Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Want a dream home? Buy it now!

"Right Time, Right Place, Right Price," says Confederation of Real Estate Developer’s Associations of India (CREDAI)

Right time!.....for whom?
For the property buyer or
for the builder?!

Are you planning to set up your dream home here?

(True, the news is about Bangalore real estate. But the theme is national!)

It’s an excellent time, because prices are down and promotions are up.

But it will help to have the cash, because loans are hard to come by in this age of recession.

Real estate developers in the Karnataka capital are bending over backwards by offering cars, some even plots, for either buying a flat or booking one.

The flip side is that many who had paid for their dream homes may have to wait a bit longer as several developers have stalled their projects for lack of funds.
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What is your take on "risks in booking a flat":

RBI has increased the the risk weightage for the real estate sector a few months ago. Because of this, banks have cut down on lending to the home buyer and to the builder. Result is builders have stalled or "slow down" the construction. Not only in Bangalore, but according to PBAP, even in Pune too!

But it looks like that builders know, for sure, that the needy home buyer is ready to take a risk!

What is your take on the risks involved in booking a flat at this point of time in Pune real estate market?

Can you minimize the risk? How?

Do you know any project in Pune which is "less risky"?

Is it worth taking a risk when you know that the project may take more time to complete or the property rates or home loan interest rates may come down in next 3/4 months?

Please, share your experience and views in the comments. (Comments Policy)

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Ravi
    I am reading your Blogs for quite a long time now. They are quite informative for real property buyers. I am not an investor & I am searching for my dream home in Pune.
    I came across a project Park Infinia (Kumar Properties), project specks seams to be good but I am not sure about the possession date due to recession. Rate offered is Rs. 2600.
    In the same near by area in Manjri I came across a new project of Kalpatary as Screnity.
    The rate offered by Kalpatary for the new launch is Rs. 1950. but the layout plan for the complete project of Kalpataru is not yet finalized.
    Which project do you suggest I should go for? Both the Builders seams to be reputed but I am not sure about the possession date.
    Do you feel that Park Infinia is priced on higher tag of Rs. 2600 at this recession moment?
    Can we expect the prices to come down in Park Infinia like Kalpataru?
    Is there any risk involved for under construction big projects like Park Infinia?