Monday, October 12, 2015

Prudentia Towers at Wakad, Pune - Any Questions for Mr. Aditya Javdekar?

Where is Pallasio Towers at Wakad, Pune?

Vilas Javdekar Developers' Prudentia Towers at Wakad, Pune.

Mr. Manish, one of my readers, asked my opinion about Vilas Javdekar Developers' Prudentia Towers at Wakad, Pune.

Sorry. I don't know anything about it. I said.

Javdekar opened booking on 25 - 27 September & received huge response. Manish told me.

Really! How do you know? I asked.

I have been there. I have already booked a 2 BHK Flat. That's why I am asking your opinion. Manish told.

Javdekar is a juggler! What's the offer? I asked.

No offer. Unusual! Isn't it? Manish said.

Certainly, unusual - strange - unbelievable! What is the construction status? I asked.

Nothing. No construction. But the salesman said that the project has received EC - Environmental Clearance. Manish said.

EC is good. In these days - Don't you think that it's too risky to book when the construction hasn't begun? I asked.

Certainly, it's a big risk! That's why am I calling you! Manish said.

Tell me what tempted you to take the risk of booking a flat in Prudentia Towers. I asked.

Budget! Said Manish.

Okay. Let me study the project & come back to you. I told & hang up.

I visited the site of Prudentia Towers at Wakad. Couple of times. Not because I liked the project. But because I couldn't get a satisfactory answer to my simple question - like - 'What happened to Pallasio Towers at Wakad - launched in 2013?'. Or the difficult question like - Why did Prudentia Towers receive such a good response?

So, at last, I called Mr. Aditya Javdekar of Vilas Javdekar Developers (

Aditya has promised to meet me in this week to share the secret of success of Prudentia Towers.

So, if you have any questions for Mr. Aditya Javdekar, please, post your questions / queries in the comments.

I am sure, Mr. Aditya will answer all. Amen.

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  1. • Very hyped Sales & Marketing stunt and just trying to sell a small piece of area with high rise building based on existing brand image
    • It is not first tallest at all. Kalpataru Crescendo is the first 21 Fl approved scheme. In Prudentia, only 15 Fls are approved and booking open for 15 FLs only
    • There is land litigation for the rest of land of the project which may have issues in future.
    • Environment clearance for 21 FL building is not yet approved so the dynamics can change anytime. Since 2 years back, VJ launched Pallasio project on the same land and it is in land litigation.
    • Parking – Total 168 Flats – So are there 168 Open or Closed Parking in that small piece of land having one and only building -- They actually don’t have Parking space for all and if they do then so called 6000 sq ft Garden/Lawn area will be eaten for Parking (You never know)
    • 1107 Sq Ft for 3 BHK --- all bedrooms 10x10 – tried to accommodate 3 BHK in cost of 75 Lacs and 1100 sq ft --- You will regret to stay there when your Sofa/Bed will be having bigger size than shown in Show Flat right now ;-)
    • Very small rooms and clogged
    • Scheme do not have good or spacious amenities though mentioned in stylish marketing style (Who are going to use branded amenities as Branded Spa with Creche, Marque Coffee House, Business Centre with Meeting Room, Are these really needed than basic spacious amenities as Children Play area, swimming pool, walking area etc etc )
    • No realistic Garden or Road view – still asking higher rate (Rs 5650 sq ft) There are buildings on Garden side while a slum type area on road side – so actually not a GREAT view at all to pay more
    • asking 3.5 L for covered parking !! Around 5.75 Lac extra for Infra/MSEB/Parking !!!
    • Also asking for 1.5L extra as INSURANCE for their own commitments of Timely possession and to provide service to rent out !! 
    • No OFFER – Asking for all SD+Reg, VAT & ST – When everywhere rates are down and giving offers in all different way with FREE VAT/ST and FREE Reg/SD

    Suggest to hold with your booking and let VJ come back to Buyers with LOTS of OFFERS having realistic valuation of the Flats where we can expect around 15-20% discount on current prices, then only it could be a reasonable deal else you will end up paying on higher side unnecessarily.

    1. Very good points Rakesh. Thanks a lot for the valuable info.
      Those who want to book here should also visit earlier projects of VJ like Palash 1,2 at Wakad to get an idea of unkept promises of this builder.
      Just go and buy ready for possession flat which has clear title if you want to avoid headache and financial loss.

    2. As Manish have already booked flat in Prudentia Tower I have booked flat at garden facing in this project, that has cost about 63 Lacs. in my case I have paid booking amount of rs 7 lacs.I asked server time to sale persons where the amenities are going to located.They gave me answer that it is not decided yet. I asked another question
      why should I pay for amenities(e.g. roof lounge) for that I have to paid in 35 %, but not get good answer, I heard also that these amenities are going to come in commercial places (e.g. gym spa, cafe and these spaces are going to give on lease and user from that project will get subsidy in these area,Now want to know what should be my next step. I haven't done agreement.Any suggestion or law to stop builder to avoid open space(garden space for parking?

  2. By reading above comments. I must say we get fooled .I have already booked 2 BHK flat in this project and paid booking amount and they asking me to do agreement, but I haven't got answered for where Amenities are going to be placed, sales persons are not clear idea about it. In such case what I have to do?
    Any sugession?

    1. Amenities? What about the flat? Are you sure about completion & possession of the building, Parag? Have you seen the sanctioned plan & commencement letter?

    2. Thank you for your reply.
      I am confused because I asked builder provide me sanctioned plan but I got answer that we will provide you when agreements are going to start
      In between I got soft and had copy of layout but that doesn't have any government
      stamp.I don't know about commencement letter. As I posted early I haven't done agreement yet. I have asked for EC certificate and waiting answer.
      Want help from you for further required documents that I should collect. What should be my next step? Any suggestion.

    3. any one booked flat in prudentia tower wakad please share his whatsapp number. Even I have booked in the same project. They are asking me to do the aggrement , I don't know whether construction has started or not.
      aat the time of the booking they said next 10% you have to give on March, now in Nov they asking for 10%.

  3. any one booked flat in prudentia tower wakad please share his whatsapp number. Even I have booked in the same project. They are asking me to do the aggrement , I don't know whether construction has started or not.
    aat the time of the booking they said next 10% you have to give on March, now in Nov they asking for 10%.

  4. Hello Manish, Parag & Rahul Gupta
    I have also booked the flat in Prudentia Tower, Wakad.
    Can we make whats up group to share the info about Prudentia Tower?
    My cell no. is 9850830085,
    Manoj Bagul

    1. Manoj, let initiate and create a group. I will definitely accept the request and will share my experience. It is always good to have group to cross check our doubts/ queries rather individually.

    2. Hi Parag. have you created any whatsapp group, let me know..Even I have booked a 3 BHK

    3. WTF.. once book wait some time before starting a discussion about we got fooled and all.. take a chill pill. anyway you booked.

    4. OK "thanks"..sorry if you get hurt by the word.

  5. Hi Parag , this is Ashutosh here ,. even I have booked a 3 BHK flat at Prudentia , went through the blog please add me in the whats app group .

  6. Hello all,

    A group named Prudentia Towers Owners is in place on Facebook. You can join it for updates, queries or discussion on recent developments.

  7. Hello All,
    A group named Prudentia Towers Owners is in place on Facebook. People can join it for sharing recent updates, queries and for discussion on recent developments.