Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is so Marvelous about Yezdi Motiwalla?

A Messenger to Pune Property Buyers:

Yezdi Motiwalla

We must take sides. 
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. 
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. 

Like thousands of property buyers in Pune, Mr. Yezdi Motiwalla became a victim of an unscrupulous builder in Pune.

However, unlike thousands of victims of the unscrupulous builders in Pune, Yezdi refused to live a life of a victim.

Yezdi refused to suffer silently. Yezdi went on sharing his experiences & views on Facebook. Only to create awareness among Pune property buyers. Only to educate Pune property buyers.

The other day, Yezdi invited me to his rented flat.

Yes, Yezdi does not own a home. He may not be able to own a home in Pune. At least, not the kind of a flat he had booked. Certainly, not at the same location.

Retired, single & in early fifties, Yezdi Motiwalla is facing huge life challenges. But these challenges have fired up his spirits.

The builder could forced Yezdi to cancel his flat. But the builder could not defeat Yezdi. Now, Yezdi is standing for every property buyer in Pune.

I want people to benefit from my tragedy. I want to share my experiences effectively. I want to reach maximum number of property buyers and teach them what I have learned. Yezdi Motiwalla told me.

Okay. Motiwalla wants to become Messiah - Savior - Liberator. I said.

Messenger. Motiwalla said.

Okay. Messenger Motiwalla. I said.

Yezdi opened a big hard cover journal and started telling his story. The first page was, of course, the booking form - Yezdi has filled when he booked the flat. Yezdi has collected & documented his entire experience of buying a home.

"You have done a marvelous job! Motiwalla is a Marvelous Messenger!," pointing at the table full of journals, I said.

And then, we sat and planned video lessons - based on the journals of Yezdi Motiwalla. Lessons about tips & precautions while buying a home in Pune real estate market. Which you can see soon. Very soon.

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  1. Dear Fellow Citizens Kindly await my Video on YOU TUBE how consumers must assert their vigilance against the unethical builder lobby
    Jago - Grahak -Jago! This is a wake-up call,on how a common man may suffer at the hands of unscrupulous builders, when asking for their rightful dues
    While purchasing my home, I asked for documentation of the project and my flat. This upset the builder so much that they pressurizied me to exit the project, all because I asked uncomfortable questions. The builder sent me a rude SMS, “Any more msg to me, you may not get your flat as well.” I still retain the SMS for the records.
    As a vigilant citizen, I have a fundamental right to ascertain the legitimacy of a project before investing my hard-earned savings into the roof over my head. Unscrupulous and cunning builders can cause suffering by cheating of you money and destroying the dreams to own your house.
    This is my real story. I don’t want you to undergo through the mental agony, pain, financial losses and sleepless nights. In our country, fear or respect for the judicial systems is non-existent. This outrage is strengthened by the political clout, muscle power and corrupt officials who exist hand-in-glove.
    The vision of our beloved prime minister Shri Honorable Respected Narendra Modi for “Clean and Good Governance” will not be realized until the ordinary citizens demand their complete rights as consumers.
    In solidarity, Jai Hind.

  2. Name of the crook builder please.
    Using word crook here since use of other words will not make my comment visible, else I have best expletives to pre-fix before word builder.

  3. Dear monk kindly visit my FB page you will get your answe of crook Jai hind

    1. Did check your FB page but didn't find the details. Also, I don't use any social networking websites. Can you please share direct link ? Else it seems the best option is to wait till Ravi K uploads the video with all the details.
      Jai Hind.

    2. From legal point of view, the name of the builder is not mentioned in the blog & will not be mentioned in the video.

    3. Seems our system is more for culprits than the victim. But I am sure the video will help buyers irrespective of builder and projects. This will be indeed useful for all buyers. Waiting for the video.

      @ Mr. Yezdi Motiwalla,

      Checked your fb page later. At bottom, there is section - 'Others' and in that the builder name is seen. Looks to me that's the crook. If yes, it's not just you but even contractors are on dharna for non payment of their dues as seen in Ravi's earlier post.

  4. Video still not uploaded :(
    BTW, buyers in various projects of Kumar builders or KUL protested in front of builders' office for non delivery of flats which is delayed by almost 2 years. Builder is not responding either. Please do cover that story.

  5. Any simple economical procedure for my pune society building Conveyance deeds ? Building is 28 years old. Builder not traceable.I am chairman.
    Mostly middle income group senior citizen staying there.
    Contact 9892252811 Cyrus Rupa.