Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Slaves of Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune

Flat buyers in Palladium Grand Dhanori are fighting for freedom from illegal & brutal regime of their builders - Raojee Constructions & Shreyas Shelters

Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune

Pune property buyers,
Free the flat buyers
Liberate Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune
Join the freedom struggle of the flat buyers in Palladium Grand
Help them to end illegal & brutal regime of Raojee Constructions & Shreyas Shelters

If you have booked a flat with one of the builders in Pune
who has committed the crime of violation of environmental clearance,
you must help the residents of Palladium Grand
because, Raojee Constructions & Shreyas Shelters have committed the same crime.

If you are occupying a flat in the project which has no environmental clearance,
like Vista Luxuria Manjri, Belvalkar Solacia at Wagholi & Eiffel City at Chakan,
you must join the freedom struggle of the residents of Palladium Grand
because, the Palladium Grand also doesn't have Environmental Clearance.

If you are living in a project in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits
and are not getting enough drinking water from PMC,
you must join the struggle of Palladium Grand
because, these flat buyers are fighting for PMC water.

A couple of years after the possession,
if your builder hasn't formed Co-operative Housing Society and
hasn't done the conveyance,
you must join the residents of Palladium Grand Dhanori
because, they are fighting to become true & complete owners of their flats & society.

If you have purchased a flat between June 20, 2006 and March 31, 2010
and your builder is abusing & extorting exorbitant amount of money from you
as Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT),
you must join this struggle,
because, homeowners in Palladium Grand are fighting against irrational MVAT amounts.

If your builder is not giving accounts of maintenance charges
you have paid to him at the time of possession,
you must join this fight,
because, the residence of Palladium Grand are angry about the same.

If you have booked a flat in any project in Pune real estate market,
better join the struggle of Palladium Grand and tell your builder that
he can not extort more maintenance charges than promised at the time of booking and
can not blackmail you by refusing to give possession
because, the residents of Palladium Grand have refused the builders's exorbitant demand.

If your builder hasn't given all amenities,
join the fight!!
Residents of Palladium Grand are fighting for amenities.

And all those - who live in townships like
Amanora, Blue Ridge, Life Republic & Nanded City Pune
- learn a lesson from the residents of Palladium Grand.
Their builder cut off their water supply
because they demanded their constitutional right to own & run their project.

The flat owners in Palladium Grand refused the dictatorial rule of their builder.
They told their builder that - this is not your private kingdom.
We are not your tenants.
We are owners.
Owners of our flats.
Owners of our project.
Owners of our destiny.

Residents of Amanora, Blue Ridge, Life Republic & Nanded City Pune
- if you help them to liberate Palladium Grand,
you will receive the help to fight against your dictator developers.

Take a part in candlelight march and dharna at Palladium Grand.

Point is,
every property buyer in Pune,
must join the freedom struggle of the flat buyers in Palladium Grand Dhanori.
Take part in candlelight march and dharna at Palladium Grand.
And learn how not to become a slave of a builder.

And send the loud & clear message to the builders in Pune -
"We, Pune property buyers, are not your slaves"

We are not going to live a life of a victims.
We may not have any organization like your
CREDAI Pune Metro & Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Association (MBVA)
but, we all are united.

We are paymasters.
You builders are service providers.
Better, behave like a service provider.
Never forget that your business runs on our money.

Our fathers and grandfathers fought against British Raj.
We all are united & ready to fight against Builders Raj.
Don't mess with us.

View Marathi Video of Residents of Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune:

Contact Palladium Grand Dhanori Pune:

Call +91 84 46 37 18 62 and +91 77 69 97 84 84 or

Write to

Visit Help Palladium Grand

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  1. Why only "Residents of Amanora, Blue Ridge, Life Republic & Nanded City Pune" ?

    Include Megapolis Sangria,: No society formed . Maintenance being doubled by builder. Accounts?