Saturday, January 10, 2015

CREDAI Pune Metro Property Exhibition 2015 - Discount Dhamaka!

Rs. 2 Lakhs Off on a 4 BHK Flat!
Rs. 1.5 Lakhs Off on a 3 BHK Flat!
Rs. 1 Lakh Off on a 2 BHK Flat!
Rs. 50 Thousand Off on a 1 BHK Flat!

CREDAI Pune Metro Presents Grand Pune Property Exhibition 2015 - 9th - 11th January

Yesterday, my wife woke me up at 6am. She bathed me. She dried me.

When she was dressing me up, I wished her happy Diwali.

"Diwali? Today is not Diwali. Today is something more auspicious than Diwali," my wife said.

"What can be more auspicious than Diwali?," I asked.

"CREDAI Pune Metro Property Exhibition 2015," my wife said.

"Yes. You are right," I said.

"Eat breakfast. Take an auto. Go to SSPMS grounds. Book a 4 BHK Flat," my wife said.

"But, we own this home. Why do we need one more?," I said.

"Home is more than a need," my wife said.

"Yes! Like you are more than a wife!!," I said.

"Right!," my wife said.

"But, why do you want me to book a 4 BHK Flat?,' I asked.

"Stupid! If you have a choice to gift me 50,000 or 1 Lakh or 1.5 Lakh or 2 Lakhs. How much will you gift me?," my wife asked.

"Certainly, 2 Lakhs!," I said.

"Smart boy! If you book a 4 BHK Flat in this exhibition - you can gift me 2 Lakhs!," my wife said.

"How lucky I am!," I said and kissed her goodbye.

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  1. Dear Mr. Karandeekar,

    Did you book a 4 BHK flat?? If yes, what is your opinion about price of your present flat?? (())

    With regards,
    Milind Khole