Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tiny Homes at Kondhawe Dhawade Become Big Attraction

Vastushodh Projects Opens Booking of UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade 2,
near NDA Gate, on Kothrud - Warje - Khadakwasla Road, Pune 411 023:

Vastushodh Projects' UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade 2, near NDA Gate, on Kothrud - Warje - Khadakwasla Road, Pune 411 023

2 BHK Flats - 480 - 497 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 35.17 - 36.34 Lakhs:

1) Entrance Lobby 3'11" x 4'5" 2) Living 10' x 12' 3) Terrace 5'7" x 8'4" 4) Kitchen 7'7" x 7'1" 5) Dry Balcony 7'5" x 4' 5" 6) Toilet 5'7" x 4'5" 7) Master Bedroom 10' x 9' + Attached Toilet 4'11" x 5'11" 8) Child's Bedroom 10' x 8'

3 BHK Flats - 622 - 653 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 45.20 - 46.60 Lakhs:

1) Entrance Lobby 7'3" x 4' 2) Guest Bedroom 8'4" x 9'9" 3) Living Dining 10' x 14'1" 4) Terrace 9'10" x 6'9" 5) Kitchen 7'1" x 7'9" 6) Dry Balcony 4'5" x 7'7" 7) Toilet 3'11" x 5'3" 8) Master Bedroom 10' x 11' + Attached Toilet 4'5" x 7'1" 9) Children's Bedroom 10'4" x 10'

In July 2014, I have reviewed "Tiny Homes in UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade".
Since then, I am completely convinced that "Tiny Homes" is a practical urban housing solution.
For me, Tiny Homes at Kondhawe Dhawade is an opportunity to live in Pune.
A lot better option than worthless properties in fringe villages.

Obviously, I was curious to know your response to the launch of UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade. So, inspite of my busy schedule, somehow, I managed to visit the site. But, at the wrong time. Around 3 pm. When only a couple of visitors were at the venue.

"No issues! I can enjoy the show flats all by myself!," I told myself and enjoyed the beauty of small size of homes. Then I collected the property price list. When I was about to leave. a lady came to me and asked, "Are you Ravi Karandeekar?"

"Yes! I am." I said.

"Look...Ravi Karandeekar...whose blogs we always read!," the lady told her husband.

"Nice to meet you," shaking my hand the husband said.

"Same here. Have a look and give me a call. I would like to know your opinion about these tiny homes!," I said.

"Sure!," the husband said.

In the evening, the same couple met me at 400 acre Pride World City at Charholi!

It means that - tiny homes have become a big attraction.
(Not only on Facebook - but, in the real world too!)

Am I right?

Have you visited the showflats of UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade?  If you have, please, share your views in the comments.

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