Friday, April 21, 2017

A Visit to Naiknavare Avon Vista at Mahalunge

Be Sensible. Read the Environmental Clearance of Avon Vista:

Experience of visiting the site office of Avon Vista was wonderful.

I enjoyed the walk from Wakad Flyover to Avon Vista.

For a moment, from the bridge, I admired beautiful Mula River & enjoyed the music played by the trucks, buses & cars on Mumbai Bangalore Highway.

Near the entrance gate of Avon Vista, Ms & Mr Black Crow came out of their nest on the high tension tower to greet me.

"Location....location.....location....a home should be close to your workplace, by the river & next to national highway....Right, Mr. Ravi Karandeekar?," welcoming me, Mr. Black Crow said.

"How can you speak English?," I asked.

"We are from Stanford on Avon!," Ms Black Crow said.

"Oh! Welcome to Pune!! Stanford on Avon means - a hamlet in the civil parish of Stanford in the Daventry district of Northamptonshire, England?," I asked.

"Yes! The same place!!," Mr. Black Crow said.

"Do they have black crows there?," I asked.

"No. Not at all! We look like this because we believe in 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'," Ms. Black Crow said.

"Good idea!," I said.

"Thanks for the appreciation! Put it into practice too. Start thinking like Hinjewadi IT Engineers and stop saying - 'Don't buy a home in Mahalunge Gram Panhayat'," Mr. Black Crow said.

"Really! Should I stop saying that?," I asked.

"Yes, certainly," said Ms. Black Crow.

Mr. Sumit Nathwani, Manager - Sales & Strategic Alliances, Naiknavare Developers, gave me detailed brief about Avon Vista. He explained the layout & concept on the presentation drawings. Showed me the film. Day & night view on the model. And the mockup flat.

Avon Vista has 20 story 6 towers on podium. Under the podium there is a two level parking. That's why the podium is a vehicle free zone. So the podium has landscaped gardens & play areas for the children & parents. At the river end, there is a clubhouse which will have a swimming pool on the top floor. After that there is a green zone till Mula River. Which is used for sports activities. Open spaces, landscaped gardens, play areas & recreational sports activities is the main attraction of Avon Vista. Sumit told me.

At present 2 building are open for booking - A 1 & B 1. A 1 has all 2 bhk flats. B 1 has 2 & 3 bhk flats. 20 stories, 2 lifts and 4 flats per floor. Every flat has a balcony cum terrace - partially covered & open to sky. Unique design. I liked it. Oh! Yes!! A part of the surface of the building will have vertical gardens!!! Interesting idea.

"Sumit, don't you think that the room sizes are too small?" - I asked.

"Budget! You have to consider the budget & lifestyle of the flat buyers!!" - said Sumit and added that - "By the way - we have received good number of bookings - mainly because - today's flat buyer believes that...

........a home should be close to your workplace, by the river & next to national highway...." - I completed Sumit's sentence.

"Right!" - said Sumit.

"Sumit, how come you speak Marathi so fluently?" - I asked Mr. Sumit Nathwani.

"Because we believe in - 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'" - Sumit said.

"Good idea!" - I said.

"Thanks! Put it into practice. Start thinking like Hinjewadi IT Engineers..................." - said Sumit.

"Did you say - "Stop saying - Don't buy a home in Mahalunge Gram Panchayat" - I couldn't hear what you said after - "start thinking like Hinjewadi IT Engineers" - Whatever - let me confess - I thank you for entertaining me so well - generally - those salespersons who know me as a blogger - don't entertain me at all - somehow they try to get rid of me - I admire you for treating me so well - I said & asked - "Sumit, Can I take your photo?"

Sumit obliged. While shooting his photo - I saw two birds in the green vertical garden behind him.

For sure, they were Ms & Mr Black Crow from Stanford on Avon!

I came out of the site office of Avon Vista. It was almost dark. I started walking towards Balewadi Sports Stadium bus stop.

"Walking alone on the dark service road is so boring! Can I give you company up to your bus stop?" - I heard a voice.

"Oh! Sure!!" - turning back - I said.

"Aren't you the same yellow tube - I saw near the entrance of Avon Vista? How come you know my bus stop?" - I asked the yellow tube.

"I know all about you!" - Yellow Tube said.

"How come?" - I asked.

"I know because I am always in the know. I know not only your actions & places but I also know what you are thinking at this point of time!" - Yellow Tube said.

"I am not thinking. I am only walking" - I said.

"Yes, of course, you are walking. But in your subconscious - you are wondering - at the time of possession - 'why is Avon Vista collecting 'Water Charges' along with the maintenance charges - at the rate of Rs. 4.5 per sq ft per month + taxes for 24 months?' - Right? - Yellow Tube said.

"Exactly! How should I address you? Miss or Mister?" - I asked.

"Miss sounds good. You are also wondering - 'why there is no terrace area mentioned in the area statement of Avon Vista?' - if the terrace area is included in the carpet area - then - what is the actual carpet area of the flat? - In fact - you are very upset because - you consider that - hiding carpet area of a flat is a crime - right?" - Miss Yellow Tube said.

"Yes! You are right. I am very upset about the both things - water charges & carpet area" - I said.

"When you were with Sumit in the site office of Avon Vista - you didn't raise objections about these issues. But you are going to write about it in your blog on Avon Vista. Right?" - Miss Yellow Tube said.

"Right! I fail to understand - how can intelligent - educated - Hinjewadi IT engineers.....

"be so stupid!" - Miss Yellow Tube completed my sentence.

"Right! Can't they read the environmental clearance of Avon Vista before booking a flat? Don't they know that for the last 8 years in Maharashtra it's mandatory to disclose carpet area of a flat? Even RERA insists on disclosing the carpet area - Isn't it? How can human beings so ignorant? I keep on wondering every day" - I said.

"But you don't wonder about me - you don't wonder about Ms & Mr Black Crow - you don't wonder about Sumit - why you only wonder about Hinjewadi IT Engineers?" - Miss Yellow Tube asked.

"Because Hinjewadi IT Engineers are not like you. They are like me. Human Beings!" - I said.

"Are you sure?" - Miss Yellow Tube asked.

"Of course, I am sure. Mass production of Humanoids is a distant dream. You are only experimental" - I said.

"Not really! That's what all of us were trying to tell you - "start thinking like Hinjewadi IT Engineers" - the days of human beings working in Hinjewadi are over. Humanoids have started taking over their jobs. Slowly & secretly. All these projects in Mahalunge, Sus & Maan Gram Panchayats are mostly booked by us. And for us basic urban infrastructure has no meaning. Because we are the infrastructure. That's why we are appealing to you to start thinking like us - otherwise you will lose your readership!" - Miss Yellow Tube said.

"You are not 'appealing'. You are 'threatening'. This is terrible. I am going to expose you on my blog. Neither the builder nor the humanoid can stop me from educating the flat buyers in Pune" - I almost shouted.

"Who is trying to stop you? I have already written & published your blog - 'A Visit to Naiknavare Avon Vista at Mahalunge'. Along with your photowalk & embedded Environmental Clearance of Avon Vista. Exactly in your style. Read it in the bus. And remember - if you don't change - along with the readers - your blog might lose the author too. Bye, bye & take care" - sending a flying kiss towards me, Miss Yellow Tube said.

Environmental Clearance of Avon Vista:

Wakad Flyover to Avon Vista Photowalk:

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  1. " the days of human beings working in Hinjewadi are over."

    Truer words were never spoken, although Ravi, you did not mean it in the way it is happening...

    All "People-intensive " companies like TCS, Cogni, INFY and Wipro are not doing well. For example:

    Tech-M will not be providing any increment this year.

    TCS, in their current appraisal cycle, have increased the CTC while at the same time reducing fixed component (i.e. increased percentage of variable). Note that for the last few quarters, no one in TCS has received any variable.

    There was new in today's paper that Wipro is letting go of some 400-600 people.

    Human beings in these companies are being made redundant due to automation of most of the repetitive manual tasks..

    The most die hard fanatics (IT yedas in the Monk's words) of real estate buying Hinjewadi IT engineers are rethinking their priorities in this situation.

    Builders beware!

    A Non-Hinjewadi IT engineer...

    1. Appreciate this coming from horse's mouth, The Mad Biker.
      What you said is absolutely true & this Wipro thing is not out of sudden but it was planned well before even Trump could come to hammer H1Bs, though Trump has accelerated the matter.
      Check this Wipro news which came 2 years ago.

      Wipro seeks to reduce headcount by 47,000 -
      According to a source, Wipro CEO T K Kurien, at an analyst event in Frankfurt (Germany) yesterday, said that as the firm moves its automation focus to applications from services, there will be reduction in employee strength.

      And the following is latest news about quality of IT programmers.

      95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: study -

      And all this is happening due to sadak chap colleges mostly run by junk politicians where you can get even PhD without attending school ! Lot of such colleges exists in & around Pune.

    2. "
      95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: study -"

      In mu previous company which was big in outsourcing, we used to call them billable bodies. Tag them to a project and they earn revenue at $26 per hour.

      If you wanted productivity from them however, you have to be very precise in what you want them to do.

      At that level of precision, I'd write some metadata-driven code to replace them, cutting the human out of the human error occurrence!!!

      Now customers of these IT firms have either wised up to this, or want to trim their outflow further.

      Hey!!! Don't blame the colleges!!! Some of us had no choice but to attend them :-). At least I got a nice piece of paper for the 4 years... It even came laminated!!!

  2. Does Naiknavare has money to complete the project ? One should see how buildings are abandoned at his projects at Chakan.
    This builder has also cheated his employees by not paying PF of salaries. Vendors had big heated arguments at his office. Buying under-construction project from such builders is like throwing money into sewer.

    "20 stories, 2 lifts and 4 flats per floor"
    - So much cost cutting. Even for 9 floor building, there are 2 lifts as per norms & this builder is putting same number of lifts even for 20 floor building for 78-79 flats (1-2 flats for refuge area) !

    "why is Avon Vista collecting 'Water Charges' along with the maintenance charges - at the rate of Rs. 4.5 per sq ft per month + taxes for 24 months?"

    - Because there is no infrastructure which is suitable for human habitat & it is these very type of builders who give water affidavits to get permission/commencement certificate.

    "hiding carpet area of a flat is a crime - right?"

    - What sort of transparency can one expect from builders like Naiknavare ? This is expected from such builders, it's their USP !

    This Naiknavare developers has cheated his buyers of Vimannagar project also where the buyers had gone to court couple of years back. Fortunately, found that news link -

    Irked over the insufficient water supply leading to mounting water bills and faulty design of sewage treatment plan, 221 residents of a housing society in Viman Nagar have moved the court against Naiknavare Developers and its partners.

    What's interesting is that the housing society members have made the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) also a party to the case, claiming the civic body granted an occupancy certificate (OC) without checking proper infrastructure. Civil judge (senior division) RR Rathi has issue notices to the builder, its partners and PMC in this case.

    The residents of Mystique Moods Co-operative Housing Society Limited based in Viman Nagar represented by Kailash Kothawale had filed the plaint before the civil court by their lawyers Devanand Dhokane and Lalit Jhunjhunwala against Naiknavare Developers Private Limited, its partners and PMC commissioner. The residents have prayed that the opponents must repay Rs 25 lakh, which they spent on water tankers, additional Rs 50 lakh as damages to make them living under inhuman condition.

    Btw Ravi, one thing which you missed in your blog was that the crows whom you met stay in a nest which has occupancy certificate & also required infrastructure for bird which shows that crow is more wise than IT yedas.

    Home prices fall as discounts rain, but buyers still wary -

  3. Some latest news which once again shows the high risk of buying under-construction flat. Buying from builders like Naiknavare can lead to neither flat, nor money situation.

    37,000 pending real estate complaints in State -
    To reduce the burden on the regulator and facilitate speedy disposal of cases, the state government has decided to operate from three places— Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur.

    1.53 lakh units in 1,879 projects across 8 cities are delayed by 3 years -

    Unpaid for months, Amrapali ex-employees protest outside office -
    The aggrieved ex-employees also said that the cheques they received from the firm have bounced.

    Pune developers get 2 years' jail in cheating case -
    The court observed that the firm had issued a brochure about the scheme which showed the proposed building of six floors which it was then not authorised.

  4. Hi Sir,

    Could you please share every year actual property rates of PUNE from 1999 to 2015?

    That will very helpful to us.

    Thanks in advance.