Friday, April 24, 2015

Eagle's Nest Tour

Naiknavare Developers Present "The Summer Home Carnival" The Best Deals This Summer - Gudhi Padwa to Akshay Tritiya - for 3.5 BHK Town Houses, 4 BHK Row Houses, 3 BHK Duplex Apartments, 3 BHK - 2 BHK - 1 BHK Flats in Eagle's Nest at Vadgaon, opposite Talegaon MIDC, behind Tata La Montana:

Deepak with the four ladies at Eagle's Nest

People invested in La Montana Talegaon only because of the magic word associated with it. Tata. Why would anyone invest in Eagle's Nest? "Naiknavare" has no magical powers like "Tata".

I went on wondering. All the way from old Mumbai Pune Highway to Naiknavare Developers' Eagle's Nest ( - located behind Tata La Montana (

You know what I saw in the site sales office? A couple!
A young couple was with Deepak, sales manager of Eagle's Nest.
I couldn't believe it. I went in and pulled the empty chair.
The athletic young man was in a bermuda and his sultry slim wife was in a sleeveless tank top.
They were talking about a 3.5 BHK Townhouse.

"Hinjewadi & Talawade are just 15 kilometers away!," Deepak said.
"How do you know that I work in Hinjewadi & she is at Talawade?," asked the athletic young man in a bermuda.
"We are considering this because it would be convenient for both of us!,' said the sultry slim wife in a sleeveless tank top.
"Experience! I am working in Talegaon for the last 25 years!," said Deepak.

Yes! Experienced real estate salesperson can read the visiting property buyer in a few seconds. In and out. And he focuses on the one who is on the top.

But there are many working couples who work in Hinjewadi & Talavade. Not all of them think of a townhouse in Eagle's Nest at Vadgaon. Why is this couple interested? Eagle's Nest is not a regular convenient urban property. Why are they attracted towards Eagle's Nest? Unconsciously, I started thinking.

I don't know when I closed my eyes. And do you know what I saw? A cowboy herding cattle on a ranch. Oh my god! It was him!!

In his past life - the young athletic man in a bermuda was a cowboy!

No wonder in this life he is so adventurous!!

I got the answer to the question - Why would anybody invest in Naiknavare Developers' Eagle's Nest?

The answer is hidden in the property buyer's past life. Not in his current life. I can go back in the property buyer's past life and find the reason which influences his home buying decision in the current life!

Ravi Karandeekar, congratulations! You possess divine powers.
An experienced real estate salesperson has powers to know the current life of a property buyer. But, Ravi Karandeekar can enter into any property buyer's past life!

The realization was overwhelming. I came out of the office and took a deep breath. I tried my best to accept the fact that I have supernatural powers.

Be humble. Ravi Karandeekar, you are just an insignificant bit of a big cosmic power. I told myself.

While I was trying to calm down, the couple left and four ladies came in a car.
Good! this is an opportunity to confirm my powers. I told myself. And followed the ladies.

If you see the photos of these ladies, you may wonder why do these mature - respectable - well to do - ladies want to invest in Eagle's Nest. But I know why are they attracted towards it. Because I know who they were in their past life. To maintain their privacy I will only give you a clue. Eva Braun and her sister Gretl spent more time than Hitler at Eagle's Nest.

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Contact Eagle's Nest:

Deepak Jawkhedkar, Manager (Sales)
88050 09190 / 90285 92387

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