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Buy a flat at Wakad & convert your white money into black!

If you want promotion, you have to spend a night with me:

Most of you know me as a Pune real estate blogger.
But, I am not only a blogger, anymore.

Yes, I started as a blogger.
But, now, I am more of an advisor.
Advisor about buying a home in Pune real estate market.

Most of my time is dedicated to offer advice over the phone - 919860044110.
Free advice (3 minutes). Paid advice (More than 3 to maximum 30 minutes).
Result is I write less and talk more.
Talk about serious issues involved in buying a home.
Like a builder's demand for black money!

The builder is asking for cash.
Not 40 per cent of the property price.
Just 2 lakh rupees.
In fact, not for the flat.
But, for the parking.
The caller said and asked,
"What should I do, Ravi? Should I pay Rs. 2 Lakhs in cash?"

"Are you asking a question?," I said.

"Yes!," the caller said.

"But you sound as if you are convincing me! Who is the builder? What's the name of the project?," I asked.

"That's not important! Should I pay 2 lakh in cash?," the caller said.

"Yes. You are right. Builder & project is not important. But whether you trust me or not is. You don't want to take the name of the builder & project because you don't trust me. Right?," I said.

"I trust you. That's why I am asking you," the caller said.

"Agreed. Then what is preventing you from mentioning the name of the builder?," I asked.

"I feel ashamed....guilty. Don't feel proud about paying cash. I fail to understand......How can a good builder make an indecent demand?," I asked.

"You are good. The builder is not. You are ethical. You get upset because of the builder's immoral demand. Did the builder sound guilty while demanding 2 lakh cash?," I asked.

"No! He put it as a matter of fact. As standard term of transaction. When I took an objection. The builder said - everyone who has booked a flat - has paid 2 lakhs in cash. No one took objection," the caller said.

"You are not like others....that's the problem.....the builder threatened you....if you don't pay 2 lakh in cash....I will not give you a flat.....Right?," I said.

"Yes. The builder threatened me. The builder abused me by taking disadvantage of his dominant position. That's what I didn't like - abusing - threatening!," the caller said.

"You know that paying cash is unethical...immoral.....illegal. You have guts to take a stand against - threat - abuse. Then - why are you asking me - should I pay 2 lakh in cash to the builder?," I asked.

"Because the property is worth considering. Location is good. At Wakad. Near Bhumkar Chowk. First phase of the project is ready. Possession started. A few flats - in the second phase - all 2 BHKs - are available for booking....90 per cent construction is over. Possession is in June 2015. Price of a 2 BHK is okay - 59 lakhs - all inclusive - by cheque + 2 lakhs in cash. Plan is good. Only 4 flats per floor. Carpet is 679 - 680 sq.ft. Room sizes are good. Living - 12 x 18. Kitchen - 8 x 10. Dining - 8 x 6. Common Bedroom - 10 x 12. Master Bedroom - 11 x 13. Master toilet - 8 x 5. My wife liked the plan - the location.  If there was no demand of 2 lakh cash - I would have booked the flat immediately," the caller said.

"Does't look like some newbie or local builder!,' I said.

"No! The builder is in business for more than 25 years. The builder gives possession on time - after getting completion & occupancy certificate.  Completes society formation & conveyance. Doesn't collects exorbitant maintenance charges at the time of possession. You know? The parking - for which the builder is asking 2 lakhs in cash - is 10 x 12 feet in the basement.....already marked - allocated -  with a flat....will be mentioned in the agreement," the caller said.

"How is the quality of construction?," I asked.

"That's the important point! Since the first phase is complete - I could see the finished property - as well as - I could see & inspect the construction quality. The  building in which I am booking -  is 90 per cent ready - internal work is going on. The construction quality is good," said the caller & told what he liked about the property -

I liked 2 things - 1) all door frames are wooden! 2) all toilets, kitchen platforms & flooring - are covered after they are ready - installed - so, I will be the first person to use them. No construction worker can use my commode -  toilet - when the building is under construction.

The building is clean. No stink of urine. No shit - no poop - in any corner.

But, I didn't understand one thing - the builder doesn't plaster - with sand & cement - internal walls - ceiling  - except at certain areas  near toilets - just apply a coat of gypsum. Why?

When I asked the site engineer -  he said - Gypsum plaster is enough on fly ash brick walls. Looks good.

But, wherever necessary - near electrical points - door frames - corners of the rooms  -  they use mesh for bidding & preventing cracks.

"You know? This info has convinced me that I am getting good value for my money. But not so about 2 lakh cash. I fail to understand the stupid demand. I have visited a couple of projects in Wakad - but nobody asked for cash. Why is the builder - who is doing good work - making such a shitty demand? Do you have any idea?," the caller asked.

"Builders' general reason is landlord! Landlords demand cash!!, I said.

"What about those who give sanctions & approvals? Do they take bribes by cross cheque or demand draft?," the caller asked.

"True. Have you seen a heading in a property price list - bribe per sq.ft. - along with VAT, Service Tax, Stamp Duty & Registration charges? All bribes paid in cash are covered in the property price - MSEB Charges - Legal Expenses. Right? ," I asked.

"Means, when I buy a flat, I become a part of a corrupt system. Then what is the point in getting upset about 2 lakh cash?," the caller said.

"Yes. You are right. Like direct & indirect tax - you are differentiating - direct & indirect corruption - direct & indirect crime, And you are not happy about committing direct crime. Right?," I said.

"Yes! I eat mutton But I prefer to buy branded dressed mutton. I can't buy a live bakra, kill, cut, cook & eat," the caller said.

"Are you Brahmin?," I asked.

"No. I am a good human being," the caller said.

"That's the problem! What do you do when a rickshawala demands a few rupees more than the meter?," I asked.

"I tell him - go to hell," the caller said.

"Your builder is not doing anything different! Why are you hesitating to tell him to go to hell? ," I asked.

"That's what I am wondering! May be - because of my wife - I am hesitating. She liked that flat - very much," the caller said.

"Is she working?," I asked.

"Yes. At Hinjewadi," the caller said.

"Good. Then ask her - what would she do - if her boss says -  If you want promotion, you have to spend a night with me - only one night!," I said.

"My wife says - look at it as a tip - the builder is a waiter - 2 lakhs is a tip," the caller said.

"Means - for her paying 2 lakhs is not a big issue," I said.

"Yes. she is from Delhi. At Delhi, the cash component is very high," the caller said.

"Means for her - paying 2 lakh cash - is as good as - pinching a butt - fondling breasts. Right?," I asked.

"My wife says - this is insignificant - not a serious offence - Itna to chalta hai," the caller said.

"It means that if the builder fondles her - she won't mind - but you will. Right?," I asked.

"No. Both of us would mind," the caller said.

"Same about 2 lakhs in cash for parking," I said.

"Yes," said the caller.

Curious to know - why did the caller find it difficult to say "No" - I visited the project & shot a few photos. Have look.

By the way, tell me in the comments - what would you say - Yes or No?

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  1. By the way why there was no mention of the builder ? Is caller really scared of him or what ? Are you able to decode the builder name ? It is good to get him in open and public

  2. Question is do you mind paying 61 lakhs for this flat? I dont think so... Check the rates of other projects in same area and if the deal is good for you then go ahead and give 2 lakhs..... Anyhow he won't sell you the flat and you won't force him as well...he could have easily added that amount in total payment.... Instead he IA asking for cash... That's it... Mat be for tax saving.... You can easily negotiate with that by giving 50000 less..

  3. The article is very cleverly written for potential buyers in Wakad area to make them aware of the project without mentioning the project or builder name once. Very well written article!

  4. No! Better to stay in Rental Home than paying illegally.