Friday, February 27, 2015

Visit Pride Purple Group's - Tag Your Home Expo

"Tag Your Home Expo"
27th February - 1st March 2015
Deccan College Ground,
near Bombay Sappers,
Yerawada (Yerwada), Pune 411006

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I don't know why Pride Purple Group ( announced Tag Your Home Expo!

Pride Purple is not a listed company on Bombay Stock Exchange.
It doesn't have to impress naive shareholders with exaggerated claims.
Then what is the point?

What? 20th anniversary?
Oh! Yes!! It's 20th anniversary of Pride Purple Group!!

How can I forget?
How can a midwife remember the birthdays of every baby she assisted into this world?

Let me correct myself.
I know why Pride Purple Group is organizing 'Tag Your Home Expo.
You know why Pride Purple Group is organizing 'Tag Your Home Expo.
We all know why Pride Purple Group is organizing 'Tag Your Home Expo.

If you tag a home in this expo - Pride Purple Group will give you 4 exclusive - once in a life time - offers!

1) Only 3 percent for agreement (Terms & Conditions Apply)

2) 50 percent off on Stamp Duty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

3) 50 percent off on Registration (Terms & Conditions Apply)

4) 50 percent off on VAT (Terms & Conditions Apply)

No! Pride Purple Group is not the name of any state or union territory in India!

Wrong! Pride Purple Group is not the name of the central bank of Republic of India!

Pride Purple Group is a builder - real estate developer!

"50 percent off"  means - Pride Purple Group is going to pay half of the Stamp Duty, Registration Charges & VAT from it's own pocket to State Government of Maharashtra!


Because - it's the 20th anniversary of Pride Purple Group!

How come 3 percent for agreement?

Agreement to sale - property agreement -flat agreement can be done even if you pay 3 rupees to the builder!

Pride Purple Group is asking 3 percent for agreement only to give you some monetary satisfaction.

Paying Rs. 3 for an agreement of Rs. 1.24 Crore 3 BHK Flat in Pride Turquoise at Wakad would not have given you any satisfaction. Right? (In fact, giving change of 3 rupees would have been a big headache!)

So, have a look at the approximate all inclusive property prices at Pride Purple Group's projects -


1) Pride Titanium - 3 BHK - 1.11 Crore
2) Pride Turquoise - 2 BHK 95 Lakh / 2.5 BHK - 1.13 Crore / 3 BHK - 1.30 Crore
3) Park Ivory - 2 BHK - 85 Lakh /3 BHK- 1.13 Crore


4) Park Grandeur - 3 BHK - 2.27 Crore / 4 BHK - 3.10 Crore
5) Park Express II, - 2 BHK- 97 Lakh / 2.5 BHK - 1.03 Crore / 3 BHK - 1.24 Crore
6) Park Valencia, - 2 BHK - 1.17 Crore / 3 BHK - 1.38 Crore
7) Pride Platinum - 2 & 3 BHK - 81 Lakh to 1.5 Crore

Senapati Bapat Road

8) Pride Panorama - 2.7 Crore to 3 Crore


9) The Spires - 3, 4 BHK Flat - 3.60 - 4..78 Crore


10) Park Landmark - 3 BHK - 1.63 Crore

near Bavdhan

11) Pre-Launch Offer for Upcoming 115 Acre Township - 2 BHK - 55 Lakhs / 3 BHK - 75 Lakhs (Expo Offer Not Applicable)

Lohegaon - Dhanori

12) Pride Aashiyana - 51 to 64 Lakh
13) Park Springs - 30 - 60 Lakh

Charholi in PCMC

14) Brooklyn & Long Island
in Pride World City - 1 BHK - 40 Lakh / 2 BHK - 40 - 55 Lakh / 3 BHK - 68 Lakh

So, at least, today & tomorrow, don't visit any other site for booking a flat.
Only visit Deccan College Ground and Tag!

Anyways, now a days, you need 20 - 25 or even 30 years to become an owner of a flat you live in. Right?
So, be realistic - forget about booking and owning.
Tagging is more realistic & trendy.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pride Purple Group!

Pride Purple Tag Your Home Expo - 1 - 27-02-2015

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Pride Purple Tag Your Home Expo - 2 - 27-02-2015

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    Your blogs give lot of information to the property buyers. Thanks for the good work !
    Can you please share some more information about the prelaunched Pride Purple group 115 acres township in Bavdhan ?

  2. As per law Covered parking is the part of FSI consumed for your flat and it is free and compulsory for almost every flat. Builder now a days don't sale parking directly but they show this under development charges and nothing in agreement about sale of parking. Parking is always a part and owned by society and flat owners have no right to sale parking with flat. Kindly post project details of Eela now. Details should be useful for buyers including project permissions, completion of other project by this builder, timing of possession, promises given and fulfilled in earlier project. Point to be noted in sale agreement. Whether this builder has handed over society to buyers along with conveyance. if not then when he is going to do it etc. These are important point for prospective buyers and NOT photos of sample falts. Most of builders are not doing conveyance so that in future if there is a rise in FSI they can use same to build a building in amenities space or increase the floors. Buyers won't be able to oppose because on paper builder is the land owner and he can do what ever he want with land till it is conveyed to buyers or society. Builder always take it in writing no objection from each buyers at the time of possession so it is as good as your permission to increase floors or build another building in amenities space. Also in case of damage to the building buyers won't be able to construct building without builders permission. So buyers are requested to consider these point while buying. Always ask builder about earlier project and its conveyance. Land must be transferred to the buyers ASAP. Bloggers should put pressure on builders thorough their blogs too which would be real help to buyers.