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The Case of Suyog Nisarg at Wagholi, Pune

Most of the builders in Pune are nalayak - incompetent:

The Case of Suyog Nisarg at Wagholi, Pune

All flat buyers in Pune make one mistake. They assume that a builder knows how to develop a housing scheme and book a flat at launch or at under construction stage of the project.

The flat buyers of Suyog Nisarg at Wagholi also made the same mistake of assuming that Suyog Development Corporation Ltd. - one of the largest family owned limited companies in Pune real estate market - founded by Mr. Bharat K. Shah - knows how to develop a residential housing scheme.

But after taking possession of their flats and living in Suyog Nisarg for nearly 2 years, they have realized that they have made a big mistake. Mr. Bharat K. Shah of Suyog Development Corporation Ltd. is a completely incompetent builder.

The result is now, that the flat buyers of Suyog Nisarg have to fight with Mr. Bharat K. Shah to get what they have paid for. They have to fight with Mr. Bharat K. Shah to live a comfortable life in their own homes. They have to fight with Mr. Bharat K. Shah to earn good returns on their investments.

Most of the flat buyers in Pune are naive - ignorant:

"Hum Bharatbhai ko Chodenge Nahi. We will fight for our rights. At the same time, we want to make Pune flat buyers 'aware'. If the flat buyers are aware about their rights - they won't become victims of their builder," the flat buyers of Suyog Nisarg told me. Recently, they had invited me to share their issues.

"If we were aware - on the day we booked the flats - we would not have become victims of Suyog Development Corporation," one Suyog Nisarg flat buyer said.

"We want all flat buyers to learn from our experience," another Suyog Nisarg flat buyer said.

"Do you mean to say that the flat buyers are responsible? The builders are not villains!," I asked.

"Certainly, some are! But most of the builders are nalayak - incompetent - to do this business. They can to this business only because we, the property buyers are not aware about our rights. If we become aware - these incompetent builders have no option but to become competent - or to go out of business," yet another flat buyer said.

"After all, this business runs on our money - we are the paymasters - the builders are only service providers. The quality of supply depends upon the quality of demand!," the other flat buyer said.

"Creating awareness among Pune property buyers is the intention behind sharing your story. Exposing Bharatbhai - publicity for your fight with Suyog - is not your intention. Right?," I asked.

"We are not fighting with Bharat Bhai. This is not a fight. This is a tuition. We are teaching Bharatbhai, as a developer, what is his role & responsibility. Bharatbhai takes it as a fight & avoids us only because his ideas & beliefs are outdated. When he will relearn - he will thank us for making him competent to do business in the present times," one flat buyer said.

"After all, we admire Bharatbhai for giving possession of our flats!," the other flat buyer said.

Only ignorant flat buyers are afraid of nalayak builders:

"Okay. You want me to blog your experience to spread awareness. Right?," I asked.

"Yes! That's why we have called you," one flat buyer said.

"Are you sure? Aren't you afraid of your builder? Most of the flat buyers in Pune are!," I asked.

"We are not. Why should we be? We are fighting for our rights," one flat buyer said.

"True! What about property appreciation? Many people tell me that the bad publicity is not good for property appreciation," I asked.

"What are we fighting for? We are fighting to make Suyog Nisarg a better place to live! Our efforts will increase the value of our properties!," one flat buyer said.

"Yes - only if you succeed," I said.

"True - but if we don't try - we will feel that we are nikamme - worthless - we will lose respect of our families - they will consider us losers - we want to fight - we don't want to live a life of victims," the other flat buyer said.

"Awareness makes you brave - only ignorants feel that they are weak - that's why we want to make all flat buyers aware about their rights," one flat buyer said.

"Why should we fear the builder? He has committed the crime. Not we!," yet another flat buyer said.

"Good! Let us see what are your issues & what Pune flat buyers can learn from them," I said.

1) Bharatbhai, running away from your problems only makes them worse:

Swapnil Joshi, Bharatbhai, Mukta Barve

We have formed Suyog Nisarg Provisional Committee which on behalf of all residents talks with Suyog Development Corporation.

- Good idea! Nowadays, the property buyers who have booked a flat in the particular project form a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with each other. To collectively deal with a builder - even when the project is under construction - forming a provisional committee is a good idea. This committee can protect interests of all - including those who are not in Pune.

For the society formation - in the last 2 months - we had a couple of meetings with Mr. Bharatbhai. On 11th of March we will have one more.

The agenda of these meetings was to form the society and handover the management of Suyog Nisarg to the residents.

Of course, we are all for it. We want to take over the management - only after the builder solves all our problems.

However, Bharatbhai's agenda was different. He refused or avoided to solve the issues. Obviously, the meetings were unsuccessful.

Bharatbhai has already announced that the maintenance funds are exhausted and he can not maintain Suyog Nisarg anymore.

By forming a society and handing over maintenance - we are sure - Bharatbhai wants to avoid solving the issues. He is trying to shrug off his responsibility. He is trying to dump us. Abandon us and run away.

We want to tell him that we will not let him go away without solving our problems. In fact, running away may worsen these problems.

So, Bharatbhai, aap bhag nahi sakate! Better pay attention to us - keep talking - solve our problems. It's your job. Your responsibility.

2) Suyog Nisarg - Violation of Environmental Clearance?

Suyog had obtained EC but they didn't develop the site as per EC issued to them

Suyog Development Corporation not only avoids & runs away from flat buyers problems, but also is trying to avoid State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC III).

As per the minutes of 19th meeting of SEAC III, held from 28th to 31th October 2014, Item No 7, earlier, Suyog had obtained EC but they didn't develop the site as per EC issued to them!

So, SEAC III, asked Suyog to give 'comparative statement' of approved plan as per EC & the existing status of the construction.

The SEAC III also asked Suyog whether they have violated any EC conditions.

As per the latest Environmental Status report published on 18-2-2016, Suyog hasn't yet submitted the 'comparative statement'!

Means for the last 16 months or so, as usual, Suyog is avoiding SEAC III.

For the residents of Suyog Nisarg no environment clearance is a serious threat to their property, life & money. Till Suyog obtains Environmental Clearance they will not be sure that their building is legal.

3) Suyog Nisarg - Where is an Aviation NOC?:

Suyog Nisarg - Where is an Aviation NOC?

Through RTI, residents have found out that Suyog Nisarg is in the fringe zone of Lohegaon Airport!

However, without obtaining NOC from Ministry of Defence, Suyog Development Corporation has increased the height of the buildings from 7 floors to 12 floors!!

When the residents demanded the explanation, Suyog's reply was - the first phase has received completion & occupancy certificate!

What if - Ministry of Defence - raises objection in future? - Suyog Nisarg flat buyers asked.

Suyog Development Corporation will be responsible - was the builder's reply.

Give us in writing - the flat buyers demanded.

Suyog Development Corporation refused to give in writing!

Because of these two serious issues - Environmental Clearance & NOC from Ministry of Defence - flat buyers of Suyog Nisarg feel threatened.

Just imagine how stressful it is to keep on worrying day & night about becoming homeless.

Isn't this enough to prove that Suyog is incompetent & inhuman - amanush - builder?

4) Suyog Nisarg - What about PMRDA?

Flat buyers claim that to obtain completion certificate for Suyog Nisarg, Mr. Bharatbhai had given undertaking to PMRDA that he will bear the water charges.

But he treated PMRDA as he treated Ministry of Defence of Republic of India & Ministry of Environment of Government of Maharashtra. He didn't honor his word. Suyog used flat buyers' money - Maintenance Fund - to purchase water tankers.

Suyog Nisarg flat buyers demand that Suyog must refund this amount back to them.

5) Suyog Nisarg - What about Wagholi Gram Panchayat?

Along with Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Environment & PMRDA, Mr. Bharatbhai ditched Wagholi Gram Panchayat!

Though people were occupying flats for nearly 2 years, Suyog didn't register these flats with Gram Panchayat. Result is Gram Panchayat didn't get property tax & Suyog Nisarg didn't get any services. Because for Gram Panchayat Suyog Nisarg doesn't exist!

6) Suyog Nisarg - Misappropriation of Maintenance Fund:

A builder is supposed to act as the trustee of maintenance charges collected from flat buyers at the time of possession.

The builder is supposed to spend these monies only after obtaining consent of the flat buyers and he is supposed to give audited report of accounts to the flat buyers.

Suyog spent the entire maintenance fund as if it's their own money. They paid every vendor more than the market rate and exhausted maintenance funds before time.

7) Suyog Nisarg - Hazardous Project in Wagholi:

Suyog Development Corporation hasn't installed waste - garbage - processing system in Suyog Nisarg. Every day - for the last 2 years - garbage of 600 flats is dumped in the adjoining plot. By doing this Suyog has contributed in creating unhealthy living conditions in Wagholi.

Besides health hazard this garbage dumping can create legal issues & residents may be penalized for antisocial - unhealthy actions of Suyog Development Corporation. But Mr. Bharatbhai is not solving this issue.

8) Suyog Nisarg - Multi Level Car Parking:

Multilevel Car Parking is a big issue between the residents of Suyog Nisarg Wagholi and Suyog Development Corporation.

Suyog realized that instead of 7 story they can construct 12 story buildings. Sell more number of flats. Earn more profit. Only problem was car parking. As usual without informing the flat buyers, Suyog decided to install mechanized multi level car parking - MLP - for these additional number of flats.

Result is there is no open space left. All buildings are surrounded by MLP. Suyog Nisarg looks like an automobile plant. These MLP systems are dangerous for children. Cost of operating & maintaining MLP is a huge burden on society. Those who paid premium for garden view now have to look at MLP. Daily 3 - 4 hours power cut in Wagholi makes using MLP impractical. Suyog hasn't provided additional Generator for the MLP.

Residents of Suyog Nisarg demand that Suyog must remove MLP. Suyog is avoiding it.

9) Suyog Nisarg - Water Supply for 12 Story Buildings:

Suyog added 5 more floors to 7 story buildings. After possession residents of these 12 story buildings have realized that Suyog had only added floors but didn't increase the size of overhead water tanks or capacity of the pumps. So, they get less water than 7 story buildings!

10) Suyog Nisarg - Car Parking Chakravyuha

Car Parking is a serious issue at Suyog Nisarg Wagholi. Multi Level Parking as well as simple covered parking as well as open car parking. This reflects how careless & unprofessional Suyog Development Corporation is.

In this video you will see that one car park is surrounded by other car parks. Unless these surrounded cars are removed you can not park your car or drive away. Every morning you become Abhimanyu. You can reach your office only if you can manage to come out of this Chakravyuha.

This not only inconvenient but hampers the relations between the residents.

10) Suyog Nisarg - Two Wheeler Parking

By law the builder has to provide space for the two wheelers. But Suyog forgot. So, somehow they realized that there is a vacant space in front of the cars. Of course, the space was enough for only kids tricycle, but Suyog allotted it as two wheeler parking for motorcycles & scooters. Using two wheeler parking is a daily challenge for the residents of Suyog Nisarg.

11) Suyog Nisarg - Open Car Parking & Rainwater Harvesting:

As per the brochure, Suyog Nisarg was 10 acre residential development. Now, it has shrunk to half of the original size. Some space has been given away as amenity space to PMRDA & some for the school.

Now, the temple which was originally in the amenity space is shifted in the open space of residential building. The rest of the open space is allotted for open car park with sheds. Of course, even after 2 years follow up, Suyog hasn't provided sheds for the cars. Result is there is no Nisarg in Suyog Nisarg. Only cars & steel structure of Multi Level Car Park occupy all open space.

The ground under the cars is covered with cement concrete. So water from top terrace makes cemented surface slippery. At some places it becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes. Open pipes from top terraces are useful only to pretend that Suyog Nisarg harvests rainwater. But in reality, there is no rainwater harvesting system. Obviously, 3 bore wells go dry and residents have no option but to pay for the water tankers.

12) Suyog Nisarg - Electricity & Meters:

Electricity bill is a address proof - important document in every individual's life. But messing up with names of the building Suyog Development Corporation has created problems in all residents' lives.

And yes! Along with water - Wagholi has electricity problems too. Besides daily power cuts - no electrical meters is a problem every residential projects face. Of course, for the builders this is an opportunity to exploit the flat buyers.

For example, Suyog Development Corporation supplied power to residents from their construction meter & recovered money - at the commercial rate - from the maintenance fund. Though the flat buyers had paid 60,000 as MSEB charges - a couple of years ago - at the time of agreement.

Why are you recovering power charges from maintenance fund? Give us hisab kitab of MSEB charges you have collected from us. Residents of Suyog Nisarg want refund of balance amount.

13) Suyog Nisarg - Entrance Lobby & Security System:

Entrance lobby of a building in Suyog Nisarg does not welcome you. Entrance lobby reminds you how wrong you were in assuming that 35 year old Suyog Development Corporation is a reputed builder in Pune. Suyog is not even a builder. The entrance lobby tells you.

If Suyog had been a builder the entrance lobby would not have drainage openings. The entrance lobby would not have glass doors which neither let you go or come out comfortably.

If Suyog had been a builder, the entrance lobby would have a properly installed security camera. The entrance lobby would have protected you from the rains. The entrance lobby would have letter boxes - convenient to drop & collect letters.

14) Suyog Nisarg - Clubhouse, Sports Amenities, Children's Play Area, & Senior Citizens Area:

Senior Citizens Area at Suyog Nisarg is on the STP - Sewage Treatment Plant. It's nothing but open death chambers.

Clubhouse doesn't have a stage. A few equipments in the Gym are just lying around. No Annual Maintenance Contracts for the equipments. Toilets are not working.

Landscaped garden has open electrical lines lying around waiting to electrocute a child. Lamps are broken down. Waterbodies have no water. Play area & equipments are not enough.

Volleyball & Basketball courts are life threatening.

Suyog Nisarg - List of Pending Amenities, Issues & Concerns:

Residents of Suyog Nisarg have prepared a list of pending amenities, issues & concerns. Suyog Development Corporation is supposed to resolve all these issues. This list is nothing but a proof of deficiency in service offered by Suyog.

Besides, common issues, you will find that the residents are fighting to solve issues in their individual flats. Most issues prove poor construction quality and lack of after possession services.

For the first time flat buyers in Pune, who are waiting for possession, I am sure, this list will tell what you will face after the possession.

14) Welcome to

Two years follow up with Suyog Development Corporation has opened the eyes of most of the flat buyers in Suyog Nisarg. This enlightenment has encouraged them to spread awareness among flat buyers in Pune. For that they have launched the website

On this website, you can share your experiences & learn a lot about your rights as a property buyers. Do visit it.

15) Moral of the Story:

Most of the builders in Pune do not know how to develop residential housing projects.

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  1. Very good coverage Ravi & thanks to buyers of Suyog Nisarg who took their time & gave all inputs to Ravi. is indeed a very good concept which needs to be lauded. Hope many other buyers benefit from this website.

    This project again shows that promises made to buyers have zero value in eyes of builder. The builder out of greed for more money can simply change major things in project which are not good for buyers. This is true with not just Suyog but almost all builders, irrespective of name & project & location.

    Some good points to be taken out from the video & all info put up on this blog is :

    Never trust builder or salesperson words,
    Don't believe on DP roads,
    What is open area today today, may not be open tomorrow,
    The actual project can be far inferior & world apart when compared to what is shown in brochures, presentations of builder,
    Don't waste your time & money in buying under-construction flats irrespective of builder, price & location.

    Buying a flat where EMI is high is also not recommended as you pay almost 4 times the money at the end of the tenure, & that too without guarantee of timely delivery, good construction quality & fulfillment of promises made of things told at the time of booking.

    Almost all the builders are crooks, be it Suyog, Bhujbal, KUL, Mittal, Maple, Goel Ganga, Marvel etc. So never buy anything under-construction.

    Ideally, practically & financially, it is best to stay on rent. Not only it saves your money but it also offers easy mobility. If there is any problem with the project, you can easily move out. And if one decides to buy, go for project which is ready with all approvals.

    This is today's news about problems being faced by flat buyers in Pune -


    The wonderful news for buyers though is the real estate regulator is now a reality & very shortly buyers will be able to benefit from them.
    This bill will cover not just new projects but also existing projects which are yet to receive completion certificate. So these flat buyers can get justice from the new regulator.


    I hope you have a detailed blog on the real estate regulator. Just today while surfing channels, on Marathi news channel, I think ABP Maza, I saw Yezdi Motiwala, some grahak panchayat person & gimmicky builder, DSK, LoL. The program got ended so missed. If possible, do try to upload that video.

    And yes, still waiting for Yezdi Motiwala video. It will be good for all buyers to see how even so called known builder like Marvel builders cheats buyers.

    And this is good chart of Dec 2015 which shows that in Pune, renting is far better than to buy :

  2. The shameless builder (?) Has given advertisement today in news paper to celebrate 38 years anniversary and offering Rs. 380 per sq.ft discount. Certainly 420 scheme to make a loot.

  3. Rajya Sabha passed the real estate bill

  4. Very good coverage Ravi & thanks to buyers of Suyog Nisarg who took their time & gave all inputs to Ravi. is indeed a very good concept which needs to be lauded. Hope many other buyers benefit from this website.

    This project again shows that promises made to buyers have zero value in eyes of builder. The builder out of greed for more money can simply change major things in project which are not good for buyers. This is true with not just Suyog but almost all builders, irrespective of name & project & location be it Suyog or Bhujbal, KUL, Mittal, Maple, Goel Ganga, Marvel etc. So avoid under-construction & buy ready possession. Some other cases of builders cheating buyers -


    The wonderful news for buyers though is the real estate regulator is now a reality & very shortly buyers will be able to benefit from them.
    This bill will cover not just new projects but also existing projects which are yet to receive completion certificate. So these flat buyers can get justice from the new regulator.
    Hope to see a detailed blog on RE regulator Ravi. Thanks in advance.

    1. You are welcome, TheMonk! Thanks for sharing the link. Your every comment adds huge value to my blog. Thanks a lot!

  5. I believe it's not the fault of buyers solely. Almost every other person who pass out with degree and starts to earn livelihood aspires to own property. Unfortunately, we are not taught methodologies of property buying in Civics in school or college. We are too busy completing our journals, appearing exams, focusing on getting good grade, crunching jobs, marriage to get acquainted with property buying process. Although it's suitable to consult lawyer before go ahead, many people don't even know about that. We strictly needs to have another subject of property & finance in college curriculum. In fact, I strongly suspect the role of GOV to make civilians blindfold regarding taxation, RE, politics, investments. They are only continuing to be ancestors of British Raj.

    1. "I strongly suspect the role of GOV to make civilians blindfold regarding taxation, RE, politics, investments.." - Well said.

  6. A true eyeopener for me and I hope for anyone who is looking to buy their first home. I personally thank Ravi and especially the residents of Suyog Nisarg for sharing the truth. Keep up the good work and I wish that all the problems at this site gets resolved.