Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why DSK must be prosecuted under MPID Act

Prosecuting DSK - D S Kulkarni - under Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act - MPID - is the only way for the F D Holders & Flat Buyers to get their money back - Vijay Kumbhar explains in Marathi:

If Vijay Kumbhar hadn't written this blog in Marathi - डीएसकेंच्या गुंतवणूकदारांचे आता काय होणार? - most Maharashtrians would have keep on believing that DSK is an honest & hardworking businessman.

Because of the slowdown in Pune real estate & Note Bandi - Demonetization - DSK, popular Maharashtrian Brahmin businessman, is facing 'temporary cash crunch'. We should support DSK and give him some time to come out of his difficulties.

DSK has enough marketable assets. 10 times more than his liabilities. DSK will sell those assets, or raise funds &, for sure, he will pay us.

In this Marathi blog, Vijay Kumbhar proves that these are all myths. Lies.

Truth is exactly opposite.

After reading Vijay Kumbhar's Marathi blog - all Maharashtrians will realize that -

There is no point in supporting & praying for the speedy recovery of DSK.

There is no point in paying attention to DSK's stunt of collecting Lok Vargani to support him.

There is no point in begging or agitating for interest.

At the same time -

Filing police complaint for the dishonored cheques is not enough.

Filing police complaint for not receiving interest is not enough.

Filing police complaint for not giving flat possession is not enough.

To get back our money &/or flat -

we have to prosecute DSK under MPID Act - Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act.

Why MPID Act?

Because only MPID Act can recover the funds which DSK has diverted in his private accounts.

There is enough evidence to prosecute DSK under MPID Act.

There is enough evidence for Pune Police to prosecute DSK su moto.

There is enough evidence for SEBI to prosecute DSKDL on it's own.

And who knows? These institutions may take action against DSK.

But can we afford to wait?


And why waste time in waiting when you can join hands with police to investigate, get speedy trial in MPID Court, attach & auction assets and recover our money!

Once we made a mistake of keeping Fixed Deposit with DSK, but it doesn't mean that we are not intelligent.

You can fool educated salaried Maharashtrians once.

But you can not fool us all the time.

Not even DSK.

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  1. I see people scared to take responsibility of their actions. It doesn't matter whether our actions are wrong and it yields us into pits and trap of builder like DSK, Kumar, Marvel and Bhujbal Brothers etc(List is endless). But then we should try to take proper counter action to make things rights. Who doesn't make mistake we all are humans but then behavior of flat buyers in pune are too filmy. I feel pity on all flat buyers when they are showing empathy on themselves and running out of situation. Instead of facing it and striking back. Ravi sir as usual great blog 

  2. recently i came across few blogs about dsk dream city & dsk groups financial issues regarding dream city...

    I think its nothing to do about marathi or bramhin or any caste type thing which unfortunately media as well for unknown reasons dsk management is playing! We all are professionals & when its money then the only business is what prevails & no place for things like caste or religion or language; here the main reasons I can see are are greed and over ambition is what lead to downfall of the group as well no study of the market has been done before launching the project as big as size of dream city as no more real estate clients buys what you are building! Need of the market is simple affordable homes and that we could do by keeping our over heads limited. Also 25 projects get succeeded doesn’t means 26th one will get succeed and especially when its way bigger than all of 25 ongoing projects (BTW 25 is wrong figure, it’s hardly 5 to 6 projects were ongoing check the web site of company as 5 sites are actually dsk vishva part only, out of that one is sold to nyati group & usa project is dead long back, banglore project has been sold to mantri developers) as well the management never thought what if dream city project fails, no fall back arrangement! One thing nobody is silent and that is borrowing by the group , the exact amount no body exactly knows how much DSK Group has borrowed and what is logical assets valuation as just projections has no meaning or base. Do remember in this market buyers decide value of your land or flats and not the developer, also what kind of money it will take to complete the dream city and how the group is going to raise it and what still then the product is non saleable? All these questions the dsk management needs to answer transparently then only flat holders and investors will believe in the group and it will stop the discussion in media about the group!its nothing about defame anybody as if you are fulfilling your commitments to your flat holders as well FD holders then no media can defame you, this is simple principle, dsk group should know such basics of business is all I will say!

  3. It seems DSK sees a big 'C' written on forehead of all his investors.
    Why does this useless DSK now brings in Marathi card & says rest of the community has funds ? What non-sense. Had this been the case, Marvel, KUL etc would not have gone bankrupt.
    It would be also good if DSK can tell in video which were the main politicians who were pumping in their black money into his projects.

    Btw, crook DSK, how much discount did you offer to Marathi clients while selling flats ? So why now ask them to give you money, you good for nothing crook builder ? And why is your son staying in flat, Trump Tower which is constructed by so called non-Marathi builder ? Better you exit this business & do some nautanki in some serials. You can even get best actor award !