Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ankush Asabe of Shri Venkatesh Buildcon invited me to speak!

Pune Builders, Serve or Die:

Ankush Asabe of Shri Venkatesh Buildcon invited Ravi Karandeekar to speak!

It is not nice to tell your host - "Serve or Die".

Absolutely wrong when your host is a builder.

Because, though the flat buyers pay exorbitant Service Tax & VAT to the government,
builders in Pune do not consider that they are service providers & are least bothered about customer service.

But Mr. Ankush Asabe of Shri Venkatesh Buildcon didn't find it wrong or rude when I said so while inaugurating their "Annual Employee Meeting & Training Session"

"I was expecting something like this from you!," Mr. Ankush told me after my speech.

"Why did you invite me? Why didn't you ask topic of my talk? I haven't stopped wondering!," I asked him.

"This is an annual day of my company - we celebrate the success of a year gone & prepare and plan for the next - serious event - I didn't want something goody goody - you were first choice," Mr. Ankush said.

"Thanks for an opportunity!," I said & took his leave.

Since I was speaking to the entire staff of the builder, I told them what kind of a service flat buyers expect from the each department - sales, engineering, accounts, legal, maintenance, etc. - but never get.

How to use social media for outstanding customer service.

How RERA has empowered the flat buyers to take action against the builder if there is a deficiency in service.

What say you?

Besides location & property rate, isn't the service offered by the builder the most important parameter while booking a flat?

Isn't 'Deficiency in Service' the most common complaint against most of the builders in Pune?

Please, share your views & experiences in the comments.

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  1. This type of interaction is always welcome. But fact is builders know the problems faced by flat buyers but builders won't resolve these issues because it is these very issues of flat buyers from where builders profit lot more than the cost of flat.

    Eg. Put cheap quality material & save money, divert money elsewhere, use flat buyers money interest free for purpose other than constructing flat, gobble up the maintenance amount, don't do conveyance deed so that builders can hang around with ownership of land & get it's benefits including future FSI etc.

    And apart from delaying projects, offering poor construction quality another fact is most builders are going bankrupt. Therefore, project completion is not guaranteed.

    Latest news is about so called major builder in Pune - Gera developments against whom buyers of Gera Emerald City, Baner have gone to court & obtained stop work order as builder is constructing new building on land belonging to the society/condominium. This Gera too is part of Lashkar-e-CREDAI, Pune metro.
    This is how builders behave & still want buyers to trust them. Frankly, I would trust a chambal ka dakoo but not a builder.

    Builder ‘raises’ hackles of housing society residents -

    Developers of Gera Emerald City, Baner, construct new building on open space meant for inhabitants’ recreation; they move court, issue stay on flat sale; PMC orders ‘stop work’.

    1. Further update on Gera case, where court rejected crook Gera builders plea.

      District court earmarks builder’s boundary -

      The developer can't start any additional construction on such plot after conveying it to the association of apartment owners, the court said. It held that such additional construction also can't happen without prior consent.

      District judge Jayraj D Wadane made these observations on December 19 while dismissing an appeal by Gera Developments Private Ltd against the temporary injunction granted by a joint civil judge senior division, against the construction of a third building on land conveyed to a housing society, Gera Emerald City in Baner.

  2. Namaskar Ravi Sir,

    I've seen builders now a days boasting that they are members of CREDAI !!
    FYI , CREDAI is not river Ganga , where you can take a dip and become pious !!. CREDAI is same as Mula-Mutha nadi at Manapa !!

    RERA & GERA home buyers ki LERA.

    There is nothing proud by booking home by giving 20% to builder and becoming slave of bank by taking 80% loan.
    Its just as repeating financial crisis of 2008 , the real estate was 1 among the main reason, banks gave unlimited credit to youth -> not able to pay -> many defaulted.

    Our country's economic situation will improve when people will think & buy/invest.


    My recent experience in Sakal Vastu exhibition :

    Me to builder : "So what is the cost now post demonitization ?"

    Builder : "Same as Diwali offer , but I'll give you 10% discount if you book today !!"

    Me : "Ok , but you charging me Parking = 1.3 L , Infrastructre charges = 1.5 L , Amenities+Legal charges+Maintenance : 1.5 L !! "

    Actual flat price as per Govt. charges = 50L , But he was charging me 56L , by asking me to pay for Parking+Amenities+Infra charges !!!

    Builder : "Sir these all are offline rules , you still have to give this extra charges in NEW CASH or Cheque "

    Me : "But this is not fair , you said you are CREDAI member !! Aren't you supposed to follow some rules and charge the flat in fair manner"

    Builder : "This is how Pune market works Sir . Even if you dont give Parking + Infra charges some other customer will give me the money"

    Me : "Ok , Thanks for the brochure."

    Builder in Puneri attitude : "Namaskar !!!"

    Ravi Sir , as you have mentioned FEAR has been removed from home buyers , but GREED is still there in the home buyers !!!

    The problem I've noticed in home buyers is that they will unite only when problem comes , but they dont THINK while they are booking flat.
    They should READ the full agrrement and QUESTION the builder for the price/quality of the flat.

    Hope people really become smart while booking flat in smart city with OVERSMART builder/Punekars !!!
    Common people , PUNE is Vidye cha Maher ghar , has very rich culture with many great saints. Learn some small things and make this city really Smart by being smart & honest

    Real estate chi KALI kahi KHULTA KHULENA :P !!