Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is Rama Air Castles Marunji near Hinjewadi an Illegal Housing Project?

Air Castles society in Hinjewadi is not listed on the environment clearance website, making it an illegal residential premise:

Is Rama Air Castles Marunji near Hinjewadi an Illegal Housing Project?

Residents of 416 apartments at the Air Castles housing society in Marunji, Hinjewadi, got the shock of their life when they found that they have been staying in an illegally constructed premises since 2011. Apparently, the project developer has not obtained the mandatory environment clearance before doling out flats. For the same reason, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has denied water connectivity to the society for quite some time.

The website clearly mentions that matter of environmental clearance of the Air Castles project came for discussion thrice and was refused by sending it to the MoEF for action against the builder. On April 21, residents lodged a complaint and received an acknowledgement from the ministry. Read More

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  1. " Residents of 416 apartments at the Air Castles housing society in Marunji, Hinjewadi, got the shock of their life when they found that they have been staying in an illegally constructed premises since 2011."

    - What's the use of getting shock now when stupidity was done at the time of purchase ? A simple check by lawyer would have helped buyers evade this shock as they would have known then that project doesn't have all approvals.
    Now be deprived for basic things like water - this is the price one pays for ignorance.
    Don't know why so called educated IT chaps act in such way ?

    And do read comments of buyers :

    It for this reason, one should buy ready for possession flat with all approvals. You are assured of legality as well as quality & no scope for builder to fool buyer in terms of specifications & amenities. You buy what you see.

    1. Just wanted to add -

      Seems builder is inspired from the phrase - Building Castles in Air !
      Hence, this project, where promises made to buyer are in air.

  2. Supreme Court said the banking mechanism of granting and recovering big loans appeared flawed.

    2 basic questions...
    1)First, there is no clue why ZERO bankers are being arrested for issuance of loans against negative balance sheets.
    2) Whats the procedure for loans? if the cash flow is negative, why would any sane person issue a loan? This is basic arithmetic. No bank gives a loan to an individual on zero income. Why should it be different for a corporate ?

    Waiting for banking system going burst. Wishing let it burst at the earliest. Biggest culprits of today's indian economy. We are even not aware of real NPAs, whole system us keeping us unaware of it. Mallya is just a scapegoat. There are are many more who have debts multiple to Malya.
    Builders please hold on to your exorbitant prices, many more to see going forward. Just expecting government not to loot public through taxes and bailout these PSUs and business houses.

    1. Well said Enigma.
      Most banks create money out of thin air. This is the capital which circulates in the market which in reality doesn't exists, leading to asset inflation irrespective of the class.
      For a layman, this link helps understand how banks create money :

      How The Banks Make Money Out Of Thin Air :

      " Builders please hold on to your exorbitant prices"

      - Yes, & go bankrupt with assets getting freezed ! No wonder builders in Delhi-NCR are going underground these days & if they want to survive, better listen to RBI Guv.

      Raghuram Rajan asks realtors to slash prices to garner demand :

      This is not the first time Rajan has asked the real estate sector to slash rates; the RBI Guv had done so last year too.

      " Just expecting government not to loot public through taxes and bailout these PSUs and business houses."

      - This going forward will be very difficult since Govt has to maintain the fiscal deficit. No wonder then NPA tops agenda in Fin Min as well as in RBI review committees. All this banking scam & looting of tax payers money was done by CONgress. Ever wondered why maximum NPAs are from PSU banks ? Because CONgress Govt was influencing decisions by deploying their chamchas as head of banks. Even Vijay Mallya loan scam took place between 2009-2014. Top politicians & bankers used to be present at Kingfisher Villa at Goa, guess for what ;)

      SK Jain, CMD of Syndicate Bank Arrested - Ugly Face of Top Management of Banks Once More Exposed. Will Modi Government Expose More Who Have Become CMDs by Greasing Previous Government Officials ?

  3. All the governments are same...looting common man

    1. Nalin Mittal Well Said. There is No Party With Difference (LOL ROFL).सगळे एकाच माळेचे मणी. Great News Readers बेकायदा बांधकामे संरक्षित नाहीतच. राज्य सरकारचा बेकायदेशीर बांधकामांना संरक्षण देण्याचा निर्णय मुंबई हायकोर्टाला अमान्य.

  4. On one of the forum there is discussion going about the food of this city. The quality and the price that we pay for it. What should so cheap. This city has not just lost its credibility in infra but also food .... on top of it d famous slogan "jinko rahna hai wo rahe nahi to chale jaye" chale gaye to bata nahi payenge kya honga hashra....