Sunday, September 24, 2017

What is the most serious problem in Pune real estate market?

No communication between builder and flat buyers
is the most serious problem in Pune real estate market:

Ravi Karandeekar with Shivaji & Rakesh at Nivrutti Heights, Moshi

'Billionaire Elon Musk responds to unhappy Tesla customer on a Friday night, teaching a brilliant lesson in customer service' - when I read something like this I feel pity for Pune flat buyers.

Builders in Pune treat their flat buyers like shit.

Why wouldn't they! I ask myself.

Pune flat buyers don't know basics of real estate business.

The flat buyers are the employers and the builder is their employee.

The flat buyers are the owners of the project and the builder is their "Sevak" - the service provider.

The flat buyers are the majority stockholders of the company and the builder is a minority shareholder and a chief executive officer.

Instead of that the flat buyers in Pune think & behave as if the builder is a king and the flat buyers are his subjects.

Pune flat buyers accept that the builder is their all powerful ruler and flat buyers have no power - no rights - no voice.

When you yourself accept that you are low life scum - why would your builder respect you!

Is't it obvious that your builder treats you like a shit!!

We all know that only babies play with poop.

Not adult rulers.

Rulers rule their subjects.

Rulers give orders.

Rulers don't communicate.

That's why there is no communication between builders and flat buyers in Pune.

And that's the most serious problem in Pune real estate market.

Pune flat buyers - like the unhappy customer of Tesla - don't Tweet complaint.

And if someone dares - the builders in Pune - not only ignore it - but some even threaten the flat buyer.

If the builder doesn't threaten - the other flat buyers in the project - become angry with the complainant flat buyer for making builder angry!

Result is both - builders and flat buyers - suffer because of no communication.

DSK has to beg for more time to complete the project.

Rakesh has to request me to talk to the builder and find out about possession date.

A builder in Wagholi didn't pay the bill and flat buyers had to live without power - in the dark - without water - without lift.

Only flat buyers can save themselves from this type of abuse.

Change your attitude.

Understand who you are.

What is your role.

What are your rights.

How you should be treated.

Start relationship with your builder on the right note.

Don't book a flat because the builder is offering -

"Gharavar Ghar Free - Buy 1 Flat Get 1 Flat for Free".

"Sone Ki Barish" - Gold with a flat.

"Interest Free Homes"

"No EMI till Possession"

"No GST"

"Free Furniture, TV, Fridge etc"

"Trip to Switzerland"

"No Stamp Duty & No Registration Charges"

Instead of that, book a flat with

1) a builder with whom you can talk on the landline phone or on Skype in office hours

2) a builder who will personally reply to your email in 24 hours

2) a builder who will meet you in his office for 30 minutes at least once in a month

2) a builder with whom you can chat on Facebook Messenger

3) a builder whom you can send direct message on Twitter and expect reply in 12 hours

4) a builder who is available on Indian Real Estate Forum

5) a builder who arranges all flat buyers meet on first Saturday of a month between 4pm and 5pm

(For example, a builder like Mr. Jitu Sir of Pethkar Projects Siyona at Punawale!)

If you do this, for sure, you will not have to face the most serious problem in Pune real estate market - no communication between builder and flat buyers.

What say you?

Please, share your views & suggestions in the comments.

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  1. To connect with clients or to have dialogue with them one thing a developer should have & that is transparency, as then only you are not afraid in communication with the customer! Yes communication is the key & thats what a client must look while dealing with the developer!

    Frds, my sharing with our clients at get-together in Nagpur, view at link below... Sanjay Deshpande

    "Connecting with Customers,a Sanjeevani Way!"

  2. All these offers are just a gimmick played by builders to get more flat buyers in. But now flat buyers are maturing to the fact of the gimmicks played by builders for past several years.
    This is evident from the figs below in which Pune is also mentioned -

    Real Estate: 7 charts shows festive season has no impact on demand; Q4FY16 was at five-year low -

    And when a flat buyer doesn't take proper legal precautions for entire project, this is what happens, this is recent Pune news -

    Woes continue for Belleza Blue residents -

    While those residing on the illegal floors were evicted in March, even occupants of authorised flats have been asked to vacate by October 10

    After 64 flatowners residing on unauthorised floors of the infamous Belleza Blue were evicted in March, those who remained perhaps thought that was the end of the ordeal. But, their relief was short-lived. On September 25, 90 families, all living on authorised floors of the Mundhwa society, were slapped with eviction notices from the collector’s office and told to vacate their homes by October 10, in order to facilitate the demolition of the three illegal floors.

  3. Another Serious issue is not understanding the real estate industry by the stakeholders.Every industry go through highs and lows, accordingly the operators have to change the strategy as per the market the real estate is going through the low phase hence pricing strategies of the builders has to be changed,they cannot follow the pre 2010 strategy when it was a seller market and demand was more than the supply. Also the builders have to improve the efficiency in the supply chain and operations side,i.e they have to control input cost like material,labour,Overheads through scientific,Engg ways.Time to bring in Six sigma,TQM, Industrial Engg Techniques in the Real Estate.My experience and expertise says minimum 15-20 % saving is possible without any major Changes.this will reduce the flat price by further 5-10 % without any impact on the bottom line.
    Sandesh Musale

  4. Where are the 30% reductions in the property rates everybody was talking about a year ago?
    The rates have crossed 1.0 Cr for a decent 2BHK. Is it going to get better? How long should the buyers wait?

  5. Middle class person now can not buy decent 2 bhk now in Pune. Builders behvaes very rudely when we asks about availability again after 2 months they contact to customers to sell there flat. It shows that people are not interested in buying such overpriced flats..