Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pune police registered a case of cheating against Maple Shelters

"Since, the scheme looked fishy, we decided to take suo- moto action" - Tushar Doshi, Deputy Commissioner of Police

Pune police registered a case of cheating against Maple Shelters

The case has been registered under 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 417 (cheating), 120 (B) (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of IPC against group's CMD Sachin Agarwal, MD Navin Agarwal, Sales Manager Priyanka Agarwal and other officials.

Doshi said that in their probe so far, they have found that the advertisements, carrying pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Pune Guardian Minister Girish Bapat in newspaper advertisement while announcing their housing project titled 'Maharashtra Housing Day' were "misleading and false" in nature.

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and Mission Director of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) have already issued a notice to the group and asked them to withdraw the controversial advertisements, stop collection of money from people and refund it to the people from whom the money has been collected. Read More

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  1. Hope such people are sent to jail to set and example for all such fraud builders who take judicial system for granted

  2. Hello Ravi Sir could you please catch hold of Guardian Min and interview him. Lets know what he was doing there with the thief agarwal. What tip he given to the police. Please take this matter to Kirit Sommaiyya, lets see what action he takes against the Guardian Min. GM must quit now.
    As far as GM is considered he doesnt has his own opinion. He works under someone elses influence. There is no any team with him which takes decision and works in public interest. He is not loyal to his voters. He must quit now.

  3. Pune fraudulent housing advertising: Case filed against Maple Group officials; Girish Bapat vows strict action :

    This is not a government scheme as showcased by the builder. We have asked the Pune Collector to issue orders to stop bookings and ensure that the properties cannot be sold or transferred based on the directions issued by the revenue department.

    Moreover, we will have the revenue department issue separate orders to prevent the builder from transfer or sell the land tomorrow itself, he said, adding, “we will ensure that the amount is returned to the consumers. We will file complaints for using our photos.”

    Meanwhile, Maple Group spokesperson could not be reached for comments.

    And don't know from where MNS jumped in on this issue & did what they are best at - doing tod-fod of builders office, LoL.

    Wondering why CREDAI still hasn't barked on this issue, especially when their fellow thief is in problem ?

    Meanwhile, another good action taken by Govt & CID :

    Pune CID initiates panchnamas of Samruddha Jeevan Group properties for attachment :

    The officer added, “The group owes crores of rupees to thousands of small investors. The ultimate aim of attaching the properties is to recover the money from the group and give it back to the investors.”

  4. Actually there is very less awareness about the financial crime in our country. I dont know whether same is the case in other countries in west and east. Normally what happens is the money, muscle power in collaboration with crony capitalism these crimes keep on happening. Actually there should be stringent laws against such crime, once murdering should be entertained but no one shouldnt loot anyone hard earned money, shouldnt grab the land, house. Death sentence in public could be the right thing.
    :) I think I will be doing research in financial crimes and its laws in the world...LOL !!!

    1. People are always mad after such fungi schemes. But what about news papers why they had given big big adds without checking the integrity of such project where thousands of people were duped. Don't they have some moral responsibility and common sense. How they can print such big adds where nothing was mentioned about area of the flat, they should have asked this question to mapple to provide area of the flat they are going to provide. Today also the company is claiming they can fulfill their promises but never said what area they are going to give of 1 BHK. they may provide match box type 1 bhk of 150 sq.ft. will this suffice to family of 4-6 people. The rate would be 3333 per sq. ft then which is much higher for the places they have chosen.People must go for refund immediately.

  5. Very good articlein ET on recent protests happened against builders in various part of the country...abstract of events ...sadly pune events are not been listes...

  6. Pune Housing scheme fraud: Maple directors quizzed by EOW, its accounts frozen :

    Two of the bank accounts of company related to the particular scheme have also been frozen and the company banned from doing any transaction on the land related to the project.

  7. Debt driven inventory pile-up a risk for real estate sector in FY17, says India Ratings

    The debt is rising in real estate sector. Expect more builders to go bankrupt. Banks have also turned off the taps for builders.
    Let the builders do whatever non-sense they want to, buy a ready possession flat after prices fall by atleast 50%. Be safe with money as well as mind.

  8. Newspapers are there to mint money not give authentic reports.
    Haven't you seen PAID NEWS where information is circulated by paying to media ? Just see what CONgress did when it came to Pakistani terrorists, kept quite & blamed BJP & the media carried the news putting entire country's security to risk.

    If most of the media doesn't care about nation, why will they care for flat buyers ?

    Sakal publishes big columns in their Vaastu supplement where only author name is mentioned but they hide the fact that author happens to be a builder. Similarly, Times of india publishes rates taken from magicbricks based on salable area & not carpet area, despite law being to sell flat on carpet area. And these rates also are inflated than actual ones.

    Ads are given by builders, revenues are generated by builders. So newspapers will act as per builder or buyer ?

    Builder will always try to fool buyer because that's his business, it's upto the buyer to remain cautious & not fall prey to their gimmicks.

    1. "If most of the media doesn't care about nation, why will they care for flat buyers ?" - Very true, TheMonk!