Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Searching a flat in Pune where my daughter would be safe

After a gang of hoodlums in Chinchwad burned down my car,
I realized that I should buy a home where my daughter, wife & car would be safe - Girish

Sakal Pimpri Chinchwad Today 3/23/2017

I am not here because I am working in Hinjewadi. I am not selfish. Distance from my office is not important for me. For me the most important thing is the safety & security of my family.

This was Girish's reply to my question - "Are you working in Hinjewadi?"

Hoping to meet some intellectually weaker section of Hinjewadi IT Engineers, I was waiting near the site offices of Saarrthi Skybay, Pristine Equilife & Royal Serene - located behind Balewadi Stadium in Mahalunge Gram Panchayat.

Almost half a day had gone, but I didn't find any exceptionally stupid Hinjewadi IT Engineer.

So, all my hopes were on this couple, who had entered the site office of Royale Serene.

"How can someone go for hunting a home - carrying half asleep 4 year daughter on a scooter - in this torturous heat?," I asked myself.

That day, I have seen many couples & young guys bent on destroying their lives by booking flats without waiting for implementation of RERA in Maharashtra.

But this couple was unique.

"If this couple continues their search like this - they may not survive to book a flat. I must talk to them now," I said to myself & waited for them.

"If you are not working in Hinjewadi then why are you in Mahalunge?, " I said & asked his permission to video record it.

I am here because some hoodlums burned down my car. Today car was their target. Who knows what they would like to destroy tomorrow? I have a small daughter. I felt very insecure. Threatened. Frightened. Living in flat in Chinchwad Gaonthan would not be safe for my daughter. I decided to shift. Decided to buy a new flat. Where there would be safety & security. Watchmans. CC Tv cameras. Reserved covered carpark.

My father came down from the hometown. He felt the same. I should not continue living in Chinchwad Gaonthan. I should look for a housing society with a proper compound wall and security guards. He offered financial assistance too.

This incident - burning down my car - also told me that for the safety of my family I can't rely on Pune police. And fire engines of PCMC. A project - a gated community - should have all these facilities.

So, Saturday I visited a property exhibition. Shortlisted a few projects. And today, Sunday, we are visiting these projects. I visited Equilife, Skybay & Royal Serene at Mahalunge. Going to visit Austin Park at Tathawade. We are considering a few projects in Ravet too.

We are not interested in Kiwale. Because it's away. I have never gone beyond Mukai Chowk.

Chikhali - Moshi is downmarket. Closely associated with the blue collar workers from industrial belt of Bhosari & Chakan.

So, I am considering location close to Hinjewadi - Baner - Balewadi. Upmarket locations.

Even if the project is far away from my office at Pune station I don't mind. After all - who knows? - in future - I may get a job in Hinjewadi. Important thing is the project should have a proper security & reserved carpark. For my family. For my car.

"Are you going to sell your flat in Chinchwad Gaonthan where you feel insecure to live?," I asked.

No. I am trying my best to keep it. As a second property. Investment property. For my daughter. Investment in her future. Investment for our life after retirement. Said Girish & his wife.

I thanked Girish for sharing his horrible experience on a video & wished him all the best for a safe & secure place for his wife, daughter & car.

What say you?

If you have a daughter, please, tell me - how are you protecting her in Pune - where crimes against women are high & rising.?

Who will protect your family & property - Pune Police or the watchman of your society?

Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. Hi ravi sir, very nice interview. Posed a very valid question about safety. Liked your questions, talk and overall attitude.

  2. A difference between 'Standard of Life' vs 'Quality of Life' must be understood. For example, In Mumbai, Standard of Life is high whereas Quality of Life is poor. As you move down from Mumbai to rural area, quality improves & standard declines.

    Standard of life can be associated with amenities, facilities, lots of malls around, eateries, International brands, Broad roads, transportation, high rise buildings(especially blue glass facade) and so on.

    Quality of life can be associated with:
    1) Per capita living space: I mean sqft area per head which is quite low in urban areas, flats, high rise buildings.

    2) Per capita vegetation: With skyrocketing RE prices, no one is interested in bringing more vegetation, planing trees in premises unlike carpet area. It also indicates oxygen level per person which is directly associated with health.

    3) Per capita moving space: It can associated with personal moving space in public ares such as road, bus stop, railway station, gardens etc. Obviously its rare in urban cities.

    4) Overall physical health: Imagine living in artificial AC, underneath FAN, without greenery, too much noise, CO, CO2 emissions, eating junk food like mcd, pizzas. Physical health becomes poor in such situations.

    5) Overall mental health: People flaunting their lifestyle must also take notice of mental pressures, peer pressures, social pressures, comparisons(as mentioned in above video), bullying, insults, superiority-inferiority complexes, ego clashes.

    6) Cleanliness: I hardly expect urban areas to be neat & clean. Due mismanagement & corruption; our cities have become dirtier.This is related to health. We have seen how fast virals like dengue, swine flu spreads in Mumbai, Pune.

    7) Natural calamities: So called urban cities have failed miserably to combat natural calamities like flood, heat waves. Even mediocre calamities appears to be monstrous in crowded cities.

    Considering all these factors it's necessary to balance between standard & quality of life. Personally I would prefer 65% quality-35% standard over 20%-80% ratio. Do visit cities like Mysore, Gandhinagar, Chadigarh even Surat to get feel of quality along with some extend of standard as well.

  3. Cases of murders at hinjewadi and loots on WE highway are becoming very common now. Pune was considered as a retiree's paradise and is not so anymore.
    I do not think that any fringe village is safe in pune anymore. Consider moving to areas like khadki,viman nagar & kothrud with some compromise on flat size

  4. संपूर्ण विडियो पाहिला, गुंडगिरी सगळीकडे वाढते आहे स्वरूप वेग वेगळे आहे, मला ही असा अनुभव आलेला आहे..
    एक सल्ला म्हणून मी गिरीश यांना सांगू इच्छितो की नवीन फ्लैट मध्ये पुन्हा मोठी रक्कम गुंतवण्याऐवजी चांगल्या वसाहती मध्ये भाड़याने फ्लैट घेऊन राहणे अधिक योग्य होऊ शकते...हे फक्त suggestion आहे..☺

    1. Agree completely. Staying in a good, safe place is important, not the ownership. It is better to stay in Aundh on rent than buy flat at Punawale or Sus. Just try to come late night from or to Bhugaon from Chandani chowk. Pirangut side is even worse.

    2. @The Monk would you suggest some good reputed low profile builder who sold only flat and not club houses, gymnasium and swimming pool and other amenities, which never used by the property purchasers or rarely used. I am looking for 2 BHK in decent locality with all basic infrastructure facilities. I am ok with a low profile builder but the quality of construction and project should be good

  5. Thanks a lot Ravi sir..Its true ,until n unless person suffer from such experience .We will not know severity of the problem...Yes definitely staying in the safe place is more important than anything else .