Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Victims of Temple Rose Plotting Scam have become criminal investigators!

"We will send investment scamster
Devidas Sajnani of Temple Rose Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. to jail
and recover our money"

Inspector Rajesh Puranik of Economic Offences Wing of Pune Police addressing his team of criminal investigators

For a moment I couldn't believe that I was in the conference hall of Commissioner of Police Pune.

Are all these the victims of Temple Rose Scam? I whispered in the ear of a person standing next to me.

Why are you asking? the man said.

Because these people don't look like helpless victims - begging for justice. I said.

Right. We are not helpless. We are helping ourselves. We are not begging for justice. We are fighting for justice. The man said.

Are you one of the victims? I asked.

I was victimised. But I am no more a victim. Now, I am a criminal investigator. We all are criminal investigators. The man said.

Criminal investigators! Really? I said.

I was almost successful in hiding my sarcastic tone. But I let myself down and said -

You know? When I was a kid - while playing Chor-Police - I used to prefer to be a thief - What about you?

Mr. Criminal Investigator didn't say anything. He just gave me a blank look.

I am Ravi Karandeekar - Pune real estate blogger - I just wanted to confirm that I am at the right place. That's all. I said sheepishly.

Yes, you are. You are attending the weekly meeting of the victims of Temple Rose Plotting Scam who have become criminal investigators. Our mission is to send Devidas Sajnani and his gang to jail and recover our money. Mr. Criminal Investigator said.

I am here for the updates.
I am following this case from the day Mr. Vijay Kumbhar wrote about the illegalities in the plotting scheme of Temple Rose City Pingori Purandar.
Because I have attended the first meeting of the victims organized by Mr. Rajesh Puranik of Economic Offences Wing of Pune Police - I know that - it's not a case of illegal plotting scheme but - a ponzi financial scam of duping more than 5,000 investors for hundreds of crores of rupees.
I know this is the first case in the history of EOW in which the police not only filed FIR but in the next 24 hours arrested the criminal - Devidas Sajnani.
I admire EOW of Pune Police for achieving what Mumbai Police couldn't.
But, I am not aware about your role in the investigation of this scam - which may be one of the biggest financial scams in India.
Oh! Yes, I have heard of Public Police Participation - but don't know what all of you do exactly. So, please, tell me. I requested.

We take leave from our jobs. Sit in the office of EOW. Guide & help the victims to register their complaints along with proper documents. How can you expect Inspector Puranik and his team of 3 people to register thousands of complaints in such a short period of time? Helping him is actually helping ourselves. Isn't it? Mr. Criminal Investigator said.

But, generally, we like to help others. For example - today morning I met GreenITians who plant trees to protect the earth. Many people donate blood. At religious places - devotees do whatever work is given to them - from cooking to sweeping - as 'Seva' - service to God. But, we never help ourselves. Instead of that, we become God almighty and demand to be served - we demand that police should catch the criminals - if they don't - we blame them - we never think of helping police - only school going kids occasionally help the traffic police. How come you decided to spare your valuable time to help the police? I asked.

We got into this trouble because of our greed for money. The same greed for money told us that helping police is a profitable idea. Even if we take without pay leave for a week or two - and lose a few thousand rupees - we can recover our couple of lakhs. Isn't this a lucrative idea? Mr. Criminal Investigator said.

Yes, of course! Now, I know why they say - 'greed is good'! I said.

Besides money - by helping police we are getting something more valuable than money. You know? When someone cheats you - you lose not only money. You lose self respect. You lose confidence & trust of your family. You start hating yourself. You get it all back from the day you start helping police to investigate. You start respecting & loving yourselves. That's why all of us in this conference hall looked very different to you and you asked - Are these the victims? We have won - even before - the case went to trial! Mr. Criminal Investigator said.

Yes! You all are looking like winners. Not victims. This is a huge change. Besides registering complaints what more do you do? I asked.

Mr. Criminal Investigator couldn't share more because Inspector Rajesh Puranik entered and holding a microphone stood in the center of the conference hall.

In a few seconds, there was pin drop silence.

Inspector Puranik said - "First, let me give you a report of the progress of investigation. Then I will talk about the strategy & tasks for the coming week. We will end this meeting after discussing your suggestions & ideas. Okay?"

Oh My God! The most accomplished inspector of Economic Offences Wing of Pune Police was really treating all of them as his team members!

The victims of Temple Rose Plotting Scam have really become criminal investigators - and I am sure - they will not stop till they send Sajnani to jail & get their money back!

The victims of Temple Rose Plotting Scam have really become criminal investigators and I am sure they will not stop till they send Sajnani to jail & get their money back!

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  1. Unless more such developers get punished then only genuine people will remain in this industry!

    1. How about kicking out crook builders from Lashkar-e-CREDAI first ?

  2. Hello Ravi,

    Its been 5 years I have been reading your posts. Your posts helped me a lot in finalizing my home back in 2012. They gave me an insight into projects at different locations, with their pros and cons.

    Recently your posts have been more about highlighting the cons in Realty industry. That is a good thing, but I am missing posts about projects, new launches, current market, current rates, etc. that keep us informed about Pune Realty market, and make a wise decision.

    I hope you will consider my feedback in a positive manner, and post more about projects as well, along with the realty scams. :-)

    Your follower and well wisher..

  3. Since this blog is of crook builder, here's another one - LK Jain of KUL/kumar builders. This time Mumbai flat buyers have filed case against him of cheating. It seems KUL PR agency, Concept Public Relations India Ltd. is not doing their work properly ! Or maybe KUL has defaulted on their payment like others too !

    Builder booked for cheating flat buyers of Rs 22 crore -

    The city economic offences wing (EOW) is probing a cheating and breach of trust case against a realty firm and its directors for cheating flat buyers of Rs 22 crore.

    Bharat Amar Singh (50), who had booked a flat in Kul Court at Sundar Nagar in Kalina, Santacruz (E) in 2011, filed a complaint with the Vakola police claiming that Kumar Builders Mumbai Realty Pvt Ltd had promised to give possession of the flats in 2011, but is yet to complete the project.

    The directors--Pranay Jain and his father Lalitkumar--and an employee Shefali Sancheti have been booked under IPC sections 406 (criminal breach of trust), 409 (criminal breach of trust by public servant, or by banker, merchant or agent), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), and 120B (criminal conspiracy) as well as under relevant sections of the Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act (MOFA).


    And here is how PMC run by Congress-NCP earlier favored builders & left flat buyers without human habitable infra.

    The Bombay High Court Friday restrained the Pune Municipal Corporation from issuing commencement and occupancy certificates to under-construction properties in the Baner and Balewadi areas in the outskirts of Pune, owing to water shortage.


    Another loot by builders under garb of GST. GST has made flats cheaper but builders are demanding more money even from existing flat buyers.

    With GST rollout, real estate sector once again trying to extract money from home buyers -

    With most of the building projects in doldrums builders are once again trying to fleece the buyers by claiming that for all the unpaid dues they will be charged as per GST, which will be higher.


  4. The following are Pune real estate news. All point to single point - that the real estate prices are going to fall big way going ahead including rentals.

    GST should bring real estate prices down in Pune by ₹600 to ₹700 per sq ft -

    The enactment of the goods and services tax (GST) should bring down the prices of real estate as the developers will get offsets on raw material used during construction, said Surendra Mankoskar, additional commissioner, central excise, adding that the new tax has provisions to act against those profiteering.

    According to Mankoskar, prices of real estate in Pune should come down by ₹600 to ₹700 per square feet as set off is available in 160 different items used for construction. Mankoskar’s remarks contradict what the real estate body has been maintaining about the prices of flats.


    IT sector gloom may spread to real estate; Assocham sees house rentals falling 10-20% -

    With IT sector witnessing subdued sentiment amidst pressure on hiring and annual pay rise for employees, the country's software and services hubs such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Noida-Gurgaon are expected to see 10-20 percent reduction in housing rents over the next three-quarters an Assocham paper said here on Monday.

    Going forward, the rentals may ease at least by 10-15 percent in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad, while the decline may be steeper, up to 20 per cent in Pune, in the next three-quarters.


    80 mega Pune projects face punitive action for flouting green norms -

    Environmental watchdog files criminal cases against the developers and owners for allegedly flouting green norms to build sprawling complexes on the city’s fringes.

    PUNE: Maharashtra’s environmental watchdog has filed criminal cases against the developers and owners of about 80 projects that allegedly flouted green norms to build sprawling complexes on the fringes of Pune, HT has found.

    The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) filed complaints before the chief judicial magistrate between 2014 and 2017 under the Environment Protection Act (EPA) 1986. In the dock are projects run by Pune-based firms Marvel Realtors, Nyati Builders, Rahul Construction, Suyog Development Corporation and information technology company Zensar Technologies, among others.


  5. Not only IT layoffs are going in other sectors as well.Aker solutions closed there Pune office at baner and has fired close to 150 people.

    1. See this too -

      Forced Resignations Are Becoming Common in Pune's IT Sector -