Friday, July 15, 2016

Shanti Homes 1 BHK Row House for Rs. 6 Lakhs Scam

No Enforcement of the Order of the District Forum - No Enforcement of Section 25 & 27 of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986:

There is a thin line between good and evil.
There is a thin line between bravery and stupidity.
There is a thin line between arrogance and confidence.
There is a thin line between genius and insanity.
There is a thin line between scam and truth.
There is a thin line between inefficient and corrupt government official.

The line is so thin that most of us find it difficult to differentiate between 'scam and truth' - 'inefficiency & corruption'.

That's why, in 2012, more than 1,000 middle class investors assumed that fully furnished 1 BHK row house for only rupees 6 lakhs at Shanti Homes - located at Warvadi village, on Khed Shivapur - Saswad Link Road, Taluka Purandar, District Pune - is once in a lifetime opportunity to own a second home - weekend home - investment property.

By 2014 some investors realized that Shanti Homes was not a real estate development project but a scam and they filed police complaint against Kalyani Developers & Paramount Realty - Prachi & Ajay Bhute, Madhur Bhosale, Sachin Jagtap, Saiprabha Menon.

When the police captured the culprits - the 1000 plus middle class investors felt that the line between the good and evil is no more thin.

Their days of living as victims of the scamster will be soon over.

They filed a case in the consumer court.

Got ex parte judgment in their favor.

Received orders to recover their money by attaching the property and punishing the scamsters - as per the section 25 & 27 of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

The forum's order made the line between bravery and stupidity quite bold. They were glad to see themselves as brave.

But soon they realize that it was an illusion.

The respective authorities - revenue department of Pune district collectorate and Pune police - were not enforcing the orders of the consumer court.

Once again, the line between 'inefficiency & corruption' became thin.

Once again, the line between good and evil became thin.

Is the scam really busted?

What can scam victims do in this situation?

Even after 4 years, the middle class investors in Shanti Homes 1 BHK Row House for Rs. 6 Lakhs scam haven't stop wondering. To know more, please, view the video and hear their story in their own words - in Marathi.

Of course, if you join the Coaching Class for Pune Flat Buyers this Sunday, 17th July 2016, at Deccan Park Hotel on F C Road and attend Dr. Vishwas Chavan's lecture - you can easily identify the difference between good and evil - scam and truth. Do come.

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  1. Unluckily, I am also a victim of this scam. We also got the orders from the consumer court but nothing has moved forward after that. Corruption has got into the veins of our country. Hope Maharashtra CM intervenes and asks the authorities to work accordingly. Request all of the victims to tweet this to our CM.

  2. Request you to please re-tweet the same:

  3. It feels really bad for these people as they have been conned by yet another Pune builder. However, the intensity is less as they are not end users but more of investors/hoarders buying 2nd,3rd or whichever property. Which type of buyers/investors buy weekend home taking loan @11.50% ? Weekend homes are purchased when one has surplus money & doesn't know what to do with it !

    Also, they said that the builder later informed that all row houses can't be constructed on that land as area is less to accommodate the row houses. This means these people never checked the documents from good property lawyer.
    The sales-crook as usual said few row houses left & many people rushed to buy & gave money without verification.

    There is 1 builder, whose project marketing is done by 2nd builder who later tries to hands over project to 3rd builder & buyers don't have agreement with any of these builders & still gave money.....this is real estate project or chana-bhatura stall ?

    Strange thing is builder asked registration amount in cash & they gave it ! Who gives registration amount in cash ? Another thing is giving blank stamp paper to builder who as expected, misused it.

    Though I have complete sympathy with these buyers/investors, the fact remains they gave money out of complete ignorance & thinking - if not now, never & this was cleverly exploited by crook builder. This is just like Aa bail muze maar.

    And yes, the actions of Grahak Panchayat to help these buyers is indeed appreciated. Kudos to them. And hope readers now understand huge risks from yet another eg. of buying in under-construction project.

    1. Greed creates crooks and stupids. Right, Themonk? Thanks for pointing out the reasons why we get exploited by the builders!

    2. Yes Ravi, spot on.
      And this is a nice read -

      Greed -