Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Form a group to develop your own housing scheme in Pune!

Sanjay Deshpande of Sanjeevani Developers (www.sanjeevanideve.com) shows how you can realize your dream of owning a home at an affordable price!

Happy Home Buyer at Davabindu
Davabindu Home Buyers' Representatives with Team Sanjeevani
Handing Over Ceremony of Davabindu at Sus

Recently Sanjeevani Developers (www.sanjeevanideve.com) gave possession of Davabindu at Sus Gaon. Davabindu is built for Jain IT professionals in Pune. Under the leadership of Apoorva, Abhishek & Shubham Jain,some 80 young IT Engineers had come together and formed Gyanoday Digambar Jain Society - An Initiative of Jain Sangh Pune Trust.

A day before the handing over ceremony of Davabindu, I visited the project with Sanjay Deshpande. Sanjay showed me the entire project and explained to me how he has planned and constructed it.

Sanjay called Davabindu a "designer housing project". A housing project designed keeping in mind the financial, social and spiritual requirements of the home owners.

On the day of the handing over ceremony, I witnessed how satisfied the group was. The handing over ceremony became a thanks giving ceremony. The builder handed over the project to the flat buyers' group. The flat buyers group thanked the builder for doing his job well. Yes. well and in time! For the after possession communication, the home buyers & builder formed a Whatsapp Group!

Since I have started this blog, I have seen many group housing initiatives. From Aarohi at Sus of ITWAP (IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune) to Insignia Housing Group of Hinjewadi IT Professionals. But for the first time, at Davabindu Sus, I witnessed the completion & handing over of the dream group housing initiative.

Obviously, I asked Sanjay,"What is the secret of success of Davabindu?"

"Communication, reasonable expectations & commitment!," Sanjay Deshpande said.

"What should be the minimum size of the group?," I asked.

"A group of 24 flat buyers!," said Sanjay.

"Forming a group of 24 sounds possible! Are you interested in building more group housing projects?," I asked.

"Why not! I am a builder. Facilitator. Construction service provider. If I get committed booking - I am ready to work on reasonable limited profits!," Sanjay said.

How about you? Would you like to form a group to develop your own housing scheme?

You can save money. Own a home of your dream. Enjoy a community of like minded neighbors.

Have a look at Davabindu & call Sanjeevani Developers - 101, Sujal, 100’ Riverside DP Road, Patwardhan Baug, Pune- 411052.
Phone:020-2543 4021 Telefax:020-2545 4757 E-mail:sales@sanjeevanideve.com Website www.sanjeevanideve.com

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  1. Ravida, thanks a ton for putting forward or lets say sharing this davabindu story, as affordability is a key now a days in home buying & a group if comes together can make any home affordable such is the strength of it! Unfortunately for various reasons people dont come together is a fact but such stories might make a difference! My all wishes to ur readers! Plz do contact me at smd156812@gmail.com
    for any assistance! Sanjay

    1. The reason why many people don't come together is due to the following :

      They don't have enough numbers to start with the moment they start hunting for a flat,
      And if even they form a group, older experiences in projects (group housing) located in Sus, Baner (hope you know the name of project I am talking about near a international school) makes them worried about putting faith in builder.
      However, I do know handful of people who came together and built themselves from a contractor at very, very less price than rate quoted by builders, but one guy owned the land and cash component therefore was not involved.

      Having said this, I appreciate what has been said in the video and just like some builders advertise on their website that they do redevelopment projects, Mr. Sanjay D should also mention on his website or rather highlight that he will be interested in doing group housing projects. This will be a good start atleast for projects upto 100 flats.

  2. Hi Monk,
    Thanks for ur suggestion & i will do it! About coming together thats the worst drawback of our fellow countrymen is a history! And then to find a builder whom we can trust :)
    Well but not impossible there are still few good men around is all I will say, just we need to come together & stay together till the things get handed over & remember when we say together the builder also has to be part of that togetherness!

  3. I came across a post in IREF that states just the opposite. Test posted as follows :

    "I called one of the people from Ravi Karandekar,s blog today...They have a different concept ...They gathered 80 ppl & asked the builder if he has any upcoming project & could allow only ppl from a particular community to buy flats. The builder who had an upcoming project & agreed to the conditions of the group & the ppl took individual loans not as a group Thats all"

  4. Hi, these 80 peoples were from jain community & nothing wrong as they want to stay together! They entered individually in the agreement as each has job in separate company so loan facility could be availed as per their individual choice! As a builder I had been assured of 80 bookings & we made 80 flats only accordingly & the rate was fixed which was far below than the rate in locality! All the agreement etc formalities were done by us but bookings wasnt done from our office but by the group only! Thats what success of the group! If u want any details we can meet anytime at our office! Regards.. sanjay deshpande

  5. Sanjivani builders will ask for 10% black amount when you go for booking this flat. I tried to book flat in Devraai some time back and builder demanded 10% amount in black. On asking why black money builder openly said that others take 20% , we are taking only 10%. This amount does not show up on paper any where.