Monday, December 8, 2014

Pune real estate market has crashed - true or false?

Sakal Vastu Property Expo - Why?

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All is well in Pune real estate market.

Pune real estate market is not crashed.

Pune real estate is not a criminal enterprise.

Violation of Environmental Clearance is not a serious crime.

There is no risk in booking a flat in a project which has violated environmental clearance.

Selling flats in a project which can not be constructed - is not a crime.

Booking flats in projects which are not suitable to live is acceptable.

Don't bother about the financial loss of a few thousand property buyers in Pune who have booked their flats in more than 150 housing projects which have violated environmental clearance.

Don't show any sympathy to those thousands of Pune property buyers who don't know whether they will ever get their flats.

Ignore the fact that the current property prices in Pune is the result of more than 150 illegal projects launched with the intention of swindling home buyers of their hard earned money.

Creating threat of property price rise & spreading fear of not being able to own a home - is a normal business strategy to motivate a home buyer. It's not at all a misuse of collective dominant position of unionised builders in Pune.

Property price rise in the last 4 years is not the criminal conspiracy of builders, architects, RCC consultants, environmental consultants, bureaucrats, local sanctioning authorities, banks, & politicians. The mainstream media should also get due credit.

Was this the theme of Sakal Vastu Property Expo - organized on 5th to 7th December 2014 at Pandit Farms, Pune?

What do you think?

Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. Real Estate is not different than any other big industry in India. Look at the mess the telecom, power and airline industries are in due to weird regulation and the constant meddling of government in private businesses.

    The Real Estate bubble is being fed by public sector banks who get constant bailouts - they are called equity injections so that politicians dont have to use the bailout word - from the govt so that lending to senseless schemes can continue.

    Land laws are so twisted than any attempt at correcting the mess without looking at the land laws is futile. The problem is too big to solve so unless you have the courage of investing in stocks stay invested in RE.

  2. It is a given thing that be it Sakal or Times - builders advertisements is one of the big sources of revenue for these publications. They need to keep real estate market buoyant by teaming up with builders using all possible tricks and strategies in every possible manner. The property expo is part and parcel of it. You have hit the nail on its head!