Friday, June 2, 2017

NGT orders fresh inspection of Goel Ganga Bhagyoday, Ganga Bhagyoday Towers and Amrut Ganga

The review petition demands an increase in the cost of compensation from Rs 105 crore to Rs 500 crore for damage of the environment:

Pune Mirror - NGT orders fresh inspection of Goel Ganga project site

An alleged attempt to restart construction activities at a contested site by city-based real estate giant, Goel Ganga Developers India Private Limited, was disrupted by the Pune bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) at a recent hearing.

In the latest development, the bench has directed that an assistant director of town planning for Pune be appointed as a `court commissioner', to carry out an investigation at the projects Ganga Bhagyoday, Ganga Bhagyoday Towers and Amrut Ganga, all located at Vadgaon Budruk on Sinhgad Road, to ascertain whether any construction activity is actually going on over there.

The bench of Justices U D Salvi and Dr Ajay Deshpande asked this court commissioner to check on the extent of construction and excavation being carried on at the site, and file a report before the bench at the date of the next hearing.The bench further instructed that the site inspection would have to be carried out in presence of the complainant, developer and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials.

The order was an outcome of a review petition before the NGT filed by complainant Tanaji Gambhire against the developer and PMC. The petition demanded an increase in the cost of compensation determined in an earlier case from Rs 105 crore to Rs 500 crore for damage of the environment. He also appealed that the illegal construction at the site be demolished, and no further construction allowed.

In the earlier case last year, during which time even the Supreme Court had refused to give any major relief to Goel Ganga Developers, the latter had faced an environmental compensation cost of Rs 105 crore from NGT for flouting environment clearance (EC) norms. At the time, as per allegations by petitioner Gambhire, the developer had constructed 18 multi-storeyed buildings with 807 flats, as against an environment department clearance granted on April 4, 2008, that allowed for only 12 buildings with 552 flats in the integrated project.

Read more at - NGT orders fresh inspection of Goel Ganga project site

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  1. It was the worst project I have stayed in. The plumbing was so bad, the kitchen smelled from the sink, the toilet pipeline filled the flat with gutter smell quite often, their recycling plant was to blame, it was sending dirty water down the flush, and with no traps in pipeline it was a living hell. We severely regretted opting to rent their.
    We could hear every conversation of our neighbors, the ones living above and the one living below. Don't know what kind of cost cutting was that.
    The main door was already cracking from its frame. No paint on grills, overlooked finish work.
    No open space, only a matted terrace above parking. club house : when is that open ever?
    Eight flats to a floor, long tunnel like structure, imagine the cacophony.
    Had to hold breathe entering the parking, as it was another long tunnel, and the smell was like gutter all the time.
    Extreme water shortage. Some people said it was due to the same pipeline for commercial office space, and far too many flats.
    A funny annoying thing: who save a inch of metal by putting the grill right against the windows? So petty. Could never clean my window, unless I took a gardening
    Parking spaces, some of them, would defeat the best of drivers.

  2. Now imagine all this when people paid a value at the time of booking that would be reasonable after 5 years. Thank god we were only renting and decided to move away.
    Lithe carpet area of flats is quiet small, and the lack of arrangement, like nowhere to put a washing machine, or proper place for refrigator meant most of your flat is awkward and shabby.
    IN addition the bridge work was going on, so the sound pollution was immense. It's one side faces piepline and kind of wasteland. The other side faces a some bpl housing which is literary sitting on its fence. The people are prone to throwing down their yesterday's sambar, right over the cars, or maybe chewed tobacco. Lol.
    Hats off to those people who have fabricated their housed to best effect, and are leaving as productive life as possible. The only real advantage is location, within the civil infra of Sinhagad road and the locality in itself wont give you qualms.
    This is from a resident's prospective, now about the environmental clearance, that clearery show that only the builder but the civil servants whom we pay by paying taxes on property as well as salary are nothing but fooling us blind. Really shameful.

    1. Thanks for all the details Dev. This Goel Ganga construction quality is so cheap that even if adjoining flat door if is closed hard, then the vibrations are felt on entire floor !
      Don't know how people pay EMI for such cheap flats. They should actually file case in consumer court as well as criminal court for cheating.

      Above news once again shows why it is very important to buy ready for possession flat with all approvals.

      And this news is about another Pune's crook builder, Darode Jog for his project Liviano, Kharadi where despite taking over 1.5 Crores from flat buyers, he has not completed the project as builder is bankrupt.

      Police register complaint against builder -

      AN OFFENCE was registered on Tuesday against the office-bearers of Darode Jog Builders for allegedly duping a customer by not giving him the possession of flats he had already paid for within the stipulated time.

      The police have booked Sudhir Darode and Anand Jog, directors of Darode Jog Builders, Parag Borawke, managing director, and Guna Pannu, deputy manager, under sections 406, 420 of the Indian Penal Code.