Sunday, January 17, 2016

Warning for CREDAI Pune Home Buying Festival Visitors

Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat Pune is Conducting Awareness Program for Property Buyers at Pune Home Buying Festival of CREDAI Pune Metro at SSPMS Grounds:

Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat Pune is Conducting Awareness Program for Property Buyers at Pune Home Buying Festival of CREDAI Pune Metro at SSPMS Grounds

When I was at the offices of Crime Branch of Pune Police with the flat buyers from Kumar Builders' KUL Ecoloch, I received a phone call of my real estate salesperson friend.

"Some people are protesting at the entrance of CREDAI exhibition! Big news for you!!," my real estate salesperson friend said.

"Protesting? Are you out of your mind? Who will dare to protest against CREDAI?," I said.

"True! That's why it's news!!," my friend said.

My real estate salesperson friend called me again.

"Now, what?," I said.

"CREDAI called police. Police didn't take the protestors in the custody!," my friend said.

"Why? Are police no more friends of Pune builders or what?," I asked.

"Police said they are not protesting. They are creating awareness," my friend said.

"Creating awareness is good. Isn't it?," I said.

"Certainly not! Not good!!," my friend said.

"Not good! For whom? For the builders?," I asked.

"Not good for the property buyers! Aware property buyer will never be able to book a home & may remain homeless for life!," my friend said.

"Means - you are not worried about the builders - you are worried about the property buyers!," I said.

"That's why I called you. You care for the property buyers. I hope you will do something to save them from becoming homeless," my friend said.

"What's the difference? Where do the builders give possession to those who have booked? Isn't it better to become a homeless for not booking a home - than not getting possession of a flat after booking & paying the entire amount to the builder?," I said.

"But, for not getting a flat possession - you can blame a builder. Isn't it better than blaming yourself?," the caller said.

"You sound like a flat buyer! I think I must do something to stop this awareness program," I said.

I told the crime branch police what's going on at CREDAI exhibition & requested them to let me go & do something to stop the awareness program.

"Go & stop it. Awareness is not good. Look at me. After hearing from you that the builder can't sell parking - I have started blaming myself for paying 6 lakhs for 2 car parks. Ignorance is a blessing!," the officer said.

You know what I saw at the main entrance of Credai Pune Home Buying Festival at SSPMS?

Those who have not received possession of their flats were explaining the visitors what precautions they should take while booking a flat & how to avoid becoming a victim of a builder.

You know what was most disappointing?

Huge number of visitors were listening to them carefully!

Do not listen to these guys. You have no power to change the builders. You have to follow the builders' rules. I tried my best to convince as many as I could.

But, no one paid any attention to me.

Sad. Unfortunate. Very stupid of them. Isn't it?

Ignorance is a blessing. Awareness is a curse. Right?

Support me in the comments & do your best to spread 'the ignorance' about buying a property in Pune real estate market, please.

CREDAI (builder association ) ने पुणे मे होम फेस्टिवल 2016 आयोजित किया था उसमे अखिल भारतीय ग्राहक पंचायत पुणे महानगर शाख...
Posted by Vijay Sagar on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Precautions & tips in Hindi about buying a flat in Pune real estate market, please, view the video of Mr. Vijay Sagar of Grahak Panchayat:

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  1. Great words ...we buyer trust yet on CREDAI and think credai doing work for buyers and builders for better conversion....but Yesterday seems they are only working for bulders.
    Ideally they should aware/inform/educate to buyers what is his rights. As well they must go proactively to buldrs who are cheating his customer in any aspect like as latest trend as Delayed possession,extra amount in society formation and electricity meter, selling parking,taking maintenance charge for life time, giving more verbal commitment which not getting fullfilled, any changes in plan without consent/approval from concern authority and so on...

    1. CREDAI is a builder lobby or builders gang. Who help each other to cheat the property buyers. It is not government organization or non profit organization so it will never help buyer. Expecting credai to help the buyers is useless.

  2. Awesome, fantastic work done by Grahak Panchayat & allied consumer rights organization for arranging awareness program right at the entrance of exhibition organized by NON-CREDIBLE organization CREDAI. Kudos to those buyers who volunteered for the awareness program.
    And why do crooks in NON-CREDIBLE CREDAI keep troubling Police ? They call Police to remove the activists & flat buyers looted by builders. Certainly Police did very good job of not arresting these people. Instead of calling Police, NON-CREDIBLE CREDAI should have called Mr. Anilkumar Yadav of Concept Public Relations India Ltd. as it is PR agency of NON-CREDIBLE CREDAI apart from KUL. And why is KUL Nation also stalled ?

    Dear Ravi,
    In your abandoned project list, you should also add Phadnis infrastructure project Eastern Ranges at Keshavnagar as builder is bankrupt. Buyers here are getting taarikh pe taarikh for possession & banks are confiscating the assets, properties kept as collateral of Phadnis builder due to defaults in repaying loan. Also, people who had invested in Phadnis FD scheme are lodging Police complaint against this builder as cheques have bounced. Some complaints with buyer details -

    Mantri Group has also gone bankrupt & court has ordered builder Sunil Mantri to deposit his passport. Buyers of Mantri Realty's residential projects across seven cities are a worried lot following the appointment of the official liquidator.

    With all the news above, it is best to buy ready possession flats with all approvals at location having good infrastructure. Even better & far more cheaper option is to rent till property prices fall by atleast 50%.

  3. Very good initiative. These protesters should go to every property exhibition.
    I will be happy to join if they let me know their plan in advance

  4. Ravi why are u not adding my comments? it gud that people are coming out n protesting. Btw wts the status of the nanded city constro is going in full swing though the puneits finding it difficult to get the water.

    1. Nanded City is brain child of the ministers of previous Government, so they got direct water line from Khadakvasla without being dependent on PMC water supply. And why will those ex-ministers bother about Puneties ? Their interest is in making money, lot of money & not welfare of citizens.

      Water from Khadakwasla diverted to Nanded at NCP's behest: RTI -

      BTW, buyers buying flats in project without EC will now be owners of illegal flats as per latest SC order. The builder enjoys money for giving you illegal flat in such case. So ensure all approvals are there.

      Housing projects without green nod illegal: SC

    2. It was supposed to have IT park planned in NC. I don't see a single mm constro happened for IT park in NC since last 8 years I think since 2008. What about the people and investors who invested there, do they still hoping for exorbitant prices in such a hopeless and disconnected place?

  5. Very nice show. Points provided by the Mr. Vijay Sagar are very informative. I would request Ravi to write something specific to those points. One interesting point was builder can't sell the Parking. I can see every builder is selling the parking separately. Why CREDAI is not doing anything against such action of builders. Actually CREDAI is not any government organization or non profit organization it is just a organization of burilders (Builder lobby). I see many people visiting CREDAI fair in hope that it will give them some benefit but Why would a builder lobby gang (Credai) will give any benefit to buyer? Its time for government to create a independent regulatory authority for the real estate so that buyers can get right thing at right price. And builder lobby organization (CREDAI) should be banned.

  6. Kolte-Patil is another builder that is not delivering. Their Iven project in Hinjewadi is all but stalled. Possessions are delayed by over a year. They refuse to compensate the customers and make it difficult for customers to seek out the responsible people within the company. Future buyers, beware and stay away!!

  7. Few questions just as ordinary citizen
    1) Why is it allowed to mention a carpet area and Sale-able area in an agreement. why not make a rule that carpet area and sale-able area cannot be different.

    2) If sale-able area is the way we have to pay in the end why not legalise it and put some formula on how to calculate the sale-able area and a limit that it cannot exceed lets say 10-20%(just for example).
    though i would not prefer point 2
    Any thoughts or guidance on this point and I am also going to contact Mr. Vijay Sagar