Thursday, July 7, 2016

Launching! Coaching Classes for Pune Flat Buyers!!

After successfully leading Palladium Grand Dhanori to victory,
Dr. Vishwas Chavan wants to train all flat buyers in Pune!:

Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar, has ordered Raojee Constructions & Shreyas Shelters to install rainwater harvesting system, wet garbage processing system & solar water heating system in Palladium Grand at Dhanori, Pune!

This order comes after nearly 8 years from the day the builders obtained completion & occupancy certificate from Pune Municipal Corporation!

The flat buyers of Palladium Grand could achieve this only because they questioned PMC - How can PMC give completion & occupancy certificate without rainwater harvesting system, wet garbage processing system & solar water heating system?

When you ask the right question - to the right people - in the right way - you get the right answer. The flat buyers of Palladium Grand have proved this.

Now, the flat buyers of Palladium Grand are going to get what they have already paid for - to their builders - nearly 8 years ago. To get these things from the builder these flat buyers had to fight for nearly 2 years.

But you may not have to struggle so much.

In a little less time - you can get whatever your builder had promised but not delivered.

Because, Dr. Vishwas Chavan, the leader of Palladium Grand, is there for you.

On Sunday, 17th July 2016, at 4 pm, Dr. Vishwas is the speaker for the first coaching class.

In these 2 hours, Dr. Vishwas will share whatever he has learned at Palladium Grand. (You can have a glimpse of it in the above Marathi video interview!)

Dr. Vishwas will not only share his knowledge & experience - but he will show you - how to develop strategy & tactical plan to get whatever your housing scheme was promised but has not been delivered!

Thanks to the flat buyers of Palladium Grand!

For the first time - PMC has ordered any builder to deliver what he has avoided to give to his flat buyers!

Now, it's your responsibility to compel your builder to fulfil his promises.

Pay nominal fees, attained Dr. Vishwas's class with your society members & learn how to get what you have already paid for!

To enroll, WhatsApp your names & the name of your housing scheme to 91 98600 44110.

How is this initiative - Coaching Classes for Pune Flat Buyers? Please, let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is truly mind blowing achievement. A trend setter example of how we can fight for injustice or corruption with sound understanding :)

    1. Since you guys were fighting another crook builder Bhujbal, some more good news for such buyers. DGP has issued circular to accept complaints against builders with ease at any local Police station across Maharashtra.
      Maybe this case will help you further -

      Pune: After top cop’s fiat, first case against builder registered :

  2. Really good video. Hope all those who are cheated by crook builders do go through the video. After a recent DGP notice to all Police stations to let flat buyers easily lodge complaint against builder, a case has been lodged in Pune.

    Maharashtra flat buyers can now file a police complaint against builders violating norms :
    The state police has directed police stations across Maharashtra to register complaints against errant builders who cheat flat buyers and violate building norms.

    Sluggish job market continued to push home prices downwards: Nomura
    Given affordability concerns, we believe risks to house prices remain skewed to the downside, Nomura said in its report.

    PE investments in real estate decline 42% in first half of 2016 :

    Subprime moment? Banks stare at realty loan defaults

    On one hand some of existing buyers now are fighting against crook builders for their right & on other hand, new buyers are not buying property due to which property prices are falling & will crash heavily going forward.

  3. Most of the flat buyers have knowledge but they don't want to use it, may be due to no time, or fear from builder, or don't want visit police station, don't get good lawyer, they don't believe in system and they have no faith in system. There is a reason for this too no one take action and builders also don't have fear of laws which can be bend as per their need. Laws need to be followed strictly and police department is more responsible for this. New circular says file FIR against irrent builders but how many have filed FIR where most of the builder have not kept promises one or other.

  4. Dear Mr. Ravi,

    Thanks a lot for running this blog, this has been a big help and reference point for all real estate buyers that don't have any insider information to make wise choices.
    I do have few doubts that i would like to clarify and seek your advice, apologies if these look very silly.

    1- Are builders in Maharashtra supposed to charge us based on carpet area- I heard that news few years back but nothing more- I still see advertisements from builder community as mentioning as carpet area X and Saleable area
    2. how do they calculate Saleable area- i see there is huge difference in this number from different builders- from 1.25 to 1.34
    3- Is agreement made on Saleable area or carpet area ?
    4 - is there any document that we can ask builder in this regards to confirm the space/actual carpet area we are buying for.
    5 - For the property i came across, Builder in payment schedule, is asking nearly 90% of payment till 9th slab (for 14 slab building)- which looks incorrect.- do we have any standard guidelines in this regards ?