Friday, July 3, 2015

Beware of builders' tricks. Do not fall into the trap.

Top 11 Most Popular Blogs in the First Half of 2015:

In the first half of 2015, I was mostly writing about deception. The so called home loan offers 10-70-10-10 or 5-75-10-10 & property price discounts - Indian Realty Flash Sale - offered by the builders in Pune. I was reporting that instead of rationalizing the property prices, the builders are trying to 'alter' - 'change' - property buyers' perception by tricks & untruths.

Since we all live together, most of the time, we largely trust each other. This makes us susceptible to illusion & lies. The builders in Pune were taking disadvantage of our susceptibility. They were trying to steal our EMI to fund their sinking business.

These builders were trying to trick us to borrow money from the private housing finance companies - at heavy interest rates - and pay these moneys to fund their sinking business.

With the help of advertising agencies & main stream media, these builders were 'managing the perception of the property buyers' in such a way that many property buyers didn't realize the deception.

These naive property buyers took this deception as a normal marketing initiative - product promotion activity.

Many products, many brands, at some point of time, offer discounts & easy payment schemes. From shoes & shirts to LCD TVs & cars. Right? Now, you are getting offers & discounts for property - flats - homes. What's wrong about it? These builders were claiming.

Apparently, these builders were not lying.
These builders were only omitting a fact. An important fact.
These builders are service providers.
Builders offer real estate development service.
They were not offering ready for possession flats.
Since the property were not ready for possession - what they were claiming - what they were offering - was far away from the truth. It was deception!

As a blogger, I believe, it's my duty to make Pune property buyers aware about this deception. So that they will not fall into the trap. And become victims of builders' poor service - exorbitant 'other charges' - unfair terms in the flat agreement - poor construction quality - delayed possession - not providing basic infrastructural services like water, power, approach road, sewage & waste management - insufficient car parking facilities - exorbitant penalty interest for delayed payments - poor maintenance - swindling of maintenance charges - incomplete amenities - unsatisfactory after possession service - possession without completion & occupancy certificate - not forming Cooperative Housing Society - avoiding conveyance deed.

That's why most of my blogs in the first half of 2015 were devoted to this. Please, have a look.

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  1. Your writeups have a made a difference. People have started asking questions . People has started making the right decision. A few weeks back at a launch event (wont tell the builders name because i dont want an FIR against me LOL) which i had attended to get my free ice cream and cold drinks i overheard a young couple asking the builder to show a copy of the land records, EC certificates etc. They even asked for the builder to put a late possession clause in the agreement without which they would not sign !. Clearly your message has been received .

  2. It's good compilation of all such builders' tricks indeed.
    The builders simultaneously started exploiting buyers using similar methods, and lot of buyers indeed fell for it. But it was then, but now certainly the scale of fooling buyers has fallen. With more and more stories about buyers being conned by builders coming out in open either by mainstream media or social networks, the buyer of today has certainly become more aware than he was few years ago.

    The biggest fear in the minds of buyers put by builders - Buy today else prices will only go up tomorrow has fallen flat. Earlier, price was the only factor, now sanctions, clear title play more important aspect. I have seen builders salesperson running for cover when asked about simple things like commencement certificate, EC ! though it's altogether different case that I won't be buying under-construction flat.

    By the way, did you observe one important thing is past couple of months - The weekly real estate supplement in leading newspapers has fallen for 4+ pages to barely quarter to 1 page. Clear indication that builders have run out of money even for advertisement or they know that buyers won't come only on ads like they did earlier. The so called interest rates are high logic has fallen flat and it's high time builders officially cut prices by atleast 50% else more and more builders will face this situation as mentioned in today's news -

    Rising realty debt

    A look into interest expenses and operating profits of 20 realty firms over the last two years shows a decline in their ability to service their debts. -