Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Democratic Revolution at Govind Darshan at Ravet

How Diamond Developers, the builder, & flat buyers of Govind Darshan, near ISKCON Temple, Pradhikaran Annex, Ravet are dealing & resolving issues:

Democratic Revolution at Govind Darshan at Ravet

Last weekend I had an amazing experience at Govind Darshan. I saw the future. The future of real estate development business.

1) I saw a glimpse of how flat buyers can convert authoritarian - almost feudalistic - nearly dictatorial - builder into a democratic leader.

2) I saw a brief view of how a smart builder can survive & become successful in changing real estate business.

I saw democratisation of real estate development business!

Yes! Besides the democratisation of politics, today we all are enjoying democratisation of business, education, knowledge, technology, media, manufacturing & distribution. But the democratisation of real estate industry? I was sure about it but never though it will happen so fast. Certainly, I was not expecting to see it at Govind Darshan.

It happened like this. The flat buyers of Govind Darshan invited me for their site meeting. Govind Darshan is a single stand alone building of 12 floors. It has some 84 units of 2 BHK (65 Lakhs) & 3 BHK (77 Lakhs) Flats (Few flats are available). Some 25 flat buyers had gathered at the under construction clubhouse.

"What can I do for you? Do you want my advice about how to fight with the builder? Do you want me to write about your problems?" - I asked them

"No. Nothing like that. We are good. We just want your opinion about - how are we doing - are we on the right track" - said the flat buyer.

"What is agenda?" - I asked.

"We are preparing an agenda for the upcoming meeting with the builder about the last installment of the payment" - the flat buyer said.

"How can you discuss payment installments? Isn't it a part of flat agreement?" - I asked.

"Yes, it is but we want to change it" - the flat buyer said.

"Can you?" - I asked.

"Why not? The constitution of India can be amended. Why not the flat agreement?" - the flat buyer said.

"Logically right. But practically not." - I said.

"In the last one and half years - our meetings with the builders had proved that it is possible!" - said the flat buyer.

"Both of you meet, discuss & resolve the issues - Hats off to you & your builder!" - I said.

"Not simple - serious issues - like compensation for delayed possession" - said the flat buyer.

"Don't tell me!" - I said.

"Yes! In this meeting we are suggesting our builder that the last installment should be at the time of possession. The agreement term was - possession would be given in 45 days after we pay the last installment - looking at the status of construction - we have realized that possession with completion & occupancy certificate would not be possible in 45 days - so we don't want to put pressure on the builder to rush or create conflicting situation - so changing term is good for both of us" - the flat buyer said.

"But why are you facing this issue?" - I asked.

"Mostly because of PCMC - their development rules are strange. They are sanctioning floors in installments. First 6 floors - then 10 floors - now 12. In this situation how can we complete the project & get possession in the stipulated time frame" - the flat buyer said.

"Means it is not flat buyers v/s builder situation" - I asked.

"We are one team!!" - said the flat buyer.

And you know what?

After the brainstorming at the clubhouse, all of us went to the site sales office of Govind Darshan. The sales executive not only arranged chairs but served coffee too. One of the flat buyers took responsibility of drafting the agenda on his laptop.

The sales executive & the flat buyers went on chatting about the progress of construction, due payments, and all. Someone suggested that the sales executive & the builder should "officially" join their Whatsapp group!

Now, the draft was ready. One flat buyer read it. The sales executive printed it. All flat buyers signed it. Office staff made a xerox copy of it. The flat buyers gave the original to the sales executive.

Then parliament of Govind Darshn was adjourned!

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  1. "Mostly because of PCMC - their development rules are strange. They are sanctioning floors in installments. First 6 floors - then 10 floors - now 12. In this situation how can we complete the project & get possession in the stipulated time frame - the flat buyer said."
    - This means this flat buyer has purchased flat in a building which didn't have all requisite sanctions at first place. Hope that builder has atleast constructed the foundation with 12 floors in mind since even on builders website project is of 10 floors ! Also, PMC/PCMC sanctions plans based on the norms fulfilled by builder. Buyers should personally cross-verify the reasons given by builder for delays from PCMC building sanction dept.
    Btw, so many letters were sent by buyers to crook builders like KUL, Bhujbal, Mittal, Kolte-Patil etc. apart from meetings too. What happened apart from false assurances from crooks aka builders ? Nothing.

    There's nothing special about buyers giving their view points in writing to builder. What needs to be seen is whether builder implements what these buyers want or this letter goes in builders' dustbin ! And all this paid headache can be easily avoided if buyers buy only in projects having all approvals. Ready possession is even better.