Thursday, January 3, 2008

If things go according to the Pune Municipal Corporation's City Improvement Committee's parking policy....

1. You will have to pay 2 lakh + for the reserved car parking to park your 'Ratan Tata's 1 lakh car'.

2. Instead of modular kitchen or pre-furnished flat, special offer will be 'free car' with the parking for the first few bookings - you lucky early birds.

3. Bajaj Auto will redevelop it's defunct Akurdi factory and construct first Parking Mall in India for it's "Renault 4 Wheeler Rickshaw Taxis"

4. Traffic police will stop toeing cars parked in the NO PARKING zones and instead of that will start charging fine if you drive around the multiplex or mall more than 7 times in an hour searching the parking space.

5. You will be happy to keep your 'Ratan Tata's 1 Lakh Car' parked in your reserved car park at home and cycle to work

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