Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why is it so hard for Pune builders to be honest?

Lessons learned at the launch of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi:

Lessons learned at the launch of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi

A) The 4 page launch ad of the 2nd phase of Ravinanda Landmarks Skylights at Wagholi raised important questions:

Launch Ad - 4 Pages - of the 2nd Phase of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi Pune

1) Do you really know - how much you are paying for carpet area?

2) Are you charged for common passages / Aangan / lobby?

3) Are you paying for Carpet to Built-Up or Built-Up to Carpet?

4) Are you a victim of loading gimmicks?

5) Are you paying more for floor rise?

6) Are you paying for clubhouse & amenities as well?

7) Do you really know the infrastructure costs that you are being asked to pay?

8) Is your flat actually EMI free?

B) Why did Skylights at Wagholi raise these questions?

Because, Ravinanda Landmarks realized that, the builders in Wagholi were "misguiding" flat buyers by hiding "important facts"! ("Misguiding" means "Cheating". "Important Facts" means "Truth".)

C) What is the difference between the other builders in Wagholi & Ravinanda Landmarks?

Launch Ad - 4 Pages - of the 2nd Phase of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi Pune

Like the other builders in Wagholi - Ravinanda Landmarks do not cheat the flat buyers!

The replies to above questions were the unique selling points of the launch offer of the 2nd phase of Skylights at Wagholi:

1) 33 percent loading

2) Accurate Space Measurements

3) No Extra Charges for Aangan, Lobby or Common Passages

4) No Floor Rise Charges

5) Appropriate Infrastructure Charges

6) No Extra Charges for Clubhouse & Amenities

7) Transparent Communication

8) Guarantee of Fittings & Fixtures

D) Is there really any difference between Ravinanda Landmarks & the other builders in Wagholi?

1) Yes! There is a huge difference between Ravinanda Landmarks & the other builders in Wagholi:

Visit the launch of the 2nd Phase of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi Pune

Other builders means - not exactly all the other builders in Wagholi. Other builders means only the neighbour of Skylights! And the difference is - to compete with it's neighbour - to distinguish itself from it's neighbour - Ravinanda Landmarks has not used any Bollywood actress.

Instead of using Deepika Padukone, Amisha Patel, Mallika Sherawat, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mugdha Godse, Evelyn Sharma, Sonam Kapoor or any other Bollywood heroine to compete against neighbour's Priyanka Chopra, Ravindra Landmarks has taken a "rational" approach. Huge difference. Isn't it?

2) Yes! There is a huge difference between Ravindra Landmarks & the other builders in Pune:

To survive leading builders in Pune are joining hands with the housing finance companies and coming up with some "lucrative" offers & payment schemes - like 0% (Zero Percent) Down Payment Offer by Paranjape Schemes & IndiaBulls Home Loans or DSK Master Plan by D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd. & TATA Capital Housing Finance Ltd. Ravinanda Landmarks has avoided to it.

There is no 'lucrative' payment plan for booking a flat in the 2nd phase of Skylights at Wagholi. Instead of setting a trap - Ravinanda Landmarks talks about transparency, accuracy, guarantee & appropriateness! Big difference. Isn't it?

3) Use Square Meters or Go to Prison:

The 4 page color ad told me that Ravinanda Landmarks is not like other builders. Ravinanda is a honest builder. But when I saw the floor plans & property price list - I asked myself - Why is it so hard for a builder to be honest?

You know?

The area statement was in sq.ft. - which is illegal.

The areas must be in Because, in 1956, the Indian government passed a Standards of Weights and Measures system to introduce metric system based on Punjab Act. The metric system began in October 1958, making metric weight mandatory by October 1960, and the metric measures mandatory by April 1962 banning all other systems. A builder who is selling properties using sq ft, instead of sq metres, for measurement can be booked under the Legal Metrology Act.

4) Sell Carpet Area or Go to Prison:

Sell Carpet Area or Go to Prison

Long ago long ago, in 2008, Late Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, introduced an amendment to The Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the promotion of construction, sale, management and transfer) Act, (MOFA) 1963 that will send builders who refuse to sell flats on the basis of carpet area to jail for three years.

In 2016, at Pune, Maharashtra, M/s Ravinanda Landmarks does not even mention carpet area of a flat on his floor plans. The area statement gives "Built Up Area" and it sells flat on Saleable Area.

5) Extortion of the Flat Buyers:

If you read the property prices of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi - you find following charges -

1) MSEB - Rs. 10,000

2) Legal Charges - Rs. 12,000

3) Infra Charges - Rs. 2,00,000 + 3.625% Service Tax

4) Society Registration - Rs. 10,000

5) Maintenance @Rs. 2.5 per sq.ft. + 14.5% Service Tax (If Applicable) for 18 Months

6) Cancellation & Transfer Charges - Rs. 200 per sq.ft.

These are not charges, M/s Ravinanda Landmarks. This is called extortion of the flat buyers.

6) No Environmental Clearance for Skylights at Wagholi!

When I visited the site of Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi I saw that out of 8 buildings shown in the layout only 2 Buildings - A & B - were nearing to completion. E Building was under construction & excavation of the plot of C Building was going on.

I visited a flat in A Building. The flat looked okay. Entrance lobby would look quite glamorous. In short, the builder was trying his best to develop something good.

But why didn't you wait for the environmental clearance? I asked the builder, Mr. Sameer Jain of Ravinanda Landmarks.

Mr. Sameer Jain told me that in the recent meeting Skylights at Wagholi has received environmental clearance. Not only that! Mr. Sameer told me that the SEAC III committee had admired it too!

And you know - there are market compulsions too! Mr. Sameer told me.

True! Even the flat buyer has some compulsions. While booking a flat in a project by the builder who has committed a crime of violation of environmental clearance the flat buyers have a compulsion of confirming that the project has received environmental clearance.

When the flat buyer visits - what does he find?

Ravinanda Landmarks' Skylights at Wagholi - Compliance Awaited

Then the flat buyer has a compulsion to book a flat only after Skylights at Wagholi obtains Environmental Clearance. Right?

E) There is no difference between Ravinanda Landmarks & the other builders in Pune!

By raising a few questions about unethical practices in Pune real estate market Ravinanda Landmarks has done a great job. I admire & congratulate Mr. Sameer Jain for that.

However, with the launch of the 2nd phase of Skylights at Wagholi, Mr. Sameer has proved that in the department of honesty - all builders in Pune real estate market are one and the same.

What say you? Why is it so hard for Pune builders to be honest?

Please, share your view in the comments.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yezdi Motiwalla Hi Ravi Karandeekar Not only PUNE builders the entire community is unethical in conducting business, You name it and all are sailing in the same boat, only suffered is end users In Solidarity Jai Hind

  2. One more builder trying to cheat buyers by appearing himself to be honest.
    Just quick check -

    "1) 33 percent loading
    3) No Extra Charges for Aangan, Lobby or Common Passages"

    - Now what is this 33% loading for ? Building terrace or watchman cabin ?
    Both these points contradict with each other & still builder has shamelessly advertised it.

    "2) Accurate Space Measurements "

    - Wow, now we should be grateful even to vegetable vendors who sells using calibrated weighing scale. Pay for 1 kg & get 1 kg...give him Padma Shree award.

    "4) No Floor Rise Charges"

    - Floor charges, garden facing etc is upar ki malai for builder. There is neither any change in FSI norms, nor for premiums paid irrespective of facing, floor etc.

    " 5) Appropriate Infrastructure Charges"

    - So vague word - appropriate ! And who decides what is appropriate ? Builder. So selling car park for 3L instead of 5L is appropriate ?

    " 6) No Extra Charges for Clubhouse & Amenities"

    - Builder sells using these amenities as USP & price is already included in the flat. Post society formation, amenities belong to society in anycase, so what has builder to do with it ?
    Next stage will be - No extra charges for plantation, lift room, water tank.

    " 8) Guarantee of Fittings & Fixtures"

    - This is provided by the CP fitting company like Jaquar, Grohe, Hindware etc. and not by builder. What's special about it ? Even the LED bulb of 100 rs comes with 3 year warranty !
    Special thing would have been if builder would have provided guarantee for the entire flat for 5 years for structural problems, leakages, electrical etc.

    Project not having EC means illegal project as per latest Supreme Court order. Not mentioning carpet area of flat itself shows that this builder is no better than rest of crooks in Pune.

    Staying on rent at very cheap cost is so easy, don't know why people are desperate to buy anything, at sky high prices which is thrown at them ?

  3. Great job Ravi
    Thanks for sharing the truth
    Otherwise the fool flat buyers would easily believe the colourful newspaper ads