Friday, October 30, 2015

Vascon is Back in Business!

Before Booking a Flat,
Find Out How Big is Your Builder's "Debt Mountain"!:

Vascon is Back in Business!

Vascon Engineers ( participated in the last East Pune Property Exhibition organized by CREDAI Pune Metro Property. Vascon Ela opposite corporate office of Sulzon at Survey No 169 (part) Sade Satara Nali Hadapsar near Amanora & Windermere at Koregaon Park were on display.

"Glad to see you!," I said to the person in the stall.

"Yes, we are back. We are going to complete these two projects!," the person in Vascon stall gave me a smile and said.

Recently, in an effort to conquer the debt mountain of more than 350 crores, Vascon has sold its stake in Hyatt Regency. And it was announcing it's come back by participating in an exhibition organized in the same hotel. Isn't it ironic?

Are these people aware about Vascon's struggle to survive? Looking at the couple in Vascon stall - I asked myself.

What about the debt mountains of the other big & small builders in Pune real estate market? How can property buyers find out how big is the debt mountain of the builder?

Vascon is a listed company. Its financials are reported & discussed in public. For example - To reduce its debt burden Vascon has sold its stake in - Hyaat Regency, Holiday Inn near Hinjewadi, Galaxy Hotel in Goa, IT Park & plots in Nashik etc. is news. To bring down debt below 200 crores, Vascon had come out with rights issue. To fulfil the requirement of working capital, the promoters of Vascon have increased their stake in the company - is out in the public domain.

But, what about the builders who are not listed public limited companies? How can a property buyer know about these builders' financial status?

Isn't it a big risk to book a flat without knowing whether the builder will remain in the business or go bankrupt?

Or should we all play safe - and follow the advice - "It is worth waiting to buy homes till April 2016"

When you do not know anything about your builder's Debt Mountain - What else can you do but wait?

Please, give time to your builder to refinance his debt before the D Day - 31st March 2016.

Make sure that he remains in the business. Can complete the project.

What say you?

Can you find out your builder's mountain of debt? Can your builder manage his debt & remain in the business? Do you think that you can get possession of the flat you have booked - because the offer was too attractive?

Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. Builders going bankrupt is a fact now. It has started with Delhi-NCR, then Mumbai & now it's Pune. Since many builders are not listed so their finances can't be easily known, however from the way projects are stalled, delayed, payments to vendors pending, it only shows financial problems. And now builders will blame Govt for their bankruptcy ! Lol. Why weren't the blaming Govt in 2008-09 when they were raking big profits ? Hypocrisy at level best.

    The news link posted by you Ravi summarises everything really well -

    Before March 2016, six to eight big reputed names may turn bad loans. The pressure to complete and repay the debt or equity taken will force real estate market to panically sell. Hence rates will see nose fall.

    The risk for buyers is even higher since builder can go bankrupt and still hire lawyer from buyers money to fight case. What will buyers do ? They will be stuck with Pre-EMIs, without any flat.
    Options are only 2 - Either buy ready for possession flats with all approvals or stay on rent at fraction of cost. Atleast for me, renting is working well. Enjoy flat at fraction of cost. Will think about buying only after prices fall by atleast 50%.

    1. "Options are only 2 - Either buy ready for possession flats with all approvals or stay on rent at fraction of cost" - True, TheMonk!