer a blog on the both issues.

  3. Hello Ravi...
    Nice blog indeed... I did visit the site this week and must say construction quality was good... They have got environment clearance also.... Yes he said there is no water connection so.... They are using well water with small filtration plant.... He never said any thing abt red zone.... I will check with him.... What I loved is maintenance development charges are minimum... I was more interested in here next phase which they will launch some time next month... I would like your views on Kumar ikonea also in that area... Please do share...

  4. Hi All,

    I just spoke to lady Chitralekha who has shown us the site couple of days back, to confirm about the red zone and watre supply. Here are the updates :

    Red Zone : As per her the project does NOT fall under red zone and papers are clear, she can showcase them if need be
    Water Supply : As Hunter pointed out that there isn't water supply from PCMC, lady said currently they are using bore water with purification and they have also made an application which she is confident to get cleared by next month.


  5. I need your help to come up with Right decision to buy a flat at Little Earth (Kiwale) near Ravet. If you can help me to clarify with below Query then it would be Grate help for my benefit.

    1) Does the project falls in red Zone?

    2) What about water supply ?

    3) If we are targeting for next four years then what are other development opportunities in that Location , Can we expect 10 to 15 % appreciation ?

    4) If we plan to live there after possession then it would be easy to manage or we may face some challenges like transportation, water, electricity , daily basis needs etc.

    If we could help me with the answer then it would be great help in this regards.

  6. If any body can help me to provide the comments on little Earth Projcet Kiwale near Ravet then it would be good help.

  7. Hi Ravi,

    did you get a chance to throw some light brought in by Hunter here...

  8. Hello Ravi,

    Thank you for starting the blog

    Visited the site indeed the quality is good planning to book a flat.

    will require your advise and yes the discussion above is very relevant can you throw light on the above issues?


  9. I recently visited Little Earth Kiwale and i am in a dilemma about booking as flat there.

    the pictures that you clicked were on Feb 2012 which shows 3 buildings and a Aqua

    club house and since then there has been little or NO progress at all because there

    aren't new buildings or facilities that came up in 3 years time.

    Again the possession date of Dec 2017 is not promising either and same is the

    case with the entire completion of project till 2020


  10. Hi ravi,

    Even I am interested in getting flat over here.can you please share your view on above questions about red zone, water issues, development of this area, and appreciation.

    1. As per the PCMC site, it is not on the red zone. But is showing as blue (commercial zone)
      They got the approval for water connection for more than 12 lakh litter- Sales person showed me the approval.

      Regarding development of area, there is another 40 acre township planned by the same builder and will start the initial work by Jan. So I suppose, development will be ok. (Heard this from sales person yesterday)

      And the PCMC map also shows an upcoming Park, play ground, parking area etc adjacent to the plot.

    2. You are right, Akhilesh. The development would be quite good.

  11. Hi Ravi

    Please share your views on above questions....Even I am planning to buy flat over there...

  12. Hi Ravi,
    Excellent blog, Thanks for creating this blog.

  13. Hi Ravi,

    Appreciate your efforts in publishing this blog.

    Did you really took those photos in 2012? Or is just a setting error in camera?


    1. Sorry. It's camera setting error. Its 2015. Not 2012. I shot these photos in February 2015.

  14. Hi Ravi,

    The survey no-19 of little earth is shown as blue zone (LOCAL COMMERCIAL ZONE C1) in the PCMC site. Is there any recent changes in the area development decision?

    1. No changes. Little Earth Kiwale is in the blue zone.

    2. Sorry for my little knowledge.

      But how a residential project can come in the commercial zone?

  15. kindly let me know what is the status now? can anyone pl share i would like to purchase 2bhk

  16. Recently, at the area nearby this project, there is a big construction happening , which is of Symboisis college. So i guess lot of development is in a chain, so no doubt, this area will get high prices soon

    1. Is property price rise good for the home buyers, Chaitanya?

  17. little earth is proposed to be residential zone..

    So, I believe it is good move here, what does future development looks like here..

    1. Yes, good, Kuldeep.
      Future development depends upon the residents. Residents have to work to develop their neighborhood.

  18. Hi Ravi,

    Found your article bit interesting. Wanted some basic information like how is the project and can i buy a home there.. saying this because this would be my first property and mostly targeting for stay purpose.

    Will appreciate your help.

    1. Yes, Arogant Saint, worth considering. Visit it & share your views.

  19. Thank you Ravi Sir for the very informative and useful blog.

    They have launched new building for the low budget people - C15, Salable Area 755sqft, Usable Area 590sqft, price range from 38-41L.

    Please suggest if its a good deal?
    As per RERA the possession date is June2020. Will this 16th floor building complete on time?

    Has anyone booked the flat in building C15?
    Possession Date is June 2020. Is it worth to pay the rent for next 2.5 years and EMI as well?

    Ravi Sir need your assistance and suggestions.