Sunday, January 11, 2015

CREDAI Pune Metro Property Exhibition 2015 -
It's not about property.
It's all about property agreement!

Visit. Book. Save upto Rs. 2 Lakhs!
Offer Valid Only If the Property Agreement Registration
Takes Place Before 31st January 2015

CREDAI Pune Metro Grand Property Exhibition 2015

"SSPMS Ground, Near Le Meridien," I told autowala.

"Yeh hui na lakhon ki baat!," said autowala and started the rickshaw.

I took out my mobile and started playing Angry Birds.

"Do you have SEAC Environmental Clearance Status - on your mobile," while waiting at the signal, the autowala said.

"What?," I asked him.

"SEAC E C Status!," said the autowala.

"No. I have Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump," I said.

"Do you have - Fool the Flat Buyers?," said the autowala.

"No. I don't have it," I said.

"It's most popular game in Pune," said the autowala.

"Do you play games on your mobile?,"  I asked.

"No. On my mobile, I offer 3 minutes free advice about buying a home in Pune," said the autowala.

"That's great! I am going for booking a 4 BHK flat - what free advice will you give me?," I asked.

"Just did that!," said the autowala.

"Sorry. I didn't get you," I said,

"You will - eventually," the autowala said.

"By the way, what is your good name?," I asked autowala when we reached SSPMS Ground.

"Ravi Karandeekar," said the autowala.

"What a coincidence! I am also Ravi Karandeekar," I said.

"Don't tell your name to anyone at the exhibition - my free advice," said the autowala.

"Why?," I asked.. But without giving answer the autowala took a U turn and went away.  I didn't mind it much. But, why didn't he take the auto fare from me? I was confused. Obviously, I called my wife. Told her everything.

"Better follow autowala's advice. Don't tell your name," my wife said.

"Okay. Please, suggest a name for me," I said.

'Stupid! Use his name," said my wife.

"Darling, you are a genius," I said.

"I know!," said my wife.

At the entrance of the exhibition there was a long queue.

When I reached the reception, I peeped in and realized that
there were  no properties in the exhibition.

What is this?

Autos are displayed in an auto exhibition.
Furniture is displayed in a furniture exhibition.
Paintings are in a painting exhibition.
Why properties are not in the property exhibition?

I got confused and called my wife.

"There are no properties in the property exhibition!," I said.

"Yes. I know. That's why I didn't come with you," said my wife.

'But how can I book a flat without seeing a flat?," I asked.

"By looking at the pictures!," said my wife.

"How can I decide by looking at the picture?," I said.

"How did you decide to marry me?," my wife asked.

"By looking at your photo," I said.

"And that was the best decision you have ever made in your life. Right?," my wife asked.

"Yes, of course!," I said.

"Go ahead and make one more! Book a flat. Save 2 Lakhs," said my wife.

As suggested by my wife, I gave autowala's name at the registration counter and entered the venue safely.

At every stall there was a big crowd. So, I kept on walking.

One gentleman in the crowd noticed that I was lost. He asked me,"What is your requirement?"

"I want to book a flat. But, I can't find any stall selling flats. Are they selling buildings?," I said.

"Flats are inside the buildings!," said the gentleman.

"Yes of course," I said and joined the crowd in one stall.

"What is your requirement?," a smart young man asked me.

"4 BHK Flat," I said.

"Come on here - this way," the smart young man said and took me to a sofa in the corner.

Stuffing a brochure in my hand, he said, "Give me a second, please"

"Okay," I said and started browsing the brochure.
I reached the last page but the smart young man didn't turn up.

I was about to get up and go, when I realized that after a long time
- I was reading something printed on a paper.

And you know what?
It was a pleasure to hold, handle, look and read a brochure printed on glossy paper.
Much more pleasurable than the Kindle, mobile & laptop.

I read the entire brochure once again.
But, when I reached the bottom of the last page,
the 'disclaimer' - in fine print - gave me the shock of my life.

The disclaimer was -
The information given herein is presented as general information about the project and no representation or warranty is expressly or impliedly given as to its accuracy, completeness or correctness.

In that state of shock, I got up and called my wife,

"There are no properties in this property exhibition. They are only colorful photos and brochures. And you know what? All these images & information is not true & not correct. Without valid - authentic - information - tell me - how can you expect me to make a decision to book a flat?," I asked.

"Baby, first, stop crying. Find out, what others are doing. And, don't come home without booking a flat," my wife said.

I sat down. Gulped some water from my bottle.  Helplessly went on looking around.

At last, the smart young man came back and said, "Sorry to keep you waiting"

"No issues. Those were a few valuable minutes. I read the brochure. Including the fine print. I have a few questions. Can I ask?," I said.

"Yes! Go ahead," the smart young man said.

"After reading the disclaimer - I am finding it difficult to make a decision. I need your help to decide. Can you?, " I asked.

"Sure. That's why I am here. Feel free to ask," said smart young man.

"I asked - Can you help me to make a decision?," I said.

"Trust! Ignore the disclaimer and trust me," said the smart young man.

"Are all these people doing the same thing?," I asked.

"What else can they do? If they want to own a home - they have no option but to trust the builder," said the smart young man.

"But why don't you give valid - authentic - information about the property and firm commitment - legal offer?," I asked.

"Because - our interests are different - our focus is not the same - you buyers are interested in property. We builders are interested in property agreement. We want your commitment to pay - an agreement to pay us. For us - builders - what we get is more important than - what we give. And, we don't hide our intentions. We want your money to grow our business," said the smart young man.

"Okay. Can you tell me what is the intention behind organizing - participating in - this exhibition?," I asked.

"To collect maximum number of commitments of  payments - to sign & register maximum number of agreements," said the smart young man.

"Means this is not an exhibition of properties - this is an exhibition of property agreements - fair enough - after all these are two sides of the same coin," I said.

"Right - 2 sides of the same coin," said the smart young man.

"But why don't you show the property agreements? How can you expect me to book a flat without authentic information about the property and without the final draft of agreement?," I asked.

"That's not my problem! That's your problem!!," said the smart young man.

"You are right," I said and got up.

I came out and called my wife,"I am sorry. I can't do it. Can I come home?"

My wife disconnected the phone.
I tried again. Again. And again.  

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  1. Thanks for the EC status list...It was very useful information.
    How can one find the EC status of the projects which are in the pre-launch stage?

  2. When I read the heading of blog...I'm expecting some colorful photos of exhibition with project stall photos & some sales guys photos & some prize charts & many more.
    But this this truly eye opening blog...something different& giving info what to search when anyone want to visit & book the flat ...may be it comes little bit late ...many of us are already get cheated by builder by selling non EC certificate flats.

  3. I agree with Prashant, lots of Builders are cheating consumers through non-EC flats.
    There is a recent pre-launch where when enquired they said they have got EC & i can check the hard copies of it in their office. But I have asked them to mail me a soft copy of EC to get it verified. To this I got a response saying that they will need to discuss with seniors inorder to send the soft copy.
    Lets see if they get back to me.

  4. M/s.New World Realty LLP
    Proposed Residential development at Plot
    No.1,(old S.No.337(P)), S.No.288 at
    Maan, Hinjewadi, Pune
    Green building pre certification with observation received dtd 03/09/2014

    and in other column its mentioned - Considered in 18th & 24th meeting of SEAC-III

    Please suggest if the above comments mean this has passed EC check?