Thursday, October 2, 2014

"No TV in Living Room" Home @ Baner!

Throw Rajdeep Sardesai out of your living room!

Along with Rajdeep, there are a few more whom I want throw out of my living room. Arnab Goswami of Times Now, Kapil Sharma of Comedy Night, ACP Pradyuman of C.I.D., Kokilaben Modi & Gopi of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, Veena & Pranjal of Jawai Vikat Ghene Aahe.

In fact, I want to kick my TV out of my living room.

I want to stop watching Star Plus, Sony, Zee TV, Star Gold, Sab TV, Star Cricket, Colors, Set Max, Fox Crime, AXN and all.
And, I want to start talking with my family, my neighbors, my relatives & my friends.

I do not want a 'watching room'.
I want a 'living room'.

I want to live a life.
Live with my dear ones.

I want a 'No TV in Living Room' Home.

And, you know?
I found one.
At Baner.
On Baner Pashan Link Road.

This "No TV in Living Room" Home is in a single stand alone 10 story building.

From 3rd to 10th floor - there are 8 flats on each floor. 2 BHK & 3 BHK. 4 units of each type.

You know what?

Both types of flats - 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats - are "No TV in Living Room" homes!

The layout of the flat is something like this. Every flat has an entrance lobby. The entrance lobby enters into a horizontal shaped living cum dining of 10 feet 6 inches x 16 /17 feet size. Obviously, living is near the entrance.

In this living, I can keep my 3 piece sofa by the 10 feet wall - facing the dining table - near the kitchen. My loveseat will be facing the terrace / window. My Arm Chair facing the entrance.

It means that, in the mornings or evenings, whenever all of us are at home, we all will be in the same room. On the same page. All by ourselves. Looking. Hearing. Talking. Laughing. With ourselves.

17 feet length of the room is big enough to give us our own space and small enough to be together. I can feel free to sit on my sofa - thinking nothing. As well as, can be with all.

When you come, we all can be together. Sharing our views. Opening our hearts. Enriching our lives. All by ourselves. Without any idiot. Without an idiot box.

How interesting! Isn't it?

Back to the layout of a flat.
The kitchen is 8 feet x 8 feet 6 inches and has a 4 feet wide dry balcony.
Wash basin & common toilet is in a passage near the dining.
This passage leads to bedrooms.
Bedrooms come in 2 sizes.
Master Bedrooms with attached toilet are 10 feet x 12 feet or 12 feet 6 inches.
Common Bedroom is 10 feet x 11 feet 6 inches in a 2 BHK Flat and
10 feet x 10 feet 6 inches in a 3 BHK Flat.

"Can you guess what would be the price of  "No TV in Living Room"  2 BHK & 3 BHK Home?
I told you it's at Baner. On Baner Pashan Link Road!," I asked my wife.

"I remember you telling someone - 8,000 plus per sq ft. Am I right?," she said.

"Not here! Much less. Approx Rs. 73 Lakhs for a 2  BHK & 92 for a 3 BHK!" I said and asked - "Should we go for a 2 or 3?"

"Why? Our is good for us!," she said.

"But ours isn't a "No TV in Living Room" home!," I said.

"Yes! You are right," she said.

The next day. I couldn't see TV in our living, so I asked her where is it.

"I have turned our home into "No TV in Living Room" Home! Happy?," she said.

"Thanks! By evening, please, shift it on Baner Pashan Link Road," I told her.

"Why?," she said.

"Baner is Baner," I said.

What say you? Baner is Baner. Right?

If you are interested in "No TV in Living Room" Home @ Baner, please, click here.

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  1. Isnt it interesting ravida? Its high time we should really throw TV out of living as the one who is really so fond of idiot box should have it in his bed room! Instead there has to be a book cabinet! I m seriously thinking of giving a small book cabinet with full of good books to each of our flat holder, which will include books from cartoons to philosophy as its this culture we are missing! Joke apart tv is something which with now days flat models can be fitted any where yet its the quality time it takes away from us is what one must think of! U gave me real great idea , thanks :)

  2. Apart from just not having tv in living room there so many small things about planning a house & its these small things which makes four wall home! Privacy is imp but that doesnt mean u go & stay on top of mountain, we are social animal N to me definition of privacy is having some comfortable moments of life which I can choose with whom I spent them! Rest of the time one needs socializing & this aspect is very much imp in planning! See more at..