Saturday, July 16, 2016

What will I learn in coaching classes for Pune flat buyers

What will I learn from Dr. Vishwas Chavan if I join Coaching Classes for Pune Flat Buyers on Sunday, 17th July 2016, 4 - 6 pm at Deccan Park Hotel, F C Road, opposite Vaishali?

1) I am going to get possession by December 2016.

2) 2 years ago - I got possession of my flat - I am facing some serious issues.

3) My issue is unusually unique.

Yes, every flat buyer's issue is unique. That's why Dr. Vishwas has divided his session into two parts.

In the first part Vishwas will cover strategic & tactical plan and the second part will be interactive.

If you wish, you can have one to one interaction with Vishwas after the 2 hour session is over.

Not only that! You can book Dr. Vishwas to address your flat buyers' group or society too!!

From the experience of leading Palladium Grand flat buyers Vishwas has learned that - like a cricket or football team - a flat buyers team also needs a coach. After all we live in group housing scheme.

Vishwas wants to become a coach of your team. And train your team to deal with the builder, concerned municipal authorities and your internal issues collectively.

To successfully deal with your issues, you need to know about the flat & project related documents, development rules, the way municipal officers operate. You need to know how to use the social media. How to keep your team united & motivated.

We can deal with many issues before taking flat possession and shifting. Vishwas believes that this is the best way.

But if you have already taken flat possession & are living there for a few years - don't get discouraged. At Palladium Grand, Vishwas has learned that you can win too.

So, attend Vishwas's lecture this Sunday, 17th July 2016 at from 4 to 6 pm at Deccan Park Hotel on F C Road, opposite Vaishali.

Yes, since this is the first session - there is a huge discount! 50 per cent!!

The fee for this session is only Rs. 500 per person!

From the next session it will be Rs. 1,000.

Means, you will not only learn a lot but you can save a lot too!

Do come. With your spouse and with your neighbour. See you...

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  1. शहाणपणा विकत मिळतो?

  2. Ravi - You are really doing good effort and spreading awareness.

    Your blog is hit among buyers.

    Keep doing good work

  3. Hi Ravi & Vishwas,

    It was nice initiative and i really enjoyed knowledge & insight shared by Dr Vishwas.

    Thanks to both of you and lets start these type of meetings online. Keeping one main topic for discussion and sharing knowledge :)

  4. Terrible Experience with Indian Real Estate Forum (Housing Fraud)

  5. How was the program Ravi ? Any reader who attended it ?
    And here are some of the issues which are faced by flat buyers who are coned by crook builders, especially in under-construction project & are facing lot of problems. And as usual, banks played hand in glove with builders & buyers who took home loans are also being harassed by these banks. It's double whammy for flat buyers.

    How buying a flat became a nightmare :

    And now investors are running away from real estate, which means last source of funding for builders is also drying out. This also includes senior IT chaps who were RE hoarders.

    For big investors, there’s no equity in real estate :

    With the economy going slow and real estate projects running years behind delivery dates, middle-level corporate executives are moving away from property en masse.

    Jaikrishnan, a senior TCS executive in Chennai, said he and his peers have been allocating more of their investments to equities, “as all of us have burnt their fingers in real estate.”

    Nishant Agarwal, of ASK Wealth Advisors said “HNIs don’t have much faith in the upside of real estate.”

    1. 1) Coaching Class for Pune Flat Buyers began very well, TheMonk.

      2) Thanks for sharing valuable info about real estate market, TheMonk.