Monday, April 10, 2017

Is there anybody who has booked a flat in DSK Dream City?

Bheemarao wants get in touch with those who have booked flats in DSK Dream City Pune:

To reach the flat buyers who have booked flats in DSK Dream City, Bheemarao requested me to share his Facebook post on my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog (

From some secret but reliable source, Bheemarao came to know that he is not the only person who has booked a flat in DSK Dream City. There are a few more. Around 70 - 72 people.

This information gave him hope.

A hope of meeting DSK in person to discuss the future of DSK Dream City.

Considering the progress & the speed of construction at DSK Dream City,
Bheemarao thinks that he will not get possession of his flat on the promised date - in December 2017.

Not only that!
He worries that he may have to wait 10 years to get possession of his flat.

Individually Bheemarao has tried his best - to meet DSK to clear his doubts - but failed repeatedly.

The other flat buyers, he feels, may have had the same experience.

So, if you have booked a flat in DSK Dream City, please, get in touch with Bheemarao at - appeals Bheemarao - "so that we can collectively do something".

You know what?

I find it difficult to believe that Bheemarao couldn't meet DSK.

Because, a lot of people have told me how DSK personally meets the Fixed Deposit Holders.

I have been to DSK's office & have seen with my own eyes how crowds of people were waiting to meet DSK.

When I met DSK in his office - a couple of times someone interrupted us - to inform DSK that a lot of people were waiting for him.

In fact, at the end of the meeting, I told DSK that I admire his courage to face the anxious and upset F D Holders and his enthusiasm to overcome the tough times.

"DSK, you are a lot tougher than the tough times," I told him.

But this is not about the Fixed Deposit Holders.
This is about the flat buyers.

How good it would be if DSK himself arranges the meeting of all flat buyers who have booked flats in DSK Dream City!

Mr. DSK, look at Bheemarao!

He has confidence in you.

He believes that you will complete DSK Dream City.

And, for sure, Bheemarao is not an exception.

Mr. DSK, flat buyers in Pune trust you, respect you, admire you.

Don't let them down.

(Why meet only DSK Dream City flat buyers? Meet the flat buyers of all DSK projects. All are worried.)

Mr. DSK, you say again & again that the flat buyers are your god - Bhagwan.

Don't force your gods to run from pillar to post to have a word with you.

Mr. DSK, it's your duty to report to them about the construction status & flat possession.

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  1. Since DSK is bankrupt, getting flat is very difficult. Filing Police FIR under IPC 420 & in consumer court is the only way forward. There are 2 options to get in touch with other buyers -

    1. If agreement is done, then search on igr maharashtra website & get details of owners from Index 2 of DSK Unknown City,

    2. Give carrot to some DSK employee & get the details.

    Those who have made FD in bankrupt DSK can see this following news how to fight such over greedy crooks -

    Unitech promoters back to 5-day police remand for FD scheme probe -

    “They cheated us, made wrongful gains and caused wrongful loss to investors,” said Anuradha Rustogi, one of the complainants, adding the FD scheme had promised 12% annual interest. But after maturity, the company said payment would take time, without even giving a time limit. “We made endless efforts to recover our deposits, and met various company officials on several occasions, but our efforts were in vain,” Rustogi said.

  2. Yes ....This blogs from Ravi sir again diverted me from visiting yet another builder......Yes in informative way of course.😀.....I think I have waited for 6 years to buy flat with at least good builder ...But I think I have wait for 4 to 5 more years....

  3. Hi Ravi sir......Thanks. Clearing difference between virtual n actual reality.....Proposed dp road, inclusion in PMC PCMC limit , proposed metro station , 24hrs water supply ,plantation ,lots of amenities are virtual reality for flat buyer which builder shows to buyer while booking flat ....But what you shows with ur blog is actual reality ....Frustration , anger, loss of money , feeling of cheated by someone ,loss of time n faith etc are things that flat buyer actually get....