Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pune Municipal Corporation to conduct a housing survey to review the housing issues in the city

The survey will be helpful for the Pune Municipal Corporation PMC as the state government is mulling to replicate the rental housing policy of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in the Pune metropolitan region once the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is formed.

Also, the state government in its housing policy has expressed the need for setting up special townships (for example - Nanded City Pune!) to make houses affordable (has given more FSI to these townships) for the middle class (!?) and also to decongest the cities.

According to PMC statistics, the city's urban population has grown from 1.64 lakh in 1901 to about 42 lakh in 2001, a 25-fold increase.

The state government has decided to establish the PMRDA by December 2008 by amending the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act to include the city development chapter in the same. The move will help in integrated development of about 2,200 of the Pune region. Rental housing would be one of the first priorities of the PMRDA and the housing survey will be useful for the PMC to have a housing policy in place. -The Times of India

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  1. I am in Pune and own a house which is given on rent.

    Society is not yet formed or registered.Some memebers have formed an adhoc committee.Committee has started taking monthly maintainenece charges.

    The committee is charging double maintainence charges due to non-occupancy.When I raised voice that non-occupancy charges cannot be doubled , it can be only made 10% more they say that what they are charging is against amenties like swimming pool,gym etc and not against basic maintainence charges.

    Can anyone take such extra charges for amenteties ?

  2. it is a good thing that Pune Municipal Corporation is conducting housing this way, they will know what is happening in their place...