Friday, February 19, 2016

Gagan Adira Wagholi promises free water supply

The builder has submitted affidavit for alternate sustainable water supply!

Site of Gagan Adira, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, opposite Lexicon School, Wagholi, Pune

To obtain Prior Environmental Clearance, according to the minutes of the 41st meeting, the builder of Gagan Adira at Wagholi has submitted 2 affidavits to SEAC III:

1) The builder will not give possession of the flats till he obtains sustainable water supply from Wagholi Gram Panchayat.

2) If Wagholi Gram Panchayat doesn't supply water, the builder himself will arrange alternate sustainable water supply, of course, at his own cost.

11 Acre Gagan Adira is located opposite Lexicon International School on Pune Nagar Road at Wagholi. In 16 Story 8 Buildings, Gagan Adira will have 736 units of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats. Plus the 9th building will have 81 shops & 24 offices. Per day Gagan Adira will require 364 cubic meter - 3,64,000 litres - fresh water. Wagholi Gram Panchayat has agreed to supply that much water to Gagan Adira.

However if Wagholi Gram Panchayat fails to supply, no problems, the builder will make alternate sustainable arrangement to supply free fresh water - 3,64,000 liters per day - to 4,000 people living in Gagan Adira.

At Wagholi, it's all about Water!:

You know? Wagholi Gram Panchayat and Pune Municipal Corporation are at war. Wagholi doesn't want to merge in Pune. Wagholi has gone to court against the merger. Wagholi wants to maintain its autonomy & culture.

Recently, for not paying long pending 1.65 crore water bill, PMC has cut water supply to Wagholi. Thirsty Wagholi didn't surrender to PMC. To solve drinking water problem, Wagholi, recently, developed it's own 11 crore water project. Which is enough only for the villagers in the Gaothan area of Wagholi. Not for the 150 + projects in 2,900 hectare area under Wagholi Gram Panchayat.

Last month, once again, war broke between Pune Municipal Corporation & Wagholi Gram Panchayat. PMC wanted 9 acre land for Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) Terminus at Kesnand Phata. Wagholi Gram Panchayat agreed to hand over the land only if PMC waives off pending water bill & agrees to supply water of Bhama-Askhed dam project. PMC has announced that it's not possible to share water with Wagholi.

Thank god! There is at least one builder in Wagholi who has taken responsibility to supply free water to his flat buyers!!

At Wagholi, it's about water as well as about fire!:

Gagan Adira has 16 story buildings! And you know what? The nearest fire station from Gagan Adira is 25 kilometers away at Yerawada! Considering the traffic jams on Nagar Road, just imagine how many hours the fire engine will take to reach Gagan Adira!

I hope, the kind hearted builder will buy two fire engines for Gagan Adira at Wagholi!

Free Car Park at Gagan Adira Wagholi:

The kind hearted builder of Gagan Adira can give away one more thing for free! Car park!!

Since this is his first independent project, the builder of Gagan Adira is not aware that he can not sell car park. Only out of ignorance, in his property price list he has charged Rs. 3 Lakhs for the car park.

It means that you have to tell the builder of Gagan Adira that - instead of collecting Rs. 22 Crores from the 736 flat buyers (3,00,000 x 736 flats = 22,08,00,000) - he has to give car parking for free!

But I am going to construct 3 level parking! 2 level basement parking + ground level - stilt level - parking!! The builder may complain.

Don't worry, Mr. Builder. You don't have to construct 3 level parking. Stilt parking will be there by default. Rest can be open car parking.

In fact, SEAC III is against basement parking! I wonder how they didn't object to Gagan Adira's parking plan!
In the same minutes of 41st meeting, SEAC III has given reasons for not allowing basement parking in residential projects -

1) High noise pollution because of the ventilation machines

2) High energy consumption of the fans

3) Basements become breeding sites of Vector-borne infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc.

4) Unaffordable maintenance costs

5) Accumulated gases in the basement are serious threat to life of the residents

So, it's better to have only stilt & open car parking, certainly for free, at Gagan Adira at Wagholi.

No Infrastructure charges at Gagan Adira at Wagholi!:

Though this is his first independent project, Mr. Rahul Garg the builder of Gagan Adira is in this business for last 15 years. In association with some old time builders, Mr. Garg has developed quite a few projects. In these project mostly his role & responsibility was the construction, Mr. Garg told me.

Obviously, while deciding the property prices, Mr. Garg has followed a few outdated - wrong - ideas. For example - infrastructure charges. Yes! at Gagan Adira he is expecting you to pay additional Rs. 3 lakh as infrastructure charges!! Mr. Garg wishes to collect Rs. 22 Crores from 736 flats as infrastructure charges. Old habits die hard!

Today's property buyer, particularly IT professionals working in EON IT Park at Kharadi, are too smart to take on a ride! You have to explain why are you charging 3 lakhs per flat, you have to give audited accounts of 22 crores & refund the balance amount to them.

There is another option. No infrastructure charges!

Just imagine how attractive Gagan Adira would be!

Free carpark & no infrastructure charges would reduce the property price by 6 lakh rupees!

Means an all inclusive property price of a typical 2 BHK Flat would be only Rs. 39 - 43 lakhs
& Rs. 57 - 63 Lakhs for a 3 BHK!

Home automation does not add any value to the property.
Only fair prices makes the property worth buying.

You know? Everyone who will book a flat at Gagan Adira at Wagholi will be proud to say that:
"Mere Gagan Adira me pyas bhujane ke liye pani hai & aag bhujane ke liye fire engine!"

Gagan Adira Wagholi - Topaz Homes LLP - Recommended for EC - Item No 34 - Page 83 - SEAC III - 41st Meeting - 27 - 30 January 2016 -

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  1. Traffic on Pune-Nagar road is becoming worst during rush hours.
    BRTS is useless and flyovers make sense there.

    Sad but Media and politicians are silent on this issue.
    People should think twice before buying there.

  2. We have seen how builders at NIBM-Kondhwa area gave water affidavit to PMC, got approvals and after project got completed, left buyers on their own to fend water. Lacs of rupees per month was spent by societies on water tankers and they had to file case against builder for cheating on water supply promises. If a person is wise, he should learn from this NIBM-Kondhwa flat buyers experience.

    And Wagholi being village outside PMC, matters become even worse. This area has poor roads, many roads without street lights, no proper water, sewage & garbage disposal problems, infact no basic infrastructure exists. Wonder how builder plans to build 16 floor building ? Water tanker mafia makes matter even worse.
    And don't worry about fire station being 25 kms away as Wagholi gram panchayat will buy helicopter firefighter,Lol.

    In current times when builders are going bankrupt & prices are going to crash, one should not buy property. Buying in under-construction projects is far more riskier as seen from recent experiences from small as well as so called big builders in Pune whose projects are stalled & buyers are stuck.

  3. Dear Ravi,
    Your posts are eyeopeners. I appreciate your good work.
    I am planning to buy (for investment) a 2 BHK flat in Hinjewadi and am thinking between Kasturi Eon in Phase 3 and Ashok meadows Peninsula group in Phase 1.

    Please advise if you have any other suitable project in mind and/or either of the above.


    Devesh Kothari

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Had paid the booking amount for Adira at launch.Am a first time buyer abd its purely investment.

    Many people have mentioned that a project approved by SBI means its a clean deal.

    I have been waiting for the project to be approved by SBI. Its been a while now that they have been saying its about to get approved.

    Plan to make the first payment only post SBI clearance for the registration etc.

    Do you agree? Can I have the project verified at my own and how? Do help.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Ravi,

    Is this a good buy? Am a first time buyer and have been told that a project approved by SBI is a clean buy. Adira guys have been telling me that the clearance is about to happen soon since the launch.(Its is approved by HDFC home loans)

    Please advice. Also is there anyways i can have the project verified at my end? Do let me know. Thanks.

  6. Hi Ravi,
    The builder is no way ready to reduce either parking fee or infra cost. They say that they can charge these either in the property price itself or in the break ups but they will charge definitely. Plz advise should I still buy a unit in adira? Looking for a 3bhk unit which he quotes around 70 lacs all inclusive...