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The Case of Premier City - Wisdom Park, Pimpri, PCMC

Wisdom Park by Chandrarang Developers & Builders and Premier City,
at S. No. 23/1 & 24, behind Finolex, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune:

Crime: Violation of Environmental Clearance

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has filed criminal case for Violation of Environment Clearance against Wisdom Park, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune by Chandrarang Developers & Builders & Premier City

18th January 2015:

Last weekend, I visited Premier City - Wisdom Park.
This is a factual report of my visit.

At the entrance of the site office, I saw 2 persons. Both were carrying helmets in their hands.

"Booking?," I asked.

"Booked," said one of them.

"Visited your flat?," I asked.

"Yes," said the other.

"Ready for possession?," I asked.

"Not yet. But, they say - they will - next month. I don't know how it is possible - I was supposed to get it in December 2013," said the other and entered the office.

There was no one in the office. Except receptionist.

"Are flats available?," I asked.

The receptionist said - yes & sent me to one cabin.

"What is your requirement?," the salesperson in the cabin asked.

"Ready possession 3 BHK - in those painted buildings,' I said.

"All sold out - you can get in other 3 buildings - non painted buildings - B, C & G Buildings - possession is in 6 months - August - September 2015," said the salesperson and gave me the price list.

The areas mentioned were saleable areas of the flats.

This is illegal! In Maharashtra property is sold on carpet area. I told myself.

The carpet area must be in meters. Not in feet.

Mentioning room dimensions & flat area in feet & sq.ft. is a crime.


Because - in December 1956 - The Indian Parliament adopted metric system in weights and measures. The Standards of Weights and Measures Act 1956 was passed.

Builders cheat the property buyer by mentioning the flat area in feet & sq.ft.
While quoting the area in feet - the builders consider that 1 feet =  30.0 cm .
When actually 1 feet is equal to 30.48 cms.
By mentioning flat area in feet & sq ft builders pretend to offer more area.

The saleable areas of the 2 BHK Flats were - 1112, 1113, 1339, 1370.
All inclusive prices of the 2 BHK Flats were - Rs. 73.07, 73.12, 86.34, 88.15
The saleable areas of the 3 BHK Flats were - 1300, 1314,, 1421, 1431, 1439.
All inclusive prices of the 3 BHK Flats were - Rs. 90.67, 91.52, 98.11, 94.93

"What are the carpet areas of these flats?," I asked.
"Minus 23 per cent - & you will get the carpet area," the salesperson said.
"How many per cent?," I asked.
"You finalize the flat & I will tell you the carpet area of it," the salesperson said.

For podium facing flats - the property rate was - 5580.
For amenity facing flats - the property rate was - 5310.

"Rates are negotiable," said the salesperson.

"Rate is more for podium facing flat - what is on the podium?," I asked.

"Amenities - clubhouse, swimming pool, children's play area and all," said the salesperson.

"Then - what is the meaning of - Amenity Facing Flats?," I asked.

"Non - podium facing flats," said the salesperson.

For the 2 BHK Flats Infra & other development charges were - 4 Lakh.
Whereas for the 3 BHK - 6 Lakh.
Why? I asked.

"A 3 BHK Flat has 2 car parks!," said the salesperson.

According to Supreme court of India - Selling car parking is illegal.

Amenity charges for the 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats were the same - 2.5 Lakhs.

The floor rise were - Rs. 50 for 7th & 8th. Rs. 100 for 9th & 10th, Rs. 150 for 11th & 12th.

Administration charges towards Cancellations - Rs. 1 Lakh.

"Can I visit the building & see the actual flats?," I asked.

No. I will show you the show flat," the salesperson said and took me to the show flat.

The show flat was furnished. The room dimensions were mentioned in each room. When I compared the room dimensions in the show flat with the floor plans of B & G building with me, I realized that  the dimensions are not the same.

'These rooms in B & G are smaller than this show flat!," I said.

"Not much difference - little less than this show flat," said the salesperson.

When we were back in the cabin, I asked, "Can I see the sanctions & approvals?"

"All banks have approved & disbursed loans to Wisdom Park - so, don't bother - you will get a loan - which is your bank?," said the salesperson.

"Oh - yes - 3 buildings are already booked & are ready for possession! When was this project launched? Were you there at the launch?,' I asked.

"No. I joined recently. The project was launched at the end of 2011. The launch rate was only 3700!," said the salesperson.

"3700 in 2011 & 5310 - 5580 in 2015! OMG!!," I said.

"In no time it will go above 6,000 - my next buildings may be launched at 6500 - may be - Wisdom Park is at the heart of city - so - don't waste time - decide fast," said the salesperson.

"OMG! 6500? Don't you think that 6200 would be reasonable?,"  I said.

'We are always reasonable - that why I told you - rates are negotiable," said the salesperson.

I thanked the salesperson and took his leave.

Outside the sales office, I met a family.

"Home hunting?," I asked.

"Yes! Last 2 days!! We are from Nashik. Looking for a flat for our son. He is in IT," looking at the young dynamic son in bermuda shorts the father said.

"A flat for a son! Great parents!!," I said.

"As parents it's our duty - he is young - he has no experience - we have experience - knowledge - money - so, we are helping him to buy a home and settle down in Pune - mostly, we will finalize here - what about you?," said the lady.

"Lucky son! How come you have so much experience & knowledge about buying a property?," I said.

The father was about to tell me all - but the mother told him to shut up.

 "Don't waste time - use all your powers to negotiate the property rates - let us go in and finalize the good deal," pushing father, the mother said.

Good deal at Premier City - Wisdom Park? I asked myself.  

January 2014:

To obtain environmental clearance, "Premier City - Wisdom Park" presented it's proposal to State Level Appraisal Committee (SEAC). It was the 3rd meeting of SEAC III, held on 7th to 10th January 2014.

But, SEAC III refused to assess the proposal. Because, the developer of 'Premier City - Wisdom Park' - the project proponent - has already started the construction.

As per Environmental Protection Act 1986, starting construction without obtaining environmental clearance is a crime. The crime of violation of environmental clearance.

The SEAC III referred the case to Environmental Department of Maharashtra State. After the confirmation of crime, the Environmental Department filed the legal case against Premier City - Wisdom Park.

Minutes of the 3rd meeting of SEAC III, 7th to 10th January 2014,
Premier City Wisdom Park - Item No. 45, Page No. 121 - 122:

November 2014:

Since the credible action - filing criminal case in the court of law - was taken against the developers, SEAC III considered the proposal of Premier City - Wisdom Park in it's 21st meeting held on 18th to 21st November 2014.

The proposal was about 15 shops & 10 buildings, having maximum height of 37.7 meters. Total FSI area of 31929.15 on 27300 plot.

In this meeting SEAC raised some 17 points. You can see the all points here.

Out of 17, a few were standard points about sewer drain & storm water line, water supply, drainage connection & quantity, STP & OWC,  solid waste disposal, planting fruit bearing trees, meters & backup for Pollution Control Devices - water supply - emergency lifts, NOCs / Permissions, N A Order, including IOD - clarifying conformity with local planning rules, etc.
 However, a few points were unique. For example -

1) Submit year wise statement of completed construction

2) Submit affidavit for not carrying any construction after receiving 'Stop Work Order' from the Department.

3) Building B to be bodily shifted to accommodate 9 meter turning radius and submit Fire Tender Movement Plan showing clear road width of 6 meter, margin setbacks from the building line for services, plantation , drainage etc.  and turning radius.

Submit cross sectional drawing of  all roads - showing clear road width, building setbacks left for plantation, drainage etc.

Submit cross section of roads at four boundaries.

4)   Identify the types of waste - including liquid waste, solid waste, hazardous waste etc. - to be generated from commercial buildings and submit the details for it's treatment & management.

5) Project Proponent - the developer of Premier City - Wisdom Park - agreed to introduce condition in sale deed for commercial property owners to become members of cooperative society of the residential owners to share in the cost of maintenance etc. of the common services like the STP, DG Sets, streetlights etc. as levied by the society to avoid any conflict in the operational stage.  

To submit information about these points - for further discussion & consideration - the  developer of Premier City - Wisdom Park requested for time!

Minutes of the 21st meeting of SEAC III, 18th to 21st November 2014.
Premier City Wisdom Park - Item No. 47, Page No. 124 - 125:

Premier City - Wisdom Park Pimpri Photo-Walk:

Railway Track, Podium & B, C, D, E Buildings - Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
View from Empire Estate - D & E Buildings in Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
Site Office & Podium - Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
Vacant Plot - Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
D P Road to Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
Entrance - Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri, PCMC, Pune
Panoramic View of Pimpri & Wisdom Park by Chandrarang & Premier City, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Finolex Cables, Morwadi Chowk, Pimpri

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