Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's not easy to fool Marathi flat buyers in Pune anymore

Marathi speaking flat buyers can distinguish between "Doodh ka Doodh - Paani ka Paani":

It's not easy to fool Marathi flat buyers in Pune anymore

Long long time ago, most Maharashtrian salaried middle class families lived in Pune. In those days, there were no cable TV channels, no internet. Only a couple of black and white Marathi newspapers.

One newspaper was very popular among these Maharashtrian salaried middle class families. Because this newspaper would give news about the local issues which were dear to these families.

Over the years, these families started feeling that this newspaper was theirs. Every morning these families would wait for this newspaper - like a mother waits for her son to come home from school.

Eventually, this newspaper became one of the most trusted & respected family members of majority of Maharashtrian salaried middle class families in Pune.

An enterprising young budding home builder in Pune used this trusted & respected family member to enter in the homes of these families.

In this newspaper he started writing open letters to these families. With these letters the budding home builder touched the hearts of every member of the family. Obviously, the letters talked about a home, the most dear subject of every family. Eventually, the budding home builder created a place for himself in the hearts of the all members of these families.

Irrespective of whether they wants to buy a home or not - these families read these open letters frequently delivered to them by their most trusted & respected family member. The connection between the budding home builder and these families became very strong. Obviously, whenever the budding home builder announced any new housing scheme - the families rushed to book a flat in his project.

Over the years, as always happens, things changed. The newspaper changed. Families changed. The home builder changed. Entire Pune city underwent a change.

Some feel that things actually didn't change. Things got corrupted. Innocence in human relations and fairness in business transactions ended. Everyone - the newspaper - the middle class home buyers - the builders - started looking for an opportunity to exploit each other - a chance to get more out of each other.

Particularly, the newspaper started believing that it's business is to control the minds of the people. Not to communicate information & enrich the minds of the people. Instead of a family member, the newspaper started assuming that he is the head of a family.

"The medium is the message" - the newspaper told all builders in Pune.

The newspaper forgot that it was just the carrier of the message - the postman - the delivery boy - the medium of communication - between the budding home builder and Maharashtrian salaried middle class families in Pune.

It started believing that the newspaper itself is more important than the content - what is printed in the newspapers.

"People believe in me - that's why they believe in whatever is printed on me" - the newspaper started telling the new upcoming builders.

And you know what? For sometime, some Maharashtrian salaried middle class families in Pune really believed in whatever was printed in that newspaper!

"Look! The medium is the message!! I can make or destroy anybody!!! If you join me - any Tom, Dick & Harry can become a big builder!!!! Gone are the days of establishing a connection with the home buyers - winning hearts of the home buyers is an outdated idea - I know what Pune home buyers want - for them fairness, respect and trust is meaningless - all they want is a 'good deal' - days of 'good deeds' are over - these are the days of 'good deals'!," the newspaper told Tom, Dick & Harry.

Tom, Dick & Harry had big bottoms and small brains. They asked - "Can we gain without giving away?"

"How can you gain anything without giving in to me?," the newspaper asked.

"We are ready to surrender to you! That's not the problem. What we mean is - Can we gain lot of interest free funds - working capital - without giving away any real benefits to the flat buyers? Our bottoms are big but our bottom lines are very thin!!," Tom, Dick & Harry said.

"You are a pain in the ass. How many times I have to tell you that 'The Medium is the message'. Consider me as a light bulb. I eliminate darkness and spread the light. You publish in me is important. What you publish in me has no meaning. You use only 2 words "Deals" & "Offers" - that's more than enough - I will take care of the rest," the newspaper said.

"But "Deals" & "Offers" are English words! Not Marathi!," Tom, Dick & Harry said.

"Really? Let me ask my editor!," the newspaper said and called his editor.

"Better consult our advertising department - most of our editorial policies are formalized by them," the editor said. So, the newspaper called the advertising department.

"Word are not important - tell me the type of business. Okay. Builder. Consult XXX advertising agency. It decides these matters," the manager of advertising department of the newspaper said. So the newspaper called XXX advertising agency.

"Why are you wasting our time? We have already decided & done everything! Collect money - cash - no cheques - from these 3 idiots and send them home," said the owner of XXX ad agency.

Tom, Dick & Harry paid but don't know where they went after that.

As per the instructions, Tom, Dick & Harry were there at the newspaper's big event.

Very few flat buyers visited the event.

"Why did Tom, Dick & Harry take so much efforts to promote banks' home loan offers?," a few visitors were wondering.

"Why did a newspaper take so much efforts to make us 'slaves of banks'?," some visitors asked.

"This must be an ISIS conspiracy to weaken the Indian economy. The promotion of this event was as good as 'financial terrorism'!," one visitor said.

"Not ISIS or ISI! I am sure, Wall Street is trying to destabilize Hindutva Vadi Government of NaMo!! The newspaper is just a front for tricking financially weak Indian people into getting a home loan which they can not afford to repay. Eventually, Wall Street will create sub-prime crisis and destabilize NaMo.," said the other visitor.

"It's not difficult to identify fake offers & fraudulent intentions!," someone said.

"True! After the recent Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Scam - understanding "Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani" is very easy!," the first said.

Of course, some hopelessly ignorant flat buyers succumbed.

"It would be stupidity not to be deceived by some well conducted fraud!" - the hopelessly ignorant flat buyers argued.

After the event was over, Tom sent sms to Dick - "It's not easy to fool Marathi flat buyers in Pune anymore"

Dick added to it - "But it is easy to fool Marathi builder!" - and forwarded it to Harry.

"Take it positively - it means that - now, Marathi builders must target Non Marathi speaking flat buyers in Pune - next time - okay?" Harry sent this sms to both.

"You don't stop trying to fool flat buyers - because you can always fool someone once," the owner of XXX ad agency told Tom, Dick & Harry.

"You are a genius! We all respect your criminal mind," said Tom, Dick & Harry.

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  1. Haha, nicely written Ravi.
    Night(mare) Crook3 Ulloo Banao Utsav.

    Buyers who plan to buy flat in SEZ or leased land etc., do check out this latest news from one of the most so called one of the biggest & reputed (LoL) builder ! Buyers should not be so dumb that they don't know difference between SALE & ONE TIME RENT ! In Pune, projects like Megapolis required NOC from MIDC earlier. Don't know what's the status now.

    Buyers complain of fraud in Niranjan Hiranandani SEZ flats sale in Navi Mumbai -

    More than 1,000 families have approached the commerce ministry, seeking action against what they call fraud committed in the “sale” of flats to them by entities allegedly belonging to real estate developer Niranjan Hiranandani in a special economic zone (SEZ) in Panvel in Navi Mumbai.

    -Allottees say they were ‘sold’ flats in SEZ and they also paid stamp duty rate applicable to sale
    – Rules don’t permit sale of flats in SEZ without getting relevant portion de-notified
    – Hiranandani spokesperson says flats were not sold but given on ‘lease’ only


    And see how low this builder stoops down to -

    Hiranandani hospital kidney racket: Accused says an illegal transplant took place in May, cops to verify claim -

    रियल एस्‍टेट डेवलपर्स पर कर्ज बढ़कर 55 हजार करोड़, सेल्‍स के मुकाबले दोगुना -

    एक ओर जहां अदालतें रियल एस्‍टेट डेवलपर्स को होम बायर्स का पैसा वापस लौटाने के आदेश दे रही हैं, वहीं दूसरी ओर डेवलपर्स पर कर्ज का बोझ बढ़ता जा रहा है...


    Btw, Ravi, came to know 2 more major builders in Pune have gone bankrupt. Don't have solid proof right now so won't take names but yes, seems it's time to organize an exhibition called Bankrupt 3 !

    Wish you a very happy Diwali & god bless.

  2. Excellent Ravi... These so called The newspaper agency is now no more in newspaper but in EVENT Management Business. They continue to use Newspaper medium to get best deals for there Event Management business clients

  3. Sir, I have filed Case against Builder for Deficiency in Work And Quality due to some major issues in Construction and those will be major in Couple of Years.
    Whatever builder has promised during Plan Pass out of which most of the things are not available. Builder is saying those are not Mandatory for them.
    My Question is How we can know the List Of Documents Builder has provided for Taking Completion Certificate.?
    How we can get it as early as possible.
    As per my information Builder has took Snaps for the Things which he has promised and give to Government. But not sure how i can get those

    Thanks & Regards

    1. There are 2 ways :

      1. If you have any contacts in building permission dept of PMC/PCMC, you will get it from there,

      2. File a RTI asking about the same. All such builders' files are public documents & hence are covered under RTI. I know couple of people who have used RTI to get the documents required for conveyance deed as sadak chap Lashkar-e-CREDAI builder wasn't doing it. It takes few weeks time but process is easy after you submit form & application fee alongwith it. I would strongly suggest to know precisely what documents are required as many times you will get call from PMC/PCMC asking for specifics. It's better to consult a good property lawyer, take list of documents required & then file RTI.

      Best part - In all this, builder is nowhere in picture, neither he can stop PMC/PCMC stopping from handing over the documents to you.

      This is one useful link which will give some basic details -


    2. monk. most permissions are now online & u can see them on PMC web site or there is an app also for all sanctions given by PMC, there also u can check. Even PMRDA also has it!

  4. Many times we keep reading about builders doing fraud & common people being cheated. Greed is most influential factor which impacts mind of buyers.

    For such incidents, we cannot completely hold builders accountable. But our laws are so complex & confusing provided by loopholes introduced during british raj & selfish politicians to mint money at every stage. I would call taxation system as legal exportation & 'rishwat' as illegal extortion. Just look at tragedy of 'Tukaram Mundhe' in Mumbai. He is paying for action against illegal constructions. On the other hand 'Prakalpa-Grast' have valid point too. All parties quantified against him to protect their 'interests' in RE. Builders might had complained to Corporators about Mundhe.

    Builders are there do business & make money..make more money. It's natural process I guess. Builders might have fallen victims to bureaucracy & politics. All this is happening because 'pudharis' need money for elections which is sourced from real estate. It's chicken egg problem as who initiated corrupt system. Did builders offered cut for clearing santions? Or pudharis asked it for permissions?

    Buyers are intentionally refrained from laws during curriculum so that greedy gov employees can exploit them & suck their pockets. Developers must follow ethical, innovative business models to keep buyers in tune rather fooling them.

    We must demand crystal clear RE laws & published it on website. No bullshit! We as common people must fight for common cause.

    1. "Just look at tragedy of 'Tukaram Mundhe' in Mumbai. He is paying for action against illegal constructions. Builders might had complained to Corporators about Mundhe."

      - Agree but the current Govt is far better than previous super corrupt Govt. Even when useless parties like Shiv Sena is supporting NCP, CONgress for selfish reasons, the CM, Mr.DF has thrown his weight behind Tukaram Mundhe. Had it been older Govt with gutter grade ministers (one is shuttling between jail & hospital - Chaggu), they would have made few more scams & used that money to fund crook builders. RERA would have existed only on paper & so would have Benaami property act.
      So there are good people inside the Govt. Time has changed for the better.

      Maharashtra suspends no-confidence motion against NMMC chief Tukaram Mundhe -

      Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis has backed Navi Mumbai municipal commissioner, Tukaram Mundhe in his ongoing feud with corporators of the municipality.

      Top sources in the government said that the Chief Minister has decided to suspend the execution of the no-confidence motion passed by the municipality’s corporators against Mundhe on October 25.

      The reason: The government holds an opinion that “the motion was against the larger public interest and would work against the financial interest of the civic body.”


      Fadnavis refuses to meet politicos seeking Tukaram Mundhe’s removal -

      After he seemed to have thrown his weight behind Navi Mumbai civic chief Tukaram Mundhe, against whom a no confidence motion was passed by corporators, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis refused to meet an all-party delegation seeking removal of the IAS officer from his post.

      Mayor of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Sudhakar Sonawane led a team comprising members of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP to meet Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray at the latter's residence.


  5. Hello Ravi,

    You are seriously doing a great job by creating awareness and scrutinizing these builders. But I wonder in spite of your immense efforts people still fall prey to these 'criminal minded greedy so called builders'. Also I have never seen a builder coming publicly in defense of what you are saying about their projects either on your blogs or through media to communicate their side of story i think there isn't one to tell. Reading your articles Im an educated buyer now I suppose but when I ask these questions to sales people they clearly say this is how every builder in Pune does so will they. Its like openly accepting that they are doing wrong and will do in future. In such cases one option is stay in rented apartment in good location and enjoy life. But everyone wants atleast one shelter of his own on the planet. And if that spot on earth is Pune how can someone buy a flat under Government regulations - I mean fair trade practices ( Not charging for parking , not including terrace in carpet/saleable area, list goes). Another option i feel is going for resale apartments but then every person who has bought a 2 bhk for 10 to 25 lakhs 10 to 15 years ago wants 400% 500% profit. Money and Greed driven Pune society is not an idle location anymore i feel. But then social stigma is another just poking another knife in your guts. I visit Sakal - Pune Today every sunday for fresh slot of new /resale flats. Same story. The way you critically examine these projects in out skirts can you also suggest something in Pune in your upcoming articles. Personally im not interested in any outskirt areas, cause i know city well and i know the problem of staying in these areas.

    1. "In such cases one option is stay in rented apartment in good location and enjoy life. But everyone wants atleast one shelter of his own on the planet."

      - But why the hurry to buy anything, anywhere today ? I don't see any harm in renting today & buying tomorrow at cheaper cost once property prices fall.
      And the money saved on account of renting can be invested in FD, SIPs etc. which will help earn more than wasting that money for buying property at jacked up rates.

      " Another option i feel is going for resale apartments but then every person who has bought a 2 bhk for 10 to 25 lakhs 10 to 15 years ago wants 400% 500% profit."

      - Ample of ready possession options are available from builders, hoarders for flats aged between 1-5 years. Also, getting home loan for flats above 10 years is difficult because after 20 years, for banks flat becomes a dead asset especially in case where land ownership is not with flat buyers.

      "But then social stigma is another just poking another knife in your guts."

      - If you are buying flat just because what someone thinks or doesn't thinks, it is a very stupid decision. The society is not going to pay your EMIs, nor going to create high quality financial portfolio for you. Don't take financial decisions on emotions or feelings. That's dumbest thing to do.

      I know couple of people who have purchased flat on rented money (loan) but travel on scooter triple seat ! Isn't it better to rent, create good corpus to buy property with more downpayment post crash in prices ?

  6. It would be great to here about some good builders if any are left. Cause in spite all scrutinizing for illegal practices done by these 'Thug Builders' they don't come out in public on social media to answer the questions raised against them.

    1. gyani baba... ask the questions u want to to any builder but book only at the one who will satisfy ur queries.. is what i will advise

  7. Should I buy flat in Wakad,palash for 60 lac . its resale flat?

    Is it good deal or should I wait for sometime

  8. The following act will make it even more difficult for crook builders to launder money & get funding in cash by parting with some property with these black money hoarders, financiers.

    Benami Property Act to be effective from November 1 -

    With a view to curb the menace of black money, Parliament in August had passed the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act.
    The new law to prohibit benami transactions, which also provides for up to 7 years imprisonment and penalty for those indulging in such activities, will come into effect from November 1.
    Properties held benami are liable for confiscation by the government without payment of compensation.


    This is latest update on Park Xpress, Balewadi slab collapse case which killed 10 workers. The crook builders are still missing, construction has fully stalled & buyers don't know what to do. This is another eg. why not to buy under-construction flat.

    Balewadi slab collapse: Three months on, dead workers’ kin await compensation

    THREE MONTHS have passed after an illegal slab on the 13th floor of the Park Xpress building in Balewadi collapsed and killed nine labourers on July 29. But the Pune city police are yet to arrest the four builders who were partners in the construction project. The grieving family, who have lost their loved ones in the accident, are living on hope that the compensation promised to them will be delivered at the earliest.


    New App helps property buyers verify projects approved by PMC -

    For residents of Pune who are planning to buy property, there is some good news. The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has launched a mobile App — Pune Urban — which would provide information on residential projects approved by the civic body.

    “The Pune Urban is the official mobile App of the PMC’s Building Permission Department. This app would enable citizens, architects and builders to instantly connect with the building permission department,” said Prashant Waghmare, city engineer of PMC.

    He said the Pune Urban mobile App would make it easy for citizens to verify the real estate projects approved by the PMC.


    The above app should be used so that builders can't make buyers ulloo by giving them fake info about approvals. However, this is no substitute for hiring good property lawyer but good for prima facie info.

  9. Ravi...good article
    Monk.... nice info thnx for sharing
    You both ROCK!!! Guys...

  10. Now..will there be any impact of Govt's move of demonitization of 5500 & 1000 rs notes on property prices?? 😀

    1. Surprise! Modi government’s black money move will make your dream home cheaper, boost ‘Housing for All’
      The unprecedented move against black money would also imply that housing across segments would become cheaper!


      Black money crackdown: "Land prices may crash 30% in 6 months"
      Pankaj Kapoor, MD, Liases Foras, a real estate consultancy, believes land prices will crash 30 per cent in the next 3-6 months. "It will have a big impact especially on the land prices and luxury market . They were used as avenues to hoard black money."

      Samtak Das, Chief Cconomist and National Director, Research of Knight Frank, says, "Land prices will be under pressure as in residential sector the unaccounted money is 30 per cent, in case of land it is 50 per cent."
      "The construction cost will also go down by 20-25 per cent as the money that the builder has to pay in black to get the approvals from the authorities will not happen now as people will be scared of taking cash," said Kapoor.


      So with all these things taken into account, flat prices should fall by atleast 50-60%. Big whammy for builders, hoarders.
      And yes, many builders will be thrown out of business as their real estate firm used to run on black money of politicians, gutter babus, doctors etc. So even after crash in real estate prices, buy ready for possession flats only as completion for under-construction flats is not guaranteed as such builders can go full bankrupt.