Thursday, January 25, 2018

Was the judge of Bombay High Court dancing to someone else's tune?- DSK F. D. Holders are wondering

By the time I reached Bombay High Court, the hearing of anticipatory bail application of DSK was over.

Thank God ! Mr. Vijay Kumbhar and a group of F. D. Holders were present in the court premises.

Here is what they told me about today's hearing -

Today at Bombay High Court, DSK presented Mr. Prabhune, who claims that he has given 50 Crores to DSK.

Mr. Prabhune told the court that since its foreign currency, DSK will get the money only after the approval of RBI. For the approval some time is required. 

"Yes, of course! How much time do you require? Can we meet on 5th of February?," asked the judge.

"5th is good!," said the advocate of DSK.

'Are you happy?,' I asked F. D. Holders of DSK.

"Do we look happy?," asked one F. D. Holder.

"No! Why are you angry? The judge can give more time!,"  I asked.

"But Supreme Court has clearly said that DSK must deposit 50 Crores before 19th of January. He will not get more time than that. My 1st question is - Why did this judge go against Supreme Court's order and give more time to DSK?"

"My 2nd question - 50 Crores are not deposited in DSK's bank account in Pune. If DSK has the money with him and then the judge had given time for obtaining RBI's permission I would not  mind  giving more time. Why did the judge give more time to obtain RBI's permission when the money is not there?"

"My 3rd question - The judge said that DSK's case is not a scam like Sahara. How can the judge pass this kind of a remark? Isn't it jumping to  conclusion? How can the judge give a judgment before the case is filed in the court?"

"My 4th question is - How can a judge pass the order and tell the banks to sell DSK's properties? The hearing was about anticipatory bail application. Not the final verdict of the case!"

In short I felt that the judge was out of his mind. The judge was dancing on someone eles's tune.

After the recent issue of the Supreme Court judges, this judge should have have been more judicious.

These are the sentiments of the victims of DSK. Please, take them with a pinch of salt. I am sharing this to update you about DSK scam. Not to critisize the court.

Ravi Karandeekar,
Bombay High Court,
25th January, 2018.

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  1. Why does one break law especially in countries like India ? Because law & justice is just a mockery of the system. Laws are made to keep common man in check, not the crooks. What needs to be seen is how many flats does this judge own under benaami names or where does his family goes for shopping, trip etc.

    If you see, law has acted only when other party is powerful, public at large is involved & matter is highlighted in the media. If any of this is missing, the justice system becomes kumbhakaran. This has happened umpteen times, which is why many law abiding citizens are also seen taking law into their hands !!

    Btw, such incidents reminds me of Sunny Deol dialog - Taarikh pe taarikh, taarikh pe taarikh !!

    And now it's not just DSK which has gone bankrupt but Darode Jog too has done the same with it's FD holders as this builder is also bankrupt.

    Prominent city developer in trouble for defaulting on fixed deposit repayments -

    After DSK Group, yet another prominent developer from the city is walking a tightrope. Several homebuyers and investors in Darode Jog Properties have been crying foul in recent times. While homebuyers are ruing delayed possessions or cancellations, those who have invested by way of fixed deposits are alleging that the developers have defaulted on interest and principal.

    Pune's real estate sector sees prices dip -

    India’s residential real estate market shrinks over the last decade with Pune seeing the most decline in prices across 8 key cities. The main reason for the fall is poor demand.
    New launches in Pune have fallen by 58% YoY.
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