Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Kolte-Patil Ivy Estate Wagholi solved the problem of MSEDCL power supply

Generator power backup for every flat in Kolte Patil Ivy Estate Wagholi!

Like most of the villages in Maharashtra, frequent power cuts & no electricity supply for a day or two is a regular feature at Wagholi. Obviously, like any villager in Maharashtra, residents of Wagholi village have also learnt to survive without power. Including the residents of Kolte-Patil Developers' Ivy Estate.

But last week, for 4 consecutive days, there was no power supply to Ivy Estate. Which was beyond limit of endurance of the tough survivors of Ivy Estate.

You can live in the dark. You can live without a mobile - microwave - TV - Fan - Air Conditioner. But you can not live without a lift. Certainly not in 11 - 12 story building! You can not live without a water purifier. Certainly not when you get Bhima River water. Right?

But, what can you do about it on weekdays? Nothing! On the weekdays you have to earn wages to pay home loan EMI.

You can take action only on weekends. And the residents of Ivy Estate took action last weekend. They solved the issue of MSEDCL power supply.

Instead of power backup only for the lift & common areas - now - the entire flat will have a generator backup.

There will be a back up generator which will supply power to lift & common areas - when the main generator is resting for a couple of hours.

It means that, now, Ivy Estate residents are ready to face MSEDCL power cuts & power failures in Wagholi!

Ivy Estate Wagholi - Best Township for Raising a Family!:

When someone working in EON IT Park at Kharadi calls me on 91 98600 44110 to seek my advice about buying a flat in Pune, I try my best to convince them not to buy a flat at Wagholi.

"If you can't avoid Wagholi, at least buy a flat in Ivy Estate," I suggest.

"Why Ivy Estate?," someone asks.

"Because, you are like my son. Telling you not to buy a flat at Wagholi - is like telling you not to indulge in sex - which is fruitless - so, at least - play safe - use a condom - got it?," I explain.

"You mean - Ivy Estate is safe - right?," someone asks.

"Yes," I say.

"Why?," someone asks.

"Because of the residents of Ivy Estate! These guys are fearless, united, assertive & proactive. Kolte-Patil Developers is lucky to have them. KPDL has provided services and built the buildings. But these guys are making Ivy Estate a better place to live," I explain.

Providing Housing & Satisfying Flat Buyers:

Last weekend, when the residents met Mr. Parandekar - the project incharge of Ivy Estate - to discuss the issue of MSEDCL power supply - they invited me. It was an unusual meeting. It was not the usual flat buyers v/s builder meeting.

Of course, Kolte-Patil was in the picture. But not as the owner of the project. Now, the residents have become the owners of Ivy Estate!

If Mr. Bhujbal - the MSEDCL man - had joined the meeting, it would have become - Residents of Ivy Estate v/s MSEDCL meeting. But the MSEDCL guy didn't turn up. So, the question - Who is responsible for lack of power supply for the 4 days - MSEDCL or Kolte Patil Developers? - remained unanswered.

So, instead of focusing on the problem - the residents decided to focus on the solution. What is the solution for unreliable MSEDCL electric supply? Answer was power backup for the entire flat! Mr. Parandekar accepted the solution and the meeting was over!!

Of course, if you view the video recording of the meeting, you will realize that this didn't happen so smoothly & swiftly. A lot of important related issues were discussed. Voices were raised. Anger was expressed. Allegations were made. All this was obvious. Residents had suffered a lot. The project incharge was let down by MSEDCL. Everyone was upset.

However, all of them have realized one thing. Only providing is not enough. Satisfaction is important. An exclusive power feeder - some 8 km exclusive electric power supply line from Kesnand to Ivy Estate - is just a provision. The uninterrupted power supply for a flat is the ultimate satisfaction. In this meeting - both of them - project incharge and the residents of Ivy Estate - joined hands to achieve the aim of satisfaction.

Before possession, the residents of Ivy Estate, created awareness among Pune flat buyer about the importance of flat possession with completion & occupancy certificate and free supply of drinking water.

This time, they have educated us about - MSEB charges, MSEDCL power supply, maintenance charges of electrical systems.

Those who want to book a flat in Wagholi or in any fringe village of Pune, can learn a lot from their YouTube video. For example, after viewing the video, when you will visit any site, your 2 most important questions would be -
1) Are you providing power backup for the entire flat?
2) Are you installing solar power generator?

What say you? Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. Sorry.. But we E not getting power backup for every flat..till now and no communication for the same.

  2. Kpdl has not solved the problem. They just make a FUN of public. Take them granted

  3. The main reason for this issue is poor infrastructure. So many times on Ravi's multiple blogs it is seen that infrastructure should be one of the top most important parameter while buying house. Pune builders have fooled buyers by showing them some non-existing dreams. Water too is major concern, garbage disposal is another & no fire brigade service nearby either, I think nearest fire depot is 16-17 kms from here.

    @ Avinash Patwari, Virendra Kalkekar,

    Thanks for the updates. This Kolte Patil is actually a 'U' turn & delay specialist. You can speak with any buyers at Life Republic near Hinjewadi. Even on Ravi's blog you will find many examples.
    And not just regular projects, this builder has cheated 24k, so called their premium projects also, change in layouts, poor construction quality. You can speak with buyers at 24k Gliterrati - delay + poor construction & in 24k Allura, there is bore & tanker water !! But since it's named 24k, it is premium project, LoL. And yes, approach road is also not defined for this project & Kolte Patils older project buyers are fighting against newer phases & builder for encroaching on their land ! More than 15 years passed, no conveyance deed done ! This builder is busy making buyers ulloos & he won't listen till buyers don't file case against him in consumer court.

    Coming to some news now !

    One more story about risks in buying under-construction flat.
    25 flat buyers kept hanging by builder for 22 yrs get justice -

    Tech giant Foxconn gives Pune a miss, heads to Konkan :

    Though this news will be bad for builders & hoarders in this area, it's overall good as it will lead to scattered development across the state, reduce migration, means less burden on civic infrastructure which is already crumbling & good for employees too as they will be saved from paying high real estate cost, rents thus more savings for them.

  4. THis is the pathetic state of affairs in India. inspite of paying hug amount of money to purchase a flat... basic infr is still missing...even god cant save us