Friday, March 20, 2015

Beware of Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik

Quit India:

Beware of Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik

Marathi builders are a special breed. They are born into this world. Born with a drive to succeed.

Unlike common Maharashtrians, education and experience doesn't change these builders. They remain as they are born - bullies.

Age & success doesn't affect them. They never stop bullying.
These bullies enjoy making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone verbally.

That's why instead of inviting politely - they use weather - cold, rains & heat - to attack and force you to visit their property exhibition - Pune Home Festival 2015 at Pandit Farms on D P Road, opposite Tol Sabhagruha at Karve Nagar, Pune.

They are spreading the rumor that no where you will get the kind of "deal" - you are getting at Pune Home Festival.

Sole purpose of this exhibition is not to share information about ongoing projects in Pune but to bully you to book a flat. By using special exhibition offers to threaten you - Book a flat for 50,000 at Pune Home Festival or be a homeless.

These Marathi builders don't believe in persuasion. They trust in bullying Pune property buyers.

But don't worry. They treat themselves in the same way.

Every year when they return home from the study tour of some developed country in the world, these Marathi Builders pay the tour operator for arranging protesters at Pune Airport shouting "Quit India".

After reaching home, when their wives ask them about the study tour - the Marathi Builders tell them - "You know what? British have gone. Now we builders rule India!!"

In short, beware is not a warning.
It's praise.
It means - Long Live Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik!

Yesterday, I visited Pune Home Festival.
( Have a look at the photos, please!)

Can I visit it today, tomorrow & day-after tomorrow?
I think - I can.

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1 comment:

  1. These exhibitions makes me laugh. They decorate their stalls very nicely creating artificial (computer generated 3D drawing, Photoshop magic, and copied photographs) visuals of their development projects. But the fact, many (all?) people do not understand that neither Pune is picturesque now nor the quality of these projects is even okay. Pune has become huge slum and rapid pollution generator making it worse day by day to breath clean natural air.

    And top of it as you have mentioned, this new breed of half or uneducated lobby of builders is cheating people to mint their hard earned money. The area where I live, Dhayari, is worst in entire Pune city. I realized many problems one year after coming to this area area from Parvati. In this area, you can't drive any kind of vehicle and you can't even walk safely. Roads are overcrowded and there is not even 1% discipline is followed. People drive bikes carelessly, small kids of this area drive their bikes triple seat without any fear as you will not find any police on these roads. You can't walk because in Dhayari, you will not find any footpath. Instead of plane road, you will see the side of roads are bumpy having slops, stones, rubble and mud. In my 3 years of stay, I never find any kind of work has been done for footpaths. On main Singhad road they have made footpath but it is a joke. Footpath width is one foot wide at some area and 3-4 foot wide on some areas. Where footpath is wide you will notice that it is occupied by shop keepers or infinite number of hawkers. The way these hawkers do business (mostly vegetable and fish) reminds me of poverty in India.

    In my opinion, without any kind of inrastructure, PMC shold not give permission for any kind new residential projects. If you don't have roads then what is point in making this area heavily populated? This is not only roads I am talking about. You will not find single public garden and sports ground in this entire area. How can you have a city where you can't walk freely, you can't jog or you can't do excercise.

    Even thouh properties are comparatively cheap here I want to tell people not to buy any property in this area as this area is worst part of this slum city.