Thursday, March 31, 2016

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Comes to Town

Thanks to Residents of Palladium Grand Dhanori & Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar!

Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar

If your builder has not fulfilled all conditions & commitments mentioned in the commencement and/or completion certificate issued for your project, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will issue Stop Work Order for the builder's other ongoing projects.

Your builder can resume the construction of these projects only after you - the Flat Buyers - and the Enquiry Officer certify that the builder has completed your project exactly as per the conditions & commitments mentioned in the commencement & completion certificate issued by PMC.

It is the duty of City Engineer's Office to confirm that the builder has fulfilled all conditions & commitments in the commencement & completion certificate issued by their department.

If the City Engineer's Office fails to discharge their duties, Pune Municipal Commissioner will take strict action against the responsible officers.

By issuing these directives Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar has proved how easy it is to regulate the real estate business.

Let the flat buyers monitor the performance of the builder & the city engineer's office.

Let the flat buyers certify that the builder has implemented all conditions & commitments mentioned in the commencement & completion certificate issued by PMC.

Let Pune flat buyers be the real estate regulator.

By activating flat buyers regulatory mechanism, Mr. Kunal Kumar has solved an age old problem of monitoring the 'conditional clearances' issued for housing projects.

Without increasing the expenditure in municipal budget, Kunal Kumar has set an effective & inexpensive mechanism to confirm that the builders are fulfilling conditions & commitments.

By making civic administration responsive, the Commissioner has won the hearts of property taxpayers in Pune who are number one revenue sources of PMC - Rs. 950 Crores (approx).

Thanks to the residents of Palladium Grand Dhanori who took initiative in setting up this regulatory mechanism in Pune real estate market.

Theses residents dared to point out the wrong & irresponsible practices in the city engineers' office. The city engineer's office didn't bother to monitor whether their builder has fulfilled the conditions in commencement & completion certificates. Even after the residents brought it to their notice - the city engineer's office refused to take any action against the builder. So, Palladium Grand residents went to Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar.

Which are the conditions & commitments the builder of Palladium Grand didn't fulfill? As per the affidavit, the builder didn't supply free water. No rainwater harvesting. No solar water heating system. No garbage management system. No firefighting system. Illegal parking - double than the sanctioned 72 car parks. No two wheeler & cycle parking. Less open space. Changing layout without the consent of the flat buyers. The issues common in the most of housing projects in Pune real estate market.

I am sure, the flat buyers in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) & Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) will follow Palladium Grand and help the respective commissioners - Mr.Rajeev Jadhav & Mr. Mahesh Zagade - to set this type of real estate regulatory mechanism in their areas.

It means that, now, the flat buyers in KUL Ecoloch will go to Mr. Mahesh Zagade, chief executive officer PMRDA, and demand to appoint an enquiry officer to confirm that Kumar Builders KUL has fulfilled the conditions & commitments mentioned in the commencement & completion certificate. If the finding is negative PMRDA will issue Stop Work Order for KUL Nation.

Why only PCMC & PMRDA? Now, the flat buyers in Suyog Nisarg at Wagholi will approach Maharashtra Pollution Control Board & State Level Expert Appraisal Committee SEAC III and submit their report about implementation of conditions & commitments regarding environmental clearance and if their claims are true - they will demand action against the builder.

What say you? Would you like to be a regulator and ensure that you get what you have paid for? Not only timely flat possession but the complete infrastructure along with the flat!

After all, you are not an allottee. As they say in The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016.
You are the owner. The builder is just a service provider. Sevak.
It's your job to see that you are served well. Right?

If you are curious about the historic meeting of residents of Palladium Grand Dhanori & Pune Municipal Commissioner Kunal Kumar, view this video recording -

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  1. Great achievement palladium grand....
    Its the good sign for all flat buyers....
    My dear lazy flat buyers..... Now pls stop saying that nobody is listening to us,come out to stop builders gunda raaj and fight for your rights...

    1. Yes, completely agree Vikas.
      If flat buyers are united, even the father of CREDAI has to fall in line.

  2. PMC hands in gloves with the builders and all builders in first place Why pmc have accepted an AFFIDAVIT FOR WATER and now pmc saying they have sign mou NONSENSE TAKE BULLS BY THERE HORNS JAI HIND

    1. Still awaiting your video :/
      Hope to see it published soon, and if the idea is canceled, request Ravi to let me know accordingly so that I won't pester on this issue time & again.

  3. Haha doesn't it sound little funny Ravi sir. Who has provided the various approval to these builders at corporation level? Who are the most of builder in pune? What is happening on latest issue of corporation tendering? Are the flat owner's technical enough to judge the project status? Don't u think that this will be one more way for corruption? Reply please.

    1. In short anything is going to happen here against builder (atleast in pune). Bureaucrats will take any action against them. It will be too early to celebrate.
      Good news for home buyers ready reckoner rates increased by 11% in pune. Start packing bags ... LOL.

  4. After long time seeing something good happening, even if it's a meeting with PMC MC.
    If PMC MC indeed acts which gives flat buyers their rights, it will be wonderful step. Now those flat buyers who have been conned by builders can also do the same for getting faster rights.

    Residents trump builders over lack of facilities :

    Also check this latest news about big downturn in real estate market. The property prices have to crash. Check this latest news from Pune civil engg colleges.

    Civil engg no longer shines in job market :

  5. This may mean that mr Kunal kumar will get transferred soon and rule gets null and void

    Builder lobby is very powerful to overpower any rule or commissioner

    1. "This may mean that mr Kunal kumar will get transferred soon and rule gets null and void."

      - Would have been possible if this would have been pre-2014 era where Govt was run by guntha mantris.

      "Builder lobby is very powerful to overpower any rule or commissioner."

      - Small grammatical mistake, corrected one is :

      Builder lobby WAS...

      RERA, making PMC MC as Chief of PSCDC will certainly make guntha-mantris & corrupt politician backed builders run for cover.

      You should actually appreciate the fact buyers are fighting & winning against injustice of builders. It's not builders who are powerful, it's buyers who act meek. If a dog chases you & you try to run, it will chase you but if you stop & just say haad, it will run away !

  6. Not sure, if it has real impact on the builders or not,but would be interested same thing to happen in PCMC area as well :)

  7. Frds,

    "A smart city is not just good traffic management but it’s where all such aspects of life’s daily needs too are taken care! Here one will wonder where the real estate is concerned with above issues, well if all such points are taken care, in & around the city then only affordable home’s dream is going to be possible"...

    City's infra works, who should govern them? My views about the same, you can read it at link below & do share if liked..

    sanjay deshpande

    1. " & around the city then only affordable home’s dream is going to be possible"

      - This is possible if builders stop looking at 300-400% profit margins & stop doing tax theft which they do on large scale.
      Even if builders are given free land, free material they will still find reason to cry & say how they can't reduce prices like expensive water tanker...blah, blah.

      This is what is mentioned on your blog -

      “It’s not about no money, it’s about the attitude to spend it is what decides whether it’s a good government or bad”…
      Mr. Arvind Kejriwal."

      This can be very well seen by Khujliwal who is not making payment to sanitation workers in Delhi & play cheap politics by blaming Modi even if garbage is not collected from Delhi streets ! But Khujli is apt idol for Pune builders as they too are experts in blaming someone else for their own problems.

      If Pune builders think PMC is not doing job properly, then file PIL against PMC, but how can Pune builders do this when they themselves are chor ?

  8. dada pmc needs to look in infra work than such things is what i feel as thats job of a public body

  9. I think, if we fight against builder raj then definitely will get way ahead than just saying they are very powerfull....great Grand palladium..sulute to your enthu!!! And thanks ravi sir being with us.

  10. In latest leaks of Mossack Fonseca published today, the name of Pune based builder Atul Chordia of Panchshil builders (who also own Marriott hotels in Pune) has came up in money laundering case. This is apart from other builder - KP Singh of DLF.
    So much of black money & still builders shed crocodile tears.
    Please check these links to find more details :

    According to the MoU, the largest stake of 33 per cent in the consortium was held by the Chordia family who control the Pune-based realty major Panchshil Group through Atul Chordia (9 per cent), his wife Varsha Chordia (9 per cent) and the family-run Courtyard Properties Private Limited (15 per cent).

    This is of DLF :

    Mossack Fonseca documents list K P Singh, his wife, son, daughter and their family as shareholders; Singh is labelled as a ‘politically exposed person’.