Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Visit to Mahalunge Hinjewadi Bridge

Mahalunge Hinjewadi IT Park Bridge on Mula River -
It's not about location. It's about illusion.

"Is LK a visionary or a illusionist?"
Whenever I come here - I ask myself.

My reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.
We were at the broken rope bridge - connecting KUL Ecoloch to Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi. LK means Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain of Kumar Builders KUL.

"Who knows? LK's intentions may be good but some evil curse may be preventing him from succeeding." My reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"Why do you think so?," I asked.

"Look at this bridge! Not only I - but most of us working in Hinjewadi - booked flats in KUL Ecoloch only because of this bridge. LK invested some 7 crores to build this 120 meter long suspension bridge. He appointed well known British Engineer and Designer Sir Donald Bailey to design this bridge and M/S Garden Research Shipbuilders & Engineers ltd. to built it. And you know what? I - we - for a couple of months used it to go to our offices in Hinjewadi. Without bothering about the kaccha roads on the both sides of the bridge. But somehow - someone - broke the bridge and we had to stop using it. The reason for booking a flat in KUL Ecoloch suddenly vanished," said my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch Mahalunge.

"Broken things can be repaired," I said.

"That's the point! How come someone who can build a bridge - fail to repair it? Everyday I ask myself," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"And the answer is - evil curse. Right?," I asked.

"Or it was all an illusion!," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"Yes! Every builders uses illusion to sell the location of his project. For the last 4 - 5 years Pune builders are using the illusion of - this bridge - and Baner Balewadi Mahalunge Hinjewadi Road to sell their projects in Mahalunge & Sus," I said.

"But now it's not an illusion anymore! MIDC has started constructing the bridge!! Around June July 2018 it will be ready," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"Yes! The bridge will be ready. Not the connecting roads!," I said.

"Why are you so pessimistic?," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch asked.

"Am I?," I asked.

"Yes! You are very negative. You don't believe in the development - growth - future prospects of Sus & Mahalunge," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"You are right. I refuse to believe in illusions - predictions - daydreams. You believed in all these things. What did you get?," I asked.

"It was my destiny! I made a mistake of believing that KUL Ecoloch Mahalunge was the destination," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

"You are not the only one," I said.

"No. I am not. We all are. Many more - who are believing in locational illusions of Mahalunge & Sus - are joining us everyday," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch said.

What say you?

Why are young first time home buyers working in Hinjewadi are believing in illusions and are booking flats in Mahalunge, Sus, Maan Gram Panchayats?

Share your views in the comments, please.

Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain's KUL Ecoloch Hinjewadi Bridge:

MIDC's Mahalunge Hinjewadi Bridge:

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  1. Being skeptical is perceived as pessimist. Even if the buyers are young engineers they are never stopped from buying property by their so called wise old relatives. These days, everybody is under some illusion. The desperate need of owning an house makes many overlook the problems surrounding it.

    1. Correct. And they do this with least amount of financial planning.
      These IT guys take big loans for 20-30 years for what & at what cost ?
      See this latest news on IT.

      Computer programmers may no longer be eligible for H-1B visas -

      U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services quietly over the weekend released new guidance that computer programmers are no longer presumed to be eligible for H-1B visas.


      This will lead to further fall in property prices in cities like Pune.

  2. Like Blueridge & Megapolis were sold on the idea of 'walk to work'. KUL Ecoloch should sell its worthless flats with an innovative 'swim to work' mantra ... with LK himself taking the inaugural dip ;) If advertised well the powerful IWS community will do the magic & get the diamonds for queens necklace of Mahalunge ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. This is not a bridge but mini-sea link as per KUL ! And if this bridge is broken, no problem. Take a Kayak from Blue Ridge & cross the river or take lift from tortoise.

    "Why are you so pessimistic?," my reader & the resident of KUL Ecoloch asked."

    - This is like calling a person who says Modi can't win US presidential elections in 2020 as pessimist !
    This must be IT yeda. Does he know there is something called as land acquisition which has still not been done ? Optimistic flat buyers purchased flats based on riverside road near Warje. This road got scrapped & flat buyers don't have proper road. Same goes with Kharadi-Shivne road, which never took off. Baner-Balewadi flat buyers are still waiting for proposed PMC water pipeline even after a decade.

    There was private railway station in Amanora Park Town. Optimistic flat buyers thought this to be true. 9 years have passed, nothing is there ! Do you think Amanora builder or his godfather who is now out of power had the power even then to get railway station inside Amanora ? Yet Yedas thought it to be true.

    Look what happened to optimistic buyers who bought flats, plots near proposed Pune airport at Khed. Today, they must be feeling that it would have been better if they had blown that money in dance bar than buying property at Khed, LoL.
    Check this latest KUL crook builder news.

    HC summons two Mumbai builders over Andheri highrise delay -

    The Bombay high court on Friday summoned Pranay Jain and Lalit Jain, former directors of Kumar Builders, to appear on Tuesday in a plea filed by two flat-buyers for completion of a 32-storey tower as part of a redevelopment project in Lokhandwala, Andheri (W).
    Gujjar said it appeared the builder sold flats to several persons but had not received sanction from the civic authority. He said, "This is a second project of Kumar Builders which is stuck.''


    Btw, any update on KUL defamation case ?

    These are important news which show how property market is crashing. All are official Government figs.

    Twelve per cent drop in real estate business: House sales plummet to three-year low, says IGR -

    If the relators blame the reluctance of buyers to invest, buyers say the real estate prices are exorbitant for them in Pune.


    Even PMC has seen drop of revenues from building sanctions by 55%. It 's down to Rs.455 Cr from estimated Rs.1,045 Cr.

    Mumbai builders offer ‘buy one get one free’, cash back to lure home buyers -

    The one on one house offer that has been announced on an apartment in Chembur has created a buzz amongst Mumbaikars. Reports state that the apartments in country's most expensive property market in Mumbai were already reduced by 15-20%.